The Ultimate in Personal Fulfillment: An Outline in Progress

My message to humanity: be true, be wise, be free; love is the key

In conjuring ultimate fulfillment with finesse, the focus is beyond fun; the focus is on flow in view of freedom or, if you prefer, the focus is on freedom by way of flow. Fun is not incidental; fun is vital and integral to following the flow and finding the freedom with a fine-tuned focus.

This outline is a work in progress, intended to serve as a catalyst for further study, reflecting an ongoing exploration and examination of my findings, which are by no means to be viewed as definitive or conclusive at this time. I invite you to proceed at your own discretion.




Study Notes



My study of astral projection, paranormal phenomena, lives between lives, progressive incarnations, and the lucid death experience has persuaded me that we are spiritual beings in human form.

We are, all of us, each of us, human and divine, animal and spiritual, earthly and cosmic, deriving much if not most of our meaning from the play of opposites that arise in reaction to this dualistic nature.

Every one, regardless of appearance, regardless of status (social or economic), regardless of apparent intelligence, contains or carries the potential to serve as a teacher to anyone and everyone.

The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic,
is that the world is made of words, and if you know the words that the world is made of,
you can make of it whatever you wish ~ Terence McKenna

At the base level of our nature, where sloth and gluttony, lust and greed, anger and envy rule with pride, we cannot see the truth of the magical words spoken above on the syntactical nature of reality.

As we rise in our stature, refining an approach to reality with equanimity by way of serenity, riding ever higher waves of frequency with humility, we begin to see the world through very different eyes.

In light of these suppositions, I have found that the image of a tree at its peak offers a rich metaphor by which to approach a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment; at its peak, a tree displays roots (basics), trunk and branches (essentials), and a crown in full bloom (ideals).

Intuitively, I understand that the roots of an approach to a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment requires presence, first and foremost (think of presence as the taproot), followed by promise, purpose, passion, and power, all of which come naturally to those who have learned to cultivate a balance in their dual nature as spiritual animals with rational intentions.

Likewise, I understand that the essence of this approach requires both purpose and passion, extending from the roots, and that the ideal of such an approach expresses the roots and the essence, projecting a prosperity informed by purity inspired by a sense of possibility.

Let us explore each of these (basics, essentials, ideals) in turn.

More to come . . .

Index of Posts on Ultimate Fulfillment

ultimate perspective: where I introduce my intent to explore the ultimate in fulfillment

ultimate fulfillment 1: where I make it known who might benefit from this exploration
ultimate fulfillment 2: where I introduce the panoramic life review (Cosmic Life Review)
ultimate fulfillment 3: where I question the importance of love as fundamental to fulfillment
ultimate fulfillment 4: where I question the centrality of learning and loving (and their aims)
ultimate fulfillment 5: where I distinguish “things I make happen” from “things that happen”

ultimate fulfillment 5: where I introduce my understanding of levels of density (1D to 9D)
ultimate fulfillment 6: where I share my responses to three basic questions about love
ultimate fulfillment 7: where I realize that we are not here merely to love for love’s sake
ultimate fulfillment 8: where I share my declaration of a perfecting ideal for enlightenment
ultimate fulfillment 9: where I introduce the distinction between presence and pretense
ultimate fulfillment 10*: where I expose pretense in light of this presumptive belief: “I am God”

ultimate fulfillment 11*: where I explore three deep, dark fears in light of two kinds of mastery
ultimate fulfillment 12: where I consider the centrality of losing control and the fear it generates
ultimate fulfillment 13*: where I examine in depth “what is in the nature of a soul and spirit?”
ultimate fulfillment 14: where I introduce a key distinction between No Self and True Self
ultimate fulfillment 15*: where I share the most important insight I’ve ever had (on love and care)

ultimate fulfillment 16: where I introduce the five facets of a True Self, of a Self as Art
ultimate fulfillment 17*: where I begin the task of building an energetic structure for a True Self
ultimate fulfillment 18*: where I add context to the True Self with the five paradigms of control
ultimate fulfillment 19: where I add context to a True Self with divine guidance and layers of reality
ultimate fulfillment 20*: where I introduce a cosmic field of play for the ego in relation to a True Self

ultimate fulfillment 21: where I announce completion of a drafted perspective on birth, life, death
ultimate fulfillment 22: where I give readers a taste of how to interpret the cosmic field of play
ultimate fulfillment 23*: where I give the ego its due in the context of letting it be and making it so
ultimate fulfillment 24*: where I elaborate on the meaning and purpose of the cosmic field of play
ultimate fulfillment 25: where I describe the Essence of Presence behind the cosmic field of play

ultimate fulfillment 26*: where I offer a context for exploring in depth the cosmic field of play
ultimate fulfillment 27*: where I reveal my intentions and motives for what I call my passion project
ultimate fulfillment 28*: where I tease apart the layers of my version of the cosmic field of play
ultimate fulfillment 29*: where I begin the task of exploring and analyzing the cosmic field of play
ultimate fulfillment 30*: where I introduce the notion of zones of play to the cosmic field of play

ultimate fulfillment 31*: where I take a stab at coming to terms with the demands of Lady Fate
ultimate fulfillment 32*: where I set the stage for a meeting with Lady Fate that runs deep and true
ultimate fulfillment 33: where I introduce my resource page for coming to terms with Lady Fate
ultimate fulfillment 34: where I reaffirm my intent to develop a resource for coming to terms with fate
ultimate fulfillment 35: where I introduce the cosmic grid as a context for coming to terms with fate

