Ultimate Fulfillment

A curious paradox arises when I think about approaching the ultimate in personal fulfillment. That is to say, if I allow myself to “be here now,” to be and feel ultimately fulfilled here and now, in each and every moment, why would I approach the ultimate in personal fulfillment?

I have no firm answers at this time, which is perhaps why I persist in asking these questions. I can, however, entertain a response, in the form of a question: if I remain content to be who I am, as I am, where I am, allowing experience to arise as and when it does, is this not enough?

The tone I would like to set for this response is one of thoughtfulness, intimacy, and sensitivity. I have no wish to presume to speak for anyone ~ not for any “we,” and certainly not for any of you. To this end, I hold a first-person perspective, while doing my level best to remain aware of my own biases.

To be honest, I really do not know who I am writing for; I have no wish to presume who I am writing for. It could well be said that there are no awakened, enlightened, empowered persons ~ only awakened, enlightened, empowered choices; no loving, trusting, caring, forgiving people ~ only loving, trusting, caring, forgiving moments; no warm, kind, gentle souls ~ only warm, kind, gentle responses.

To be sure, I would delight in sensing, feeling, and knowing that my readers identify and cultivate in any one or more of these ways: as sensitives, intuitives, and creatives; as lovers, healers, and caregivers; as explorers, creators, and sovereigns ~ but I would never insist that they be so.

Would I prefer that those who read my words be responsive to their lives, fates, and souls? That they be response-able for their lifestyles, destinies, and spirits? That they be generous with their time and money? That they be considerate and tolerant of others, more often than not? Yes, of course.

But as I hint above, every act omitted or committed remains open to interpretation, to be framed, understood, and appreciated in context ~ personal, interpersonal, transpersonal, or impersonal; as well as social, economic, cultural, political, philosophical, psychological, religious, or spiritual.

A twofold question just occurred to me: is the ultimate in fulfillment reserved only for those who deem themselves ready, willing, and able to incorporate the blessings and burdens of cosmic consciousness? And so, who am I to be writing these words, to be exploring this subject matter?

I am no stranger to life, love, and desire; I remain open to observing, exploring, and expressing them with sacred and divine intent. I welcome every opportunity to experience untold beauty, harmony, serenity, intimacy, and ecstasy, even as I stay open to following the cues and clues of synchronicity and serendipity afforded by my inner guidance on a proverbial island of calm and care.

In all of the years I’ve explored and examined the nature and meaning of personal fulfillment, I presently cannot think of a better way for me to approach the ultimate in personal fulfillment (whatever this means or comes to mean) than to pay heed to this italicized affirmation of Self.

With this approach in mind, and with no clear definition (yet) of what I seek, what is my purpose?

Certainly, there is something to be said for optimizing my life to actualize my self (and vice versa), to endeavor to be the best version of myself in each and every moment, and let this be the modus operandi for my life, until such time that I can observe the outcome in a Life Review after I pass into the Great Beyond, but the question is begged: what does this mean, exactly? And: is this all there is?

Much like I would when I examine the structure, substance, and appearance of a tree, I shall endeavor to explore and examine what is basic (the roots), essential (trunk and branches), and ideal (leaves and fruit) in any approach that I choose adopt so as to realize the ultimate in personal fulfillment.

More to come . . .


posted: 12.08.2020
revised: 12.09.2020
updated: 12.13.2020