The Ultimate in Personal Fulfillment: An Outline in Progress

A message for our times: be true, be wise, be free; love is the key

This outline is a work in progress, intended to serve as a catalyst for further study, reflecting an ongoing exploration and examination of my findings, which are by no means to be viewed as definitive or conclusive at this time. I invite you to proceed at your own discretion.




Key Questions
Study Notes



My study of astral projection, paranormal phenomena, lives between lives, progressive incarnations, and the lucid death experience has persuaded me that we are spiritual beings in human form.

We are, all of us, each of us, human and divine, animal and spiritual, earthly and cosmic, deriving much if not most of our meaning from the play of opposites that arise in reaction to this dualistic nature.

Every one, regardless of appearance, regardless of status (social or economic), regardless of apparent intelligence, contains or carries the potential to serve as a teacher to anyone and everyone.

The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic,
is that the world is made of words, and if you know the words that the world is made of,
you can make of it whatever you wish ~ Terence McKenna

At the base level of our nature, where sloth and gluttony, lust and greed, anger and envy rule with pride, we cannot see the truth of the magical words spoken above on the syntactical nature of reality.

As we rise in our stature, refining an approach to reality with equanimity by way of serenity, riding ever higher waves of frequency with humility, we begin to see the world through very different eyes.

In light of these suppositions, I have found that the image of a tree at its peak offers a rich metaphor by which to approach a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment; at its peak, a tree displays roots (basis), trunk and branches (essence), and a crown in full bloom (vision).

Intuitively, I understand that the roots of an approach to a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment requires presence, first and foremost (think of presence as the taproot), followed by promise, purpose, passion, and power, all of which come naturally to those who have learned to cultivate a balance in their dual nature as spiritual animals with rational intentions.

Likewise, I understand that the essence of this approach requires both purpose and passion, extending from the roots, and that the ideal of such an approach expresses the roots and the essence, projecting a prosperity informed by purity inspired by a sense of possibility.

Let us explore each of these (basis, essence, vision) in turn …


With presence, I have peace;
at peace, I find my promise;
in promise, I feel my power.

Reference: Ultimate Outline 01


I have need of promise to feel my power
and I have need of power to find my purpose,
but  do I feed my purpose with promise (soulfully)
or do I feed my purpose with power (spiritually)?

Reference: Ultimate Outline 05


I serve the Goddess
when I invoke sacred masculine intent
to serve as a vibrational match
for the expressions of divine feminine intent

Reference: Serving the Goddess


no response, or re-action, to any one, or any thing,
is necessary when Self and Other remain in harmony

Reference: Baseline Equanimity


The whole, fresh, ripe, raw juicy fruit of living, loving, and lifting up your life, your soul, your fate is an ever renewable capacity to engage and enjoy the destiny of your spirit to the fullest extent possible.

Reference: Optimize to Actualize: 2


I am, you are, we all are, connected to a field of information and energy that informs and transforms us and our lives through our interactions. This field – call it the Field, the Quantum Field, the Zero Point Field, the Source Field, the Implicate Order – serves three functions for this universe in which we live: (1) it serves as a container for everyone and everything, for every encounter and for every experience; (2) it serves as a bridge between us and the world we perceive and conceive, between inner world and outer world, between the intent to bless or heal in one place and the blessing or healing that takes place in another; and (3) it serves as a mirror for the energy of intent, for what we claim to be true within, such that our beliefs and expectations move us to manifest what is true and possible for us in this world.

Reference: Optimize to Actualize: 4


My nose, my belly, and my breath are the keys to my death before my death.

The archaic definition of die is to have an orgasm (look it up, I kid you not), as in, I could easily die to the warmth of her sweet love, but here, the topic of this post is not orgasms, or even the warmth of sweet love, although the warmth of sweet love could be a big part of this topic.

What I wish to share with you today is my take on how to die before you die.

Reference: How to Die Before You Die


I can accept that I will never have it all,
but I can have all that is relevant to me!

Reference: Ultimate Outline 02


they say that energy flows
where attention goes,
but how do I meet and greet myself
in each and every moment?

do I let it be, open and curious,
by being receptive and responsive?
or do I make it so, pay it forward,
decisively and effectively, as I go?

no matter where I care to go,
no matter where I care to be,
can I not see that each moment
is pregnant with possibility?

and yet, can I not also see
that be here now is no reprieve,
where no moment is as discrete
as I would have myself believe?

and when I focus the mind,
I cannot help but wonder:
do I not leave myself behind
as if to cut the Self asunder?

and so, I am left to ponder:
why not just flow and grow with ease,
to free myself to go yonder,
to be and do and have as I please?

Reference: Ultimate Outline 06


I have found that following the pathless path (a path without purpose) paradoxically invites purposeful reflection, and yesterday’s meanderings were no exception. For all of the merits of blazing a path of purpose on a path with purpose, following the pathless path opens up new avenues of exploration and expression, keeping life fresh and alive, making me wonder: what have I been missing?

Reference: On the Pathless Path


If I were to sum up the theme of my life in 8 words, it would be this: I live to love to serve the Goddess.

Reference: I Live to Love to Serve


I have given much thought to who I could be and what I could do, and I have put as much feeling into knowing what is desirable to me as much as what is possible for me, but who must I be?

Simply put, I must be free.

Given that I must be free, here and now, and given the very real possibility that I can do anything anywhere and with anyone for any reason that my heart desires, what would I care to do?

Reference: Are You Living Your Dream?

