Things To Talk About With A Girl On The Phone

Having a fantastic phone conversation with a girl is an excellent way to deepen your connection, whether just getting to know each other or maintaining an existing one. However, it can be difficult to generate engaging and pleasurable topics. In this guide, we will provide a list of conversation starters that will help you keep the conversation flowing and ensure that your phone call is pleasurable, memorable, and a step toward strengthening your relationship.

Things To Talk About With A Girl On The Phone

1. What She Likes To Do For Fun

Hobbies and athletics are always entertaining to discuss. If you know what she does on the weekends, you can inquire about it to see if she’s done anything interesting recently. If you don’t know what she enjoys doing for fun, you can initiate a conversation by asking what she did over the weekend.

Then, discuss your interests as well. Consider asking,

  • “Did you have a soccer game yesterday?”
  • “What did you do over the last weekend?”
  • “Did you photograph over the weekend?

2. Pets And Animals

If she enjoys animals, inquire about her companions. If she does not have any pets, you can find out what animal she would like to own in the future or if she plans to acquire one shortly. Feel free to share anecdotes about your pets as well.

Ask, “How’s your dog Rosco doing?”

  • “Are you thinking about getting a cat soon?”
  • “If you could own any animal in the world, what would it be?”

3. Music And Podcasts

Share your suggestions and enjoyable recent listening experiences. If you both enjoy live music, you could also discuss recent performances or concerts you’ve attended. See what she’s been listening to, and if you need recommendations, ask her to send you a playlist.


  • “What song have you been playing on repeat lately?”
  • “Have you recently attended any good performances?”
  • “What’s your favorite podcast right now?”

4. Books And Authors

If she is an avid reader, she may want to inform you about her most recent book. Even if she is not a reader, you can discuss the best books you’ve ever read or the school books you relished the most. You can also tell her who your favorite author is or ask her for reading recommendations.

You could express yourself as follows:

  • Recently, I read the greatest horror novel. I was genuinely terrified!”
  • “What have you been reading lately?”
  • “What’s your favorite book of all time?”

5. Movies And TV Shows

If you share comparable media preferences, you can discuss them over the phone. Ask her about the most recent film she watched or if she witnessed the most recent episode of a popular television program. Alternatively, you can ask her for recommendations. This is an excellent method to bond over shared interests.

You could say, “I want to watch a horror film tonight. What are your suggestions?”

  • “What are your top 10 film choices?”
  • “What have you been watching lately?”

6. Funny Stories

What’s the silliest thing that occurred to you today? If you’ve experienced silly antics, you can tell her all about them to make her laugh. Then, she can relate her own humorous story. You may also share humorous childhood recollections from your past.

The purpose of this situation is to make her chuckle, so channel your inner class clown! Try similar phrases:”This morning as I was strolling to school, I was not paying attention to where I was going. I collided head-on with a stake! It was so funny that my companions couldn’t stop laughing.

“Today on our stroll, my dog attempted to make friends with a cat, but instead of approaching it calmly, she charged at it full speed! The cat did not appreciate that very much.”

7. Hidden Talents

If you have entertaining party techniques, now is the time to share them. You can regale her with tales of your double-jointed elbows, your ability to play any television theme on the piano, and your childhood magic acts. You can also ask her if she has any amusing talents that she uses to dazzle others.

Say, “If I concentrate very hard, I can fold my tongue over itself twice! What’s your undiscovered talent?”

As a child, I was extremely interested in magic, and I enjoy performing card feats at parties.
“This is a secret, but I’m genuinely quite flexible. I can perform the splits without first warming up.”

8. Her Childhood

Ask her about her past to delve deeply into her character. This is an excellent method for getting to know someone and learning more about her. You can inquire about where she grew up, her relationship with her parents and siblings, and whether she has fond childhood recollections. You may also share your experiences, but try not to focus excessively on yourself.

Ask the following:

  • “Did you like growing up in Boston?”
  • How was it growing up in a home with two brothers?
  • “Were you close to your parents when you were growing up?”

9. Plans For The Weekend

This is a topic that can be brought up at any time. Check to see if she has any exciting plans for the weekend, then compare your plans to hers. If you want to engage with her, now might be a good time to invite her.

Consider: “What are you doing on Friday night?”

  • “Are you available Saturday? I was contemplating a trip to the shore.”
  • “Any plans for the weekend? The weather will be so pleasant.”

10. Dream Homes Or Vacations

Imagine where you would be right now if you had an infinite amount of money. This entertaining hypothetical scenario can shed light on her aspirations. As discussing plans is always entertaining, you can discuss where you’d like to reside in the future or where you’d like to vacation someday when you’re both wealthy.

Ask, “If money wasn’t an issue, where would you travel now?”

  • “If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?”
  • “Where do you foresee yourself living in 10 years?”

While it is helpful to have a list of conversation topics, it is equally essential to be an active listener and respond to her cues and interests throughout the call. The key to a productive phone conversation is to make her feel at ease, valued, and heard. Therefore, use these topics as a jumping-off point. Don’t neglect to be yourself, open up, and share stories, as authenticity and genuine interest are the basis of a meaningful connection. Whether through lighthearted banter, in-depth conversations, or shared laughter, strive to create a memorable experience for both of you.

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