Love Light Lust Life

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 14, 2023

The heart of the cosmos beats somewhere between harmony and unity, somewhere between yin and yang, somewhere between love and law. An exquisite balance between above and below, within and without, awaits those for whom the light of wisdom dovetails with a love of wisdom. The fruits of such a balance can ultimately only come through kindness.

kindness in thinking? intelligence
kindness in speaking? confidence
kindness in serving? reassurance

With coherent, consistent kindness, a simple protocol of awakening for living, loving, learning, and laughing becomes apparent to the seeker, as a lust for life finds its balance with a love of life :

beauty, clarity, harmony by way of simplicity, patience, compassion
let go, let be, let good : all things change; relax, release, restore, refresh
go/grow with the flow : when nothing is done, nothing is left undone

Recently, I’ve wondered what I would do if I were given the opportunity to experience The Eternal Return. Would I enter the mind of Good for a replay of the events of this world from start to finish, or would I settle for a cherished memory ~ replayed at the peak of bliss forevermore?


Suggested Readings

Confucius or Lao Tzu? (Spring 2014)

A book entitled Tao : The Pathless Path, by Osho

On the Pathless Path (Summer 2016)


feeling deeply loved by another nourishes the heart of soul,
but then, loving another deeply fortifies the soul and spirit

~ yours

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