Additional thoughts:

The ethical imperative: guard guide your eyes, guard guide your thoughts, guard guide your steps

What the cosmic life review indicates we do in the earthly realm: (1) justify; (2) purify; (3) sanctify

Does “what does it take to be fulfilled?” = “what does it take to be justified, purified, sanctified?”?


At its best, ecstasy is a naturally felt, extreme and constant delight in knowing, with a sense of purpose coupled with passion by way of purity of intent on a field of infinite possibilities, that you can remain calm, clear, buoyant, serene, and vital in your potential, your presence, peace, and promise, and your native sovereign power, respectively, in body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit – the ultimate in surrender.

Reference: Ultimate Outline 03


I took to the mountain,
found my place high above,
and settled into serenity,
calm and clear and cool:
what have I got to lose?

I came down the mountain,
found my place far below,
and took on the whole world,
flowing with vital energy:
what have I got to gain?

Reference: Ultimate Outline 07


In pursuing the ultimate perspective on the subject matter of personal fulfillment over many, many months, week after week after week, I have come to this rather mundane conclusion: every answer to any question that one might care to pose about it is always already available.

Reference: Optimize … to Actualize


What is the truth about ecstasy?

Is it possible to speak about a constancy of ecstasy? Yes, but what I yearn to know is this: is it possible and desirable to explore, embody, experience, enjoy, and express such a constancy?

If so, how might it best be approached in daily life?

Reference: Be True, Be Wise, Be Free


holding the space (through presence),
making the time (to bless and express),
letting it flow, as required (with devotion),
I open myself up to the play of worship,
to the play of adoration and reverence

Reference: The Most Essential Relation


I never really understood the meaning of the word worship until I looked it up in a dictionary, and even after looking it up and pondering its meaning, I still couldn’t comprehend its value.

I would even go so far as to say that for a practice that seems common all around the world, worship defies understanding. To see why, I will start with the standard definition of worship.

Reference: Who is Worthy of Worship?

Additional thoughts:

Proposal: our prime directive as a species is finding the balance

  • finding the balance between soul (being) and spirit (becoming)
  • finding the balance between being perfectly full and becoming perfectly filled
  • finding the balance between living soulfully (truly, deeply) and living spiritually (wisely, freely)


A Cosmic True Self as Art is a perpetually evolving product of conscious processing, which implies an Other in relation to Self. The Other, most fundamentally, is an event, encounter, or experience perceived by Self to occur beyond the bounds of Self. In light of this relation, note well this baseline: no response or reaction to any one or any thing is necessary when Self and Other remain in harmony.

Reference: Ultimate Outline 04


in the Art of Surrender,
reaction is not an option;
in the Art of Surrender,
reaction is a confession

’tis a confession of insistence
that invites evermore resistance;
’tis a confession of resistance
that breeds evermore insistence

allowing Being and Becoming,
receive reflect respond freshly;
allowing Being and Becoming,
no obsession, no compulsion

Reference: Ultimate Outline 08


desire, excitement, fulfillment, bliss
can be the guiding principles of your life;
anything and everything is possible

Reference: Enlighten, Empower


Loving the Goddess: these evocative words are provocative on so many levels.

Speaking for myself, there is nothing in this world – nothing in my creation of this world – that is more pleasurable, more desirable, more lovable than spending time with a woman who embodies and exudes, if only for a moment in the eternity of Now, all that I perceive to be true and good and right about the divine feminine intent, energy, and spirit of the Goddess. Indeed, I could write an entire post about loving the woman who can be this and do this clearly, consciously, consistently. I could do this, but my intention here and now is to extend an invitation to love the Goddess like you would God.

Reference: Loving the Goddess


I adore the Goddess
by giving the Goddess
my deepest respect –
both my soulful respect
and my heartfelt love

Reference: Worship the Goddess


As I made clear in my recent post, The End of Our World, a time is coming on earth when people will (naturally) be equipped to love others unconditionally, but to love universally, without condition and without expectation? What could this possibly mean for us today?

Reference: The Ultimate Catalyst


This past week saw me come into contact with a rather clever and novel word: soulfish. I had to chuckle when I saw it because it captures a frame of mind that is heartfelt in a way that the word “selfish” never could be, given the negative connotations associated with “selfish”.

Almost immediately, I made a connection between two sets of terms: between “selfish and soulfish” and “sts and sto”, respectively, such that those who identify as selfish aim to serve the self at least 95% of the time (in relation to others or at the expense of others) and those who are soulfish, naturally inclined to serve themselves well enough to serve others at least 51% of the time (at no expense to themselves).

Reference: Selfish? Or … Soulfish?


Ah, to encounter and experience beauty and harmony, intimacy and ecstasy, with serenity, day after day after day, with just the right kind and amount of catalyst, which I can welcome into my life as I see fit, to stimulate the expansion of my soul and the expression of my spirit.

Reference: A Soulfish Perspective


At the heart of seeing, hearing, sensing, and feeling beauty and harmony coexist or comingle peacefully, and at the heart of watching and being a witness to intimacy move and morph gracefully into ecstasy, and back again, lies the serenity of an infinite peace that passeth all understanding.

Reference: A Soulfish Illumination


aware, in love, keeps us alive,
awake, alert to the false words
of those who are keen to accuse
with a shaming, surely so subtle,
as to leave us breathless inside a
shallow grave reserved for those
who remain naive to the icy cold
truth that a separate peace is the
only way we can ever realize fully
the truth of who we really, truly are
in this world, and beyond, forever

Reference: How High Can We Go?