ultimate fulfillment 36: where I share some basic assumptions about the roles of fate and destiny
ultimate fulfillment 37: where I continue to cultivate a cosmic worldview for coming to terms with fate
ultimate fulfillment 38: where I delve ever more truly and deeply into coming to terms with Lady Fate
ultimate fulfillment 39*: where I introduce my tool of awareness for coming to terms with Lady Fate
ultimate fulfillment 40: where I introduce the the ego as mediator in contrast to the ego as usurper

ultimate fulfillment 41: where I flesh out the meaning of three choices at the level of intentionality
ultimate fulfillment 42: where I consider what to add next to my resource on coming to terms with fate
ultimate fulfillment 43: where I offer a context for coming to terms with our power as sovereign creators
ultimate fulfillment 44: where I share two key resources to approach the ultimate in personal fulfillment
ultimate fulfillment 45: where I examine the differences between “I feel so lonely” and “I am alone”

ultimate fulfillment 46*:  where I explore the promise of living life fully through the practice of shoshin
ultimate fulfillment 47: where I make some key distinctions between the ego and the heart of soul
ultimate fulfillment 48: where I expose the dangers of making your self (and your Self) disappear
ultimate fulfillment 49: where I propose the notion of multiple timelines for coming to terms with fate
ultimate fulfillment 50: where I consider the notion of obligation for coming to terms with Lady Fate

ultimate fulfillment 51*: where I explore what it means to muster and master your energetic Self
ultimate fulfillment 52*: where I share vital truths about our Selves and our place in this world
ultimate fulfillment 53*: where I bring clarity to the notion of having an ego at the core of a True Self
ultimate fulfillment 54: where I play with the meaning of numbers after posing a deep question
ultimate fulfillment 55*: where I explore the promise and possibilities of color in a 9D cosmos

ultimate fulfillment 56*: where I share what I’ve learned about energy through my daily practice
ultimate fulfillment 57: where I come to terms with living and loving a cosmic life and lifestyle
ultimate fulfillment 58*: where I share guideposts to energetic mastery on a path to ultimate fulfillment
ultimate fulfillment 59*: where I bring the existential depths of life to the practical surface of life
ultimate fulfillment 60*: where I introduce a new series on harmony, divinity, infinity, and ultimacy

ultimate fulfillment 61*: where I explore the theme of “harmony through unity” with the Law of One
ultimate fulfillment 62*: where I find harmony with duality in the Great Illusion and the Original Wound
ultimate fulfillment 63*: where I share an other-worldly perspective on drawing harmony from creativity
ultimate fulfillment 64*: where I approach the subject of Disclosure with harmony through stability
ultimate fulfillment 65*: where I come to terms with finding harmony with humanity in view of disclosure

ultimate fulfillment 66*: where I propose to play a game of Full Disclosure with sacred and divine intent
ultimate fulfillment 67*: where I come up for air to explore access to a 7D level of consciousness
ultimate fulfillment 68*: where I find meaning in viewing harmony through the eyes of infinity
ultimate fulfillment 69*: where I offer a model by which to bring total harmony to body and mind
ultimate fulfillment 70*: where I share a perspective on density to support the Grand Experiment

ultimate fulfillment 71*: where I explore the divinity of unity from a perspective in third density
ultimate fulfillment 72*: where I explore the tenuous yet persistent link between divinity and duality
ultimate fulfillment 73*: where I offer a timespace perspective for mixing creativity with divinity
ultimate fulfillment 74*: where I offer a cosmic perspective on personal stability imbued with divinity
ultimate fulfillment 75*: where I explore what it means to view my humanity through the eyes of divinity

ultimate fulfillment 76*: where I introduce some relations to approach fulfillment of the Ultimate Desire
ultimate fulfillment 77*: where I find divinity begetting ever more divinity through the seven deadly sins
ultimate fulfillment 78*: where I make an attempt to open up a relationship with divinity to infinity
ultimate fulfillment 79*: where I explore how sanctity and divinity might approach ultimate fruition
ultimate fulfillment 80*: where I juggle contentment and excitement in view of ultimate fulfillment

ultimate fulfillment 81*: where I come to terms with unity on a field of infinite possibilities
ultimate fulfillment 82*: where I come to terms with duality from the perspective of intelligent infinity
ultimate fulfillment 83*: where I speak to the power of making sacred time and space for infinity
ultimate fulfillment 84*: where I come to terms with infinity in relation to personal stability
ultimate fulfillment 85*: where I speak of humanity in relation to sexuality in the light of infinity

ultimate fulfillment 86*: where I wax poetic on harmony in keeping with unity in the light of infinity
ultimate fulfillment 87: where I touch briefly on sanctity and divinity in relation to infinity
ultimate fulfillment 88*: where I prepare the ground with Light for taking the plunge into Darkness
ultimate fulfillment 89*: where I prepare to be a witness to the creative depths of Light and Dark
ultimate fulfillment 90*: where I realize ultimacy as a witness to the Source of Being a Creator

ultimate fulfillment 91*: where I share a cosmic context for coming to terms with the depths of evil
ultimate fulfillment 92*: where I touch on what it means to be an ultimate witness to duality
ultimate fulfillment 93*: where I ask, “what context of inquiry best serves the exposure of evil?”
ultimate fulfillment 94*: where I lay cornerstones to embody wisdom and freedom with integrity
ultimate fulfillment 95*: where I become an ultimate witness to the current condition of humanity

ultimate fulfillment 96*: where I offer a taste of what it means to be an ultimate witness to harmony
ultimate fulfillment 97*: where I serve as an ultimate witness to divinity, to the divine feminine spirit
ultimate fulfillment 98*: where I become a sacred witness to the current octave of densities
ultimate fulfillment 99*: where I bring closure to my series of 99 posts on realizing ultimate fulfillment

* my favorite and, in my view, most significant posts