Hello, and welcome to my site on personal fulfillment.

Below, I have more than a few things to say about my person, my position in life, my emerging expanding evolving paradigm for making sense of personal fulfillment, my purpose in life and my purpose for running this site, as well as my intended audience. Drop me a line (or two) if you feel so inclined.

My Person

I currently view my personal fulfillment – my fulfillment as a person, if you will – as revelatory.

I’m not the same person I was five years ago, three years ago, or even one year ago. I have a strong sense that I’m constantly allowing, receiving, reflecting, responding, and revealing.

I’ll go even further: I’m not the same person I was one month, one week, or even one day ago.

Which is not to say I’m all spirit and no soul.

When I take my rest, the heart of my soul is present to its promise through encounter; when I make a move, so to speak, my spirit generates possibilities from its experience with vitality.

If anything, I’ve learned that being mindful of an ever changing, ever revealing, active and balanced relationship between soul and spirit brings genuine fulfillment to my person.

My Position

First and foremost, I inhabit the space of a Witness – not an author, not a writer, not an artist, not a poet, but a Witness. I occupy the space of a Witness to the Kosmos (viz., the Cosmos + Consciousness), which implies a willingness to stand completely alone – wholly and wholesomely alone in the universe.

To be sure, this is not always an enviable position to have (but sometimes it is). Every so often (not often, or at least not as often), it invites me to give almost everything I’ve got – and then some.

No offence intended, but your status in society means little to me. I want to know who you are and how you feel when you satisfy the promise that lies at the heart of your soul; I want to know what you do and how you think when you fulfill the possibilities that carry your spirit forward, onward, and upward.

So here’s what I encourage you to do: I invite you to occupy a place in a position where you can allow yourself to be, have, do, and become whatever you will or desire, even as you position yourself to be yourself wholly and to know yourself wholesomely – and not necessarily in that order.

In essence, I invite you to be, have, and do all that you can be, have, and do.

And I’m comfortable believing that this is what you desire, too.

My Paradigm

I function according to my own existential paradigm – a paradigm aligned with life, love, and light.

A paradigm is not unlike a framework. Just as a house requires a framework with which to build a home, so too does a soul require a body with which to build a person in accordance with a purpose.

The cornerstones of such a framework are relational in nature and serve to bring meaning, purpose, and direction to my life: me and the world, me and you, me and them, me and me.

The Witness and the Will, operating in tandem with body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit, are key components in my paradigm.

My body is not unlike a spacesuit for living on a planet called Earth. When the body expires, I can well imagine leaving it behind in search of other adventures in the Kosmos.

In the meantime, the heart of my soul opens to experience to collect meaningful memories of my time here on earth even as my mind continues to be a witness to the aims and impulses of my spirit.

I live with the assumption that the love in my soul and the joy of my spirit will never die.

My Purpose

My purpose is to resolve the notion of personal fulfillment into a clear, concise, and comprehensive guide – a guide for your path of personal fulfillment in harmony with who you really are.

My reason for presenting perspectives on personal fulfillment is to cultivate a balance between allowing and intending by way of soul and spirit so as to find my peace and my bliss in unity and harmony.

My purpose allows me to see just how far I can go with fulfilling every aspect of my journey. My overall aim in this life is to realize and harmonize my full potential in this world at this time.

I have a particular view of the world – and of this world (they are not the same).

I assume a receptive, reflective, responsive stance for my experience of reality and I encourage others to do likewise. I know, at least a little, what it takes to live a life of peace and love, joy and bliss.

The world I wish to know and love is a paradise of peace and prosperity.

My Passion

My passion follows in the wake of my purpose.

I’m cultivating a paradigm for living and loving, learning and growing, exploring and creating, allowing and intending, revealing and evolving, so as to arrive at the most awakened, enlightened version of myself, and I can almost guarantee you won’t be the same after you absorb and apply the essence of this paradigm. I invite you to follow the progress of its cultivation through my weekly blog posts.

My People

“My people”: this makes me sound like a leader of souls, but my intention is to follow the lead of others so that I might know myself better and more fully as a divine spiritual being in human animal form.

When I say, “follow the lead of others”, I mean “holding a space for others to be and feel more fully themselves.” This way, I get to be and feel more fully realized, as you are me and I am you.

In Lak’ech, Ala K’in, in other words.

Having said this, your interest or passion is nevertheless piqued or sustained by the prospect of following or blazing a path of personal fulfillment in harmony with who you really are:

  • you are open to realizing the most fulfilling way to live for you;
  • you care about how best to fulfill your life in this world at this time;
  • you confront questions that might prove difficult or challenging;
  • you know in your heart that personal fulfillment is not just about you;
  • you take responsibility for choosing to live as fully as you can; and
  • you view responsibility for this choice as a blessing – not a burden.

On this site, I endeavor to inform and inspire you to fully embrace the nature, meaning, and realization of your own personal fulfillment.

I invite you to follow your bliss, your inspiration, your passion, as you explore and absorb and apply the content on this site. I encourage you to take a journey of mastery to have all that your heart desires and I invite you to share what you learn here with others so that they too may benefit.

Image credit: Sun and Moon, by Igor Kovalchuk (@ Fotolia)

Revised: September 11, 2018