Before we address the bubble metaphysics of reality creation, of creating our own experience of reality, we would do well to cultivate a warmth of heart, through a power of presence, that keeps contentment and compassion close to the heart with an attitude of gratitude, with a loving, trusting vibe broadcasting at a high frequency being our best sign that we have successfully cultivated this heart of soul.

Reference: Live Love Laugh Learn


Optimize to actualize: ’tis a rather catchy phrase to be sure, and the more in depth and breadth that I explore, examine, and entertain the conditions and processes that underpin “optimize me, myself, and I”, the more amazed I am by the sheer number of ways and means by which to optimize.

Where best to put the attention?

Reference: Optimize to Actualize: 7


When I explore the role of love in serving self and other playfully, with presence, for the sake of promise through patience, a golden opportunity arises for me to receive and respond to a holy trinity of perennial questions: what is the taproot of love? what is the essence of love? what is the fruit of love?

Reference: Optimize to Actualize: 9


only those who … risk going too far
can find out just how far they can go

Reference: Why? … How? … What?


be true? go deep / be wise? go broad / be free? go far

loving the growth of my garden of intimacy with a soul of gratitude
even as I delight in the rise of my ecstasy in a spirit of generosity

be true? go deep / be wise? go broad / be free? go far

Reference: A Constancy of Ecstasy


I am awethentic to the degree to which I can know myself wholly in relation to the other, to the degree to which I can be myself wholly and be my wholly self, and to the degree to which I can wholly appreeshiate who and what I am, here and now, and why I am here in this world at this time.

Awethentic appreeshiation is a process of making whole that which generates incongruence between between inner and outer, or, if you prefer, between perceptions of inner and outer.

Reference: Awethentic Appreeshiation


to embody a cherished quality,
act as if it is always and already
at the very heart of your being

Reference: Standing on the Threshold


soulfully, peacefully alive, bliss inspires joy with generosity
spiritually, blissfully alive, peace infuses love with gratitude

I allow myself to savor these words, pregnant as they are with positive connotation.

In this couplet, I find resolution in ultimate fulfillment, and though it might leave the impression of being impossibly naïve, I remain willing to be guided by its wisdom ~ and its vast potential for freedom.

Reference: The Ultimate Harmonic


life is like tending a vesicle; to keep my balance,
I keep resting, finding time to grow along the way


life is like riding a bicycle; to keep my balance,
I keep moving, finding time to flow along the way

Reference: Contentment, Enchantment


Energetically speaking, you are wholly, truly, fully, freely in touch with who and what you are.

And when I say, “be true, be wise, be free”, you are already wise enough to know when and where to mediate soul and spirit, switching back and forth between true and free with grace and ease.

Reference: Submissive, Transmissive


The Japanese people, to their credit, know that bearing fruit with your ikigai sometimes requires a deep and prolonged engagement with self, where such an engagement is of vital importance to the cultural belief that realizing one’s ikigai brings satisfaction and meaning to life. This requirement might explain, at least a little, why there is public tolerance in Japan around Hikikomori.

Reference: Ikigai: A Reason for Being


The presence, promise, and power of Gratia (grace through gratitude) arises in the heart of soul as and when the requirements for optimizing and actualizing Securitas, Eros, and Arete are given their due and brought to fruition with a balance that favors fulfillment and ascension.

Life becomes enjoyable, as well as sustainable, pleasurable, and respectable.

Reference: Securitas Eros Arete Gratia


With a steady rise in the cosmic energies uplifting the sun, the planet, and the solar system, I have been playing with a rather uncommon question at the heart of my soul: just how sensitive and intuitive can I be with myself in relation to others and the world at large?

Reference: In Favor of a Light Touch


l love you … but only because your security and satisfaction
are as significant to me as my own security and satisfaction

Reference: Security and Satisfaction


I focus not on what I do, not on what I have, not on who I can be, but on who I must be
so that my doing, my having, and my being come to me as a byproduct of my becoming

Reference: On Being and Becoming


A blissful discipline is the ultimate orchestration between being and becoming, but with the ongoing transition in consciousness, two disparate kinds of preoccupation are coming up for processing: a preoccupation with having and doing and a preoccupation with being and knowing.

Reference: Cool Breeze, Warming Sun


What if I were content ~ at peace, at ease, in my bliss ~ to receive whatever arises here and now for the highest good of all? Could a true, deep, wise, full reception be the ultimate secret to consciously and creatively living and loving a life by design rather than by default?

Reference: On Being Open and Closed

soul spirit

unity harmony
peace bliss
love joy
grace ease
being becoming
loving caring
intimacy ecstasy
quality vitality
encounter experience
sacred divine
promise possibility
realization evolution
truth wisdom
responsibility freedom
depth height
inward outward
descend ascend
contemplation evaluation
involvement engagement
satisfaction fulfillment
cultivation celebration
dwelling peacefully flowing blissfully
heart of soul mind of spirit
contains conveys
accepts expects
let it be make it so
receptive assertive
attuned to what is required aligned with what is desired
dignity integrity
enlightenment empowerment
being alive being alive


With respect to application, the current zeitgeist favors these topics: (1) addressing the mind with presence for the sake of presence – calmly, clearly, consistently (roots); (2) consciously addressing the heart of purpose with passion (trunk and branches); and (3) addressing the issue of abundance (crown) for coming to terms with this longstanding duality in third density: scarcity and prosperity.

