Faith, Surrender, Grace

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 16, 2022

choice @3 > love @4 > wisdom @5 : : faith @3 > surrender @4 > grace @5

note : for students of the Law of One, 3, 4, and 5 refer to densities of consciousness (the density of choice, the density of love and understanding, and the density of wisdom, respectively); the terms themselves (choice, love, wisdom, for example) capture the essence of each density

The most effortless, enjoyable conduct flows through mind, heart, and gut without complication.

I receive, reflect, and respond as required in the moment. I need not fear, doubt, worry, regret, obsess, or compel. I bring clarity and harmony to what I do without tumult, turmoil, or turbulence, leaving no traces, with no second guesses. In my conduct, I act efficiently, without ambiguity.

And then there is conduct that leaves behind dark residues inside mind, heart, and gut: a sinking feeling rises from the depths, even as attempts are made to justify it, but the shadows that these attempts cast continue to haunt mind, heart, and gut, regardless of what is said or done.

Such conduct includes . . .

  • withholding or spinning the truth
  • spreading gossip with schadenfreude
  • showing off as a judge or critic
  • playing mind games of manipulation
  • addictive or compulsive behavior

Dark conduct is a consequence of fear, craving, lack, and pressure, breeding agitation and confusion. By indulging it, dark hearts strategize to avoid discomfort, to make themselves look good, to get what they think they need, to do what they think they must to gain the upper hand.

Such conduct leave dark hearts bereft of peace, love, joy, bliss, grace, ease, inside endless loops of trying to figure things out. This is in contrast to modes of conduct governed by choice, love, and wisdom in view of, and in light of, the holy (wholly) trinity of faith, surrender, and grace.

Light hearts negotiate and navigate conditions and circumstances with clear minds, open hearts, and strong guts, trusting that their responses are fit for the moment. Grounded within, they attune to what is real, true, good, right, fair, fine, and/or pure, and letting that be their guide.

In essence, light hearts allow themselves to be guided and goaded by the impulses of life and love.

Light hearts unhook from stressful action so that they can live and love freely and fully. Making space for creativity and flow, they summon the courage to follow their deepest yearnings, even if this means moving beyond their comfort zones. Where dark hearts play finite games of win or lose, light hearts lean into playing infinite games of perpetual satisfaction and fulfillment.

Clean, clear conduct arises in the moment as it surrenders any inclination toward personal drama, allowing the light of truth to appear. Light hearts inquire: what does this moment call for? And then it listens. Even in the bigger decisions of life ~ to get or leave a job, to get married or divorced, to have children (or not) ~ the answers arise from the depths of mind-heart-gut.

When deep listening becomes a way of life, questions are bound to arise. Questions like . . . “wait, what? You want me to say (or do) that?!” Yet, in trusting and following such prompts, surrender to almost every aspect of life arises, so that faith, surrender, and grace can be given their due.

Sometimes the conduct that’s called for is “no conduct.” Rather than pushing forward under the sway of dark habits, the invitation to “be still, and just listen” becomes realized on a more consistent basis, and in the grand scheme of things, what could be a more beautiful, fulfilling way to be?

As you feel drawn to enact choice with love and wisdom, be sure to sidestep the pull of conditioning, and let each action be lived freely and fully through you. With no emotional trace or residue, remain available to flow with whatever comes up, feeling wholly alive, awake, aware, and alert.


may I be safe and secure; may I be satisfied with significance
may I be healthy, fit, and vital; may I be at peace, and at ease

~ yours