Reference: Ultimate Outline 09


The ultimate wisdom for someone who blazes a path of purpose with passion looks and feels very different from the ultimate wisdom of someone who surrenders totally to the undulating waves of a cosmic ocean. Ultimacy on the pathless path comes highly recommended for those who have lived and loved countless lives and lifetimes wholly and fully, and for those whose minds and bodies have ripened with age. For everyone else, the ultimate wisdom near the end of a path of purpose with passion is simply a legacy worth having and sharing from the point of view of those who have received the benefits. Curiously and paradoxically, I presently find myself endorsing the pathless path even as I keep a keen eye on ascertaining the value of what it means to blaze a path of purpose with passion.

Reference: The Ultimate Wisdom


 I propose that we awaken to and through
the cosmic mind, heart, soul, and spirit of God
to navigate through the prickles and goo.

Reference: On Prickles and Goo


When I take a moment to feel deep gratitude in the Presence of I Am, and this feeling remains ever receptive to an inner knowing that what I see, hear, smell, taste, touch is divine, I bless the Goddess with sacred intent. Likewise, whenever I can feel into the cares and concerns of others as if they were my own, without too much resistance or without any resistance at all, I bless the Goddess with sacred intent.

Reference: Blessing the Goddess


as we love the other in the universal way,
without condition and without expectation,
and, giving ourselves this loving kindness,
as we do when we satisfy every moment,
do we not then bring Harmony into Unity?

Reference: Unity Consciousness


I am the subject to all that I have yet to realize,
and the object of all that I have come to realize

the master, doing nothing, leaves nothing undone;
the student, always doing, has so much more to do

I am the subject to all that I have yet to realize,
and the object of all that I have come to realize

Reference: Integrate and Release


As a unified view, I would say this: doing work you love is still worth the effort, if only by using the imagination to figure out what you would love to do, what kind of value you would like to offer, how you would like to deliver this value, and what sort of compensation is acceptable to you.

Despite the many complications of finding work you love, I believe it is still possible, although increasingly unlikely, that you can go beyond exploring and identifying work you love to actually expressing and embodying this work for the benefit of yourself and everyone concerned.

Reference: Do What You … Love?


In the wake of writing my most recent post on signature vibrations, on being identified with a singular preference of vibration with a singular presence, I have come to realize the value of bringing on board a constellation of vibratory states and attitudes in support of it.

I have also come to realize the value of being fluid and flexible enough to (a) adopt a vibration for use in different situations and interactions, even as I (b) change my signature vibration over time, so as to (c) cultivate yet another constellation of vibrations at one time.

Reference: Signature Vibrations


This post is about your cosmic sovereignty, about your growth in wisdom and freedom to be cosmic in your sovereignty, about your status as a wise and free co-creator with the immense intelligence of the Cosmos, in support of, and in the direction of, being the Creator of your own universe.

Your direction in life (ultimately governed by the co-creative choice to “let it be” or “make it so”) follows your purpose in life (to wit: “the purpose of life is a life of purpose”), which follows the meaning that you care enough to give to the course of your life (as life is, quite literally, meaning-less).

Let us see how this is so, and, to put it more boldly, let us see how this can be so.

Reference: Optimize to Actualize: 8


if success is getting what we want,
then happiness is liking what we get;
are we liking what we are getting?

Reference: On Feeling the Feelings


I am about to take a leap from the mundane into the cosmic, a leap that many if not most might not be ready, willing, or able to make, but I will nevertheless do my level best to make the outcome of this potentially transformative leap as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

Reference: Outside Looking Inside


Aggression is both the ultimate cause and the ultimate symptom of a toxic world.

Human aggression is a complex, ubiquitous phenomenon with three flavors – active, passive, and reactive – whose signals are by turns subtle and obvious, and whose effects are by turns toxic and benign.

As a phenomenon in and of itself, human aggression is an interesting topic of study, but when viewed in a deeper, broader context, it becomes downright fascinating – as long as we remain free of its snare.

Reference: Light and Lovely Secrets


when my shoes fit, my feet are forgotten;
when my heart is right, pros and cons are forgotten

no obsessions, no addictions, no compulsions obtain;
with my daily affairs in order, I can take my ease

as I take it easy and have it easy, I feel right to be so;
easy feels right, and it feels right when I go easy

the right way is the easy way: I forget the right way,
and so I get to forget that the going is easy …

Reference: So Scary, So Dangerous


What if I told you that we could give ourselves the means by which to harmonize and unify the entire world (this planet and beyond) to a point and a place where every species in existence followed our lead?

How would it look, how would it sound, how would it feel to you?

Now suppose a conscious, constructive, creative juggernaut of people from Earth intent on cosmic harmony and unity suddenly appeared on the cosmic scene in the wake of making good on this intention?

Reference: Inside A True World Order


it matters little what I do; what matters is how I do it
at choice, in love, with vision, all that I touch is blessed

Reference: On Being a True Submissive


Love. Lust. Pleasure. Desire.

Note well the manner in which you speak these words in the privacy of your own mind (and heart).

Together, as a mosaic of experience, these human potentials remain more than a little interesting to those who are (or who are fast becoming) sensitive and receptive and responsive to their everyday appearance in the living and the loving of a life of quality and vitality.

In judging the quality and vitality of a planetary civilization, what better litmus test is there than the quality and vitality of the manner in which these potentially exquisite realities – love, lust, pleasure, desire – are embodied and expressed through its customs and cultures?

Reference: Hello Eros, Say Hi to Ekos


cultivate soul with intimacy to celebrate a life in ecstasy
from me (and you) … to us (and them) … to we (are one),
serving as a supple bridge between intimacy and ecstasy

A good life is one of cultivation and celebration: if being alive is a predictable outcome of cultivating soul with intimacy, then being alive is a controllable outcome of celebrating a spirit in ecstasy.

In a living, loving, lusting spirit full of heart and soul, the undeniably exquisite pleasure of an orgasm can only ever be a blessing that is full and filling, experienced as a culmination and a perpetuation.

Reference: EgoCentric or NavaTantric?


If a state of ecstasy is fleeting, lasting for mere seconds (or longer, if you have ever had the good fortune of (a) realizing a success beyond your wildest dreams or (b) entering a timeless dimension), then a mood of buoyancy can last for days on end (if you are fortunate).

A cheerful disposition, on the other hand, can last for years.

So, in light of these distinctions, how can anyone talk (realistically, reasonably) about realizing a constancy of ecstasy? And what does making choices in view of taking informed, inspired action have to do with it?

Reference: Ecstasy: A Path to Mastery?


For the sake of discussion, and definition, let us assume that a Hikikomori is anyone who can find refuge in a room for long periods of time, with the support and assistance of others, albeit not indefinitely. This latter qualification ~ albeit not indefinitely ~ is not unlike a splinter in the finger (or the mind).

This splinter never goes away, generating just enough uncertainty to keep the game of life interesting.

Reference: Hikikomori Interventions


I close this post with a poetic clarion call, one that I composed to address a subtle ancient cosmic dynamic, not between good and evil, but between service to other and service to self:

my true name could very well be Ecstasy,
for I am Lover of Serendipity with Serenity

the more I act as if I am, the more that I be,
for don’t you see, I remain symbolic of Unity

as whole and wholesome beyond all duality,
we declare ourselves wholly, with regularity

Reference: On the Way to Serendipity


I flow and I rest, I rest and I flow, resting into flowing, flowing into resting, here and now buoyed by this moment, and this moment, and this moment, exuding calm, clarity, composure, and contentment, without forcing, without obsessing and compelling, and without resisting.

In my buoyancy, I bless the other to take note of the knots ~ not calm, not clear, not composed, not content, not comfortable ~ and as the note is taken, the contrast offers me a taste of me by taking a bite out of me, chewing me, and if I be true and wise to let it, digesting me.

Reference: Chop Wood … Carry Water


In rising to the heart of sensitivity, a key distinction is required, one that honors the difference between “the ease with which feelings can be evoked” and “the ease with which feelings can be provoked”.

This distinction is a subtle one and so let us explore and examine it with sensitivity by starting with this question: in your daily affairs, in your daily interactions, are you sensitive or … susceptible?

Reference: Are You a Sensitive Person?


What is this game called abundance?
Is it a game worth playing? If so, why?
If it is worthy of play, how is it played?

Reference: The Abundance Game


How do you envision the life of your dreams? Who do you wish to be? What do you wish to do? As you begin to see the life of your dreams take shape, what do you imagine is coming true for you?

Reference: Whoop it up with WOOP


For the INFP personality type, still waters run … deep.

Acutely sensitive to the rhythms of order and chaos, accord and discord, clarity and confusion, they harbor a unique potential to address and resolve conflict like the flexible, intuitive ninjas that they are, serving as investigators, helpers, loyalists, peacemakers, and iconoclasts.

Reference: INFP: Still Waters Run … 1


This world is colder, darker, and harsher than most people realize, and colder, darker, and harsher than many people care to realize, if they do realize. Perhaps this is as it should be, for how could a species function adequately if its attention were captured by cold, dark, harsh realities?

Reference: INFP: Still Waters Run … 2


As someone for whom the INFP personality type resonates deep down, I am uniquely favored and equipped with the means by which to bring harmony to any situation that comes begging for clarity.

In making this statement, I am already in trouble … (a) because order requires some measure of chaos by way of contrast; (b) because accord requires some measure of discord by way of contrast; and (c) because clarity requires some measure of confusion by way of contrast.

Such is the nature of duality in this reality and so …

I have no choice but to play with this nature.

And so let us play …

Reference: INFP: Still Waters Run … 3


In coming to terms with health, fitness, and vitality over the years, I have grown to learn that if my vitality is compromised, I can always fall back on my health and fitness, and if my fitness is compromised, I can always fall back on my health, but if my health is compromised, …

Reference: The Benefits of Eating Dirt


My world is full of blessings in disguise. How about yours?

I keep resisting all of its latent goodness with all manner of fears, doubts, worries, and concerns, and yet, it keeps showing up, keeps showing me all the ways in which I can claim as much goodness as I can handle, conspiring to bring me all that I could possibly need, and then some.

It’s a veritable embarrassment of riches.

Reference: The Best is Yes to Come


Let’s start by getting a handle on the nature of abundance in human life through the notions of prosperity, affluence, and security, all of which are fundamentally spiritual in their nature, origin, and meaning.

In my post, Security and Satisfaction, I wrote, and I quote, as follows:

the aim in life is less about making money to have more and better,
than it is to cultivate and calibrate the consciousness through which
the substance of life can flow as and when it is required or desired

Reference: $ Money, Money, Money $


What does it mean to be a victim? Might there be such a thing as being a good victim? A better than good victim? The world is full of victims, both legitimate and not so legitimate? Why is this so?

Reference: On Being the Better Victim


A Global Perspective

Why is humanity failing
to fulfill its true potential?

Dare we create a world
free of cruel oppression,
lest we be thought foolish
for missing or dismissing
the ubiquity of tyranny?

Reference: Welcome the Tyrant


I remain ever optimistic and inspired to say that the God in Man can and will find nutritious, delicious, delightful, ecstatic resonance with the Goddess in Woman, and that a cultural and social embrace of the sacred masculine soul with the divine feminine spirit as an avenue of healing and reconciliation will doubtless serve to enlighten and empower us all in the years and decades and centuries of the Third Millennium to come. We have every reason to believe, even assume, given the ever growing movement toward more Love and Light on this planet, that both Apollo and Dionysius will eventually find favor with the Goddess in every woman.

Reference: Woman, Thou Art Divine


When done right, with  good intentions that don’t pave fiery roads to Hell, while being ever aware of potential pitfalls (and pratfalls), pleasing the Goddess with sacred intent is beyond compare. So why these preliminary admonitive qualifications? How and why can pleasing the Goddess be so complicated? Can the purveyors of sacred masculine intent not just offer up a sacred touch (or two) in service to the Goddess and take it from there? If not, why not? Fair questions, if I do say so myself.

Reference: Pleasing the Goddess


From an energetic point of view, this planet is going through a recurring phase in its cosmic evolution – enervating for some, exhilarating for others, depending on their energetic status – in which “a storm before the calm” is serving us in shaking things up, whether we like it or not.

Reference: In the Midst of Chaos


In the current energetic storm before the calm (if there is to be a calm), one key to planetary liberation lies with healing the energetic wounds from ancient times by shifting the relational dynamics from entitlement and abandonment to enlightenment (of soul) and empowerment (of spirit).

Reference: No Blame, No Shame


The world is not going to end; this world is not going to end. Our world will end but the ending will be gradual. No matter what you say or do, you’re safe (from a cosmic perspective). How long you take to evolve is up to you – months, years, decades, centuries, millennia. Ultimately, it’s your (3D) Choice.

Reference: The End of Our World


Give yourself the gift of sovereignty; be the embodiment of Christ in your own way.

Reference: Xmas, where X = Christ


Many of us have evolved successfully as human by transcending mere urge and impulse to cogitate and contemplate the nature, quality, meaning, purpose, directions, origins, and consequences of our thoughts and feelings, choices and actions, behavior and conduct. This is no small feat, in no small part because of the genetic fusion orchetrated on chromosome 2 tens of thousands of years ago by our makers in hiding.

Reference: Optimize and Actualize


Hardly anyone is seeing the big picture of what is going on in this world, and those few who do are being ignored or dismissed or (worse) noted with nods of scant acknowledgement for their strange albeit bothersome intercessions, even as they continue (perhaps with a growing sense of futility) to think and work and share their findings in relative obscurity. What else is an awakened, enlightened soul to do?

Reference: Optimize to Actualize: 3


Hikikomori is a Japanese term that identifies a social phenomenon in Japan, reportedly affecting nearly a million people directly, and translates into English as “pulling inward, being confined”, referring to a situation where someone self-confines in a home for a long period of time (as an aside, Hikikomori is pronounced he-key-ko-mo-ri and it helps to view it as two words in one: hiki and komori.

Reference: The Depths of Hikikomori


I am highly sensitive to the sounds of words and, after reading this post, I dare say, you might be too.

Reference: On Being Grate-fully Moist


Human beings as a whole are among the cleanest, sweetest smelling creatures in the animal kingdom, but this is not what this post is about; rather, the smell that they generate around their preoccupations with wealth, power, money, status, and influence is quite overwhelming.

Why does humanity smell so bad? More to the point, why is no one talking about this publicly?

Reference: Why Does Humanity Stink?


She came to me in a dream and told me that two extraterrestrial races of Guardians have been guiding humanity to a better place on Earth. I immediately thought of the Pleiadians and Andromedans.

Reference: Space Friends Forever?


for reasons that will soon become clear,
no one for whom exoneration can be issue
can be wholly exonerated at this time …

Reference: For a World in Transition …


Are muggles really as ignorant, intolerant, and insufferable as we think they are?

The matter of rounding them up and guiding them surreptitiously into some sort of concentrated space would likely be easy to do, but there are so many of them that this course of action would likely and eventually result in widespread rebellion, if not a complete shutdown of society.

Reference: Alive in a World of Muggles

Weaving a terrestrial narrative that aligns with a cosmic perspective, including historical, inter-dimensional, extraterrestrial, conspiratorial, and eschatological elements, is an exhaustive process. Such a terrestrial narrative would have us explore and expose the causes and consequences of two widespread (and related) social phenomena: cynical detachment and egocentric entitlement.

The story of Howard Storm speaks eloquently to these phenomena, showing how an unexpected and terrifying visit to The Other Side cured his soul and spirit of cynical detachment and egocentric entitlement, transmuting his contempt for humanity into compassion and compersion.

If darkness is your problem, talking about darkness won’t help.
If darkness is your problem, nothing can be done about darkness directly.
You cannot throw it out, you cannot push it out, you cannot switch it off.
Darkness is an absence. Nothing can be done about it directly.
If you have to do anything, you have to do something with the light, not with darkness.

~ Osho (Fear: Understanding and Accepting the Insecurities of Life, p. 136)

Key Questions

1. “I just can’t stand it anymore … why go on?”

Take a breath, surrender deeply to this moment, feeling fully into the feeling that you can no longer tolerate the feeling that you’ve been feeling, allowing Presence to envelop you, to embrace you in this moment. Ask not, “why go on?”; instead, just be alive to the present moment.

Anchor yourself, and remember: “this too shall pass.”

2. “Wrong body, wrong family, wrong planet … why?”

If you feel you’ve been wronged, take this as an opportunity to learn and grow into the best you can be, making the most of what you have; I mean, truth be told, what else can you possibly do?

3. “Why am I making such a mess of my life?”

Perhaps because you have need of catalyst to help you learn and grow. Remember that quote* from Ra about the “divinely happy”, where “no love is terribly important; no pain terribly frightening; no effort, therefore, is made to serve for love or to benefit from fear”?

(*Law of One, Book 4, Session 82, page 55)

4. “What does it really take to be (become) fulfilled in this life?”

During these times of intense, sporadic change, your fulfillment is going to come mostly from the moment, from being able to navigate your way through the energetic storm.

By all means, enjoy the ride.

5. Soul: “a sound approach to being perfect: possible?”

Your etheric (form-making) body at sixth density is perfect in every way. When someone dies, has an energetic healing, and comes back cancer-free, you can be sure that you are already perfect.

Likewise, you have access to a pure Higher Self in sixth density.

6. Spirit: “a sane approach to becoming perfect: desirable?”

Your physical (form-manifested) body – the body you see when you stand naked in front of a mirror – is imperfect, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to enhance it through diet, sleep, and exercise.

Use this enhancement to satisfy the soul and fulfill the spirit.

7. The ultimate in truth, love, and power: dare we ask?

Yes, please ask: what is my ultimate truth in love and power? Who am I as the ultimate in truth, love, and power? Who and what am I as the ultimate in truth, in the light of love and power?

Be not afraid; allow the ultimate to manifest.

8. Must I justify my existence?

In a word? No. Short answer: only if you feel you must.

Study Notes

  • incorporate the use of symbols with these elements: sphere (soul), spiral (spirit), pyramid
  • presence and pretense: best to view them as complementary, rather than as mutually exclusive?
  • follow these elements of perspective: form, structure, substance, orientation, appearance
  • the devil challenge (problem, difficulty, obstacle, inadequacy, struggle, conflict) is in the details
  • the privileged among us: a little too preoccupied with celebrity, technology, personality, positivity?
  • extroverts and introverts: “living on the surface” and “living from the depths with presence”
  • the cosmic life review: a representation of the ultimate in personal fulfillment for a life lived?

Index of Posts

my index of recovery and discovery

ultimate perspective: where I introduce my intent to explore the ultimate in fulfillment

ultimate fulfillment 1: where I make it known who might benefit from this exploration
ultimate fulfillment 2: where I introduce the panoramic life review (Cosmic Life Review)
ultimate fulfillment 3: where I question the importance of love as fundamental to fulfillment
ultimate fulfillment 4: where I question the centrality of learning and loving (and their aims)
ultimate fulfillment 5: where I distinguish “things I make happen” from “things that happen”

ultimate fulfillment 5: where I introduce my understanding of levels of density (1D to 9D)
ultimate fulfillment 6: where I share my responses to three basic questions about love
ultimate fulfillment 7: where I realize that we are not here merely to love for love’s sake
ultimate fulfillment 8: where I share my declaration of a perfecting ideal for enlightenment
ultimate fulfillment 9: where I introduce the distinction between presence and pretense
ultimate fulfillment 10*: where I expose pretense in light of this presumptive belief: “I am God”

ultimate fulfillment 11*: where I explore three deep, dark fears in light of two kinds of mastery
ultimate fulfillment 12: where I consider the centrality of losing control and the fear it generates
ultimate fulfillment 13*: where I examine in depth “what is in the nature of a soul and spirit?”
ultimate fulfillment 14: where I introduce a key distinction between No Self and True Self
ultimate fulfillment 15*: where I share the most important insight I’ve ever had (on love and care)

ultimate fulfillment 16: where I introduce the five facets of a True Self, of a Self as Art
ultimate fulfillment 17*: where I begin the task of building an energetic structure for a True Self
ultimate fulfillment 18*: where I add context to the True Self with the five paradigms of control
ultimate fulfillment 19: where I add context to a True Self with divine guidance and layers of reality
ultimate fulfillment 20*: where I introduce a cosmic field of play for the ego in relation to a True Self

ultimate fulfillment 21: where I announce completion of a drafted perspective on birth, life, death
ultimate fulfillment 22: where I give readers a taste of how to interpret the cosmic field of play
ultimate fulfillment 23*: where I give the ego its due in the context of letting it be and making it so
ultimate fulfillment 24*: where I elaborate on the meaning and purpose of the cosmic field of play
ultimate fulfillment 25: where I describe the Essence of Presence behind the cosmic field of play

ultimate fulfillment 26*: where I offer a context for exploring in depth the cosmic field of play
ultimate fulfillment 27*: where I reveal my intentions and motives for what I call my passion project
ultimate fulfillment 28*: where I tease apart the layers of my version of the cosmic field of play
ultimate fulfillment 29*: where I begin the task of exploring and analyzing the cosmic field of play
ultimate fulfillment 30*: where I introduce the notion of zones of play to the cosmic field of play

ultimate fulfillment 31*: where I take a stab at coming to terms with the demands of Lady Fate
ultimate fulfillment 32*: where I set the stage for a meeting with Lady Fate that runs deep and true
ultimate fulfillment 33: where I introduce my resource page for coming to terms with Lady Fate
ultimate fulfillment 34: where I reaffirm my intent to develop a resource for coming to terms with fate
ultimate fulfillment 35: where I introduce the cosmic grid as a context for coming to terms with fate

ultimate fulfillment 36: where I share some basic assumptions about the roles of fate and destiny
ultimate fulfillment 37: where I continue to cultivate a cosmic worldview for coming to terms with fate
ultimate fulfillment 38: where I delve ever more truly and deeply into coming to terms with Lady Fate
ultimate fulfillment 39*: where I introduce my tool of awareness for coming to terms with Lady Fate
ultimate fulfillment 40: where I introduce the the ego as mediator in contrast to the ego as usurper

ultimate fulfillment 41: where I flesh out the meaning of three choices at the level of intentionality
ultimate fulfillment 42: where I consider what to add next to my resource on coming to terms with fate
ultimate fulfillment 43: where I offer a context for coming to terms with our power as sovereign creators
ultimate fulfillment 44: where I share two key resources to approach the ultimate in personal fulfillment
ultimate fulfillment 45: where I examine the differences between “I feel so lonely” and “I am alone”

ultimate fulfillment 46*:  where I explore the promise of living life fully through the practice of shoshin
ultimate fulfillment 47: where I make some key distinctions between the ego and the heart of soul
ultimate fulfillment 48: where I expose the dangers of making your self (and your Self) disappear
ultimate fulfillment 49: where I propose the notion of multiple timelines for coming to terms with fate
ultimate fulfillment 50: where I consider the notion of obligation for coming to terms with Lady Fate

ultimate fulfillment 51*: where I explore what it means to muster and master your energetic Self
ultimate fulfillment 52*: where I share vital truths about our Selves and our place in this world
ultimate fulfillment 53*: where I bring clarity to the notion of having an ego at the core of a True Self
ultimate fulfillment 54: where I play with the meaning of numbers after posing a deep question
ultimate fulfillment 55*: where I explore the promise and possibilities of color in a 9D cosmos

ultimate fulfillment 56*: where I share what I’ve learned about energy through my daily practice
ultimate fulfillment 57: where I come to terms with living and loving a cosmic life and lifestyle
ultimate fulfillment 58*: where I share guideposts to energetic mastery on a path to ultimate fulfillment
ultimate fulfillment 59*: where I bring the existential depths of life to the practical surface of life
ultimate fulfillment 60*: where I introduce a new series on harmony, divinity, infinity, and ultimacy

ultimate fulfillment 61*: where I explore the theme of “harmony through unity” with the Law of One
ultimate fulfillment 62*: where I find harmony with duality in the Great Illusion and the Original Wound
ultimate fulfillment 63*: where I share an other-worldly perspective on drawing harmony from creativity
ultimate fulfillment 64*: where I approach the subject of Disclosure with harmony through stability
ultimate fulfillment 65*: where I come to terms with finding harmony with humanity in view of disclosure

ultimate fulfillment 66*: where I propose to play a game of Full Disclosure with sacred and divine intent
ultimate fulfillment 67*: where I come up for air to explore access to a 7D level of consciousness
ultimate fulfillment 68*: where I find meaning in viewing harmony through the eyes of infinity
ultimate fulfillment 69*: where I offer a model by which to bring total harmony to body and mind
ultimate fulfillment 70*: where I share a perspective on density to support the Grand Experiment

ultimate fulfillment 71*: where I explore the divinity of unity from a perspective in third density
ultimate fulfillment 72*: where I explore the tenuous yet persistent link between divinity and duality
ultimate fulfillment 73*: where I offer a timespace perspective for mixing creativity with divinity
ultimate fulfillment 74*: where I offer a cosmic perspective on personal stability imbued with divinity
ultimate fulfillment 75*: where I explore what it means to view my humanity through the eyes of divinity

ultimate fulfillment 76*: where I introduce some relations to approach fulfillment of the Ultimate Desire
ultimate fulfillment 77*: where I find divinity begetting ever more divinity through the seven deadly sins
ultimate fulfillment 78*: where I make an attempt to open up a relationship with divinity to infinity
ultimate fulfillment 79*: where I explore how sanctity and divinity might approach ultimate fruition
ultimate fulfillment 80*: where I juggle contentment and excitement in view of ultimate fulfillment

ultimate fulfillment 81*: where I come to terms with unity on a field of infinite possibilities
ultimate fulfillment 82*: where I come to terms with duality from the perspective of intelligent infinity
ultimate fulfillment 83*: where I speak to the power of making sacred time and space for infinity
ultimate fulfillment 84*: where I come to terms with infinity in relation to personal stability
ultimate fulfillment 85*: where I speak of humanity in relation to sexuality in the light of infinity

ultimate fulfillment 86*: where I wax poetic on harmony in keeping with unity in the light of infinity
ultimate fulfillment 87: where I touch briefly on sanctity and divinity in relation to infinity
ultimate fulfillment 88*: where I prepare the ground with Light for taking the plunge into Darkness
ultimate fulfillment 89*: where I prepare to be a witness to the creative depths of Light and Dark
ultimate fulfillment 90*: where I realize ultimacy as a witness to the Source of Being a Creator

ultimate fulfillment 91*: where I share a cosmic context for coming to terms with the depths of evil
ultimate fulfillment 92*: where I touch on what it means to be an ultimate witness to duality
ultimate fulfillment 93*: where I ask, “what context of inquiry best serves the exposure of evil?”
ultimate fulfillment 94*: where I lay cornerstones to embody wisdom and freedom with integrity
ultimate fulfillment 95*: where I become an ultimate witness to the current condition of humanity

ultimate fulfillment 96*: where I offer a taste of what it means to be an ultimate witness to harmony
ultimate fulfillment 97*: where I serve as an ultimate witness to divinity, to the divine feminine spirit
ultimate fulfillment 98*: where I become a sacred witness to the current octave of densities
ultimate fulfillment 99*: where I bring closure to my series of 99 posts on realizing ultimate fulfillment

* my favorite and, in my view, most significant posts