2023 : Tragedy and Hope

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 1, 2023

A new year is upon us, and for many, things ain’t looking so good, so much so that any sort of spiritual bypassing will be hard to pull off. To be sure, any kind of positive focus that can be sustained through the year 2023 could feel very much like being inside the eye of a cyclone.

Which is not to say that I’ve ever been inside the eye of a cyclone. Just sayin’.

Be this as it may, what sort of positive focus can be sustained for 2023?

Be True to Your Word

For as long as I can remember, words have always captivated my imagination, especially words like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (“even though it sounds atrocious”). And what about those words that come alive when they seem to capture sound, like “snap!, crackle, pop!”?

And then there are those lofty, lovely words that seem to contain or convey divine imprints, words like . . . peace; love; joy; bliss; grace; ease ~ spawning such juicy word combos as . . . peace and love . . . love and joy . . . the joy of bliss . . . and . . . with consummate grace and ease.

But the words that I’m most interested in bringing to the fore today are those words that seem rather prosaic, ho hum, and humdrum, yet when given the appropriate context, seem to embody presence and promise both ~ words like allow, create, release, discern, open, and . . . love.

Okay, I freely admit, this last word ~ love ~ is not so prosaic, ho hum, or humdrum.

These words, though, require that we ourselves embody presence and promise both.

Take the word “open” for example. A word like “open” begs a common question: “open to what?” For many, the doubting might continue as follows: “given what’s coming down the pike, is it even safe to open? Would it not be more prudent to close down, close off, or close up?”

Perhaps. Maybe. Possibly.

Open or close: it’s a choice point that can apply to homes, businesses, or hearts. It’s a choice point that can capture a context, like the one I’m about to share, to inform encounters with fate. A fateful choice point such as “open or close?” compels one to “be true to your word.”

A Temp-Late 4 Our Times

allow, and create;
release, and discern;
open up, and love

Open up? Open up to what?

Open up to a better (not bitter), brighter, more brilliant version of yourself. The time is now to level up, up, up ~ to expand, extend, express ~ to bring things, or take things, to the next level, for our time has run out: no longer do we wanna be held captive to fear, doubt, worry, regret.

The energy of fourth density consciousness is swelling up from the ground up in a very big way, and if we wanna catch the next wave, we better be ready, willing, and able to surf. Otherwise, we risk becoming stuck on the receiving end of all that this world has to offer during this time.

Our one consolation? We are all becoming new at a planetary level.

So how do we open up to this cosmic opportunity that awaits us all?

This may sound like a tired old cliché, but “love truly is the answer” ~ and it’s a simple answer, one that would have us focus coherently and consistently with love, in and with and through the moment, with presence and promise, prudence and purpose, passion and patience.

The how of it all is there in that one sentence, but it’s gonna require some wisdom, but which wisdom? The clues to this wisdom are in the template itself: “allow, and create; release, and discern.”

The emotional intensity of what we are facing in the year ahead is ramping up, which provides ample opportunity to level up, but not if we get caught up in the intensity of events changing so fast we won’t always know if we’re coming or going, whether we’re falling behind or not.

Nevertheless, it’s a very interesting time to be alive, awake, aware, and alert (“may you live through interesting times,” indeed, as the good folks in Brazil, Russia, China, and many other places on this planet, including U.S. Corp., can readily attest), if you know where (and when) to look.

The Lesson of Rapid Change will challenge everyone, even the most adept. The lesson is twofold: (1) allow the coming changes to occur, in and around us, while helping to shape a future of promise and possibility; and (2) allow ourselves to know our place in making this future happen, even as we feel tempted by the changes to curtail “going and growing with the knowing and flowing.”

Keywords? Allow, and create.

In rising to the challenge of being creators of love and joy, we are that much better placed to release, and discern. As wave after wave of change continues to rise and fall, along with attempts to impose low vibrational controls, we surf with love and joy, subjectively and collectively.

In learning and discerning which fight is proactive and which fight is reactive, we learn to embody the wisdom of change to recognize and realize which reactions feel like replays of old wounds from days past and which reactions feel like gospel truth on the way to a deeper wisdom.

Even as we realize and release the old, we discern and embrace the new.

In view of this distinction, recurring questions will come begging: what am I afraid to allow? what new thing will bring change? At this late stage, the window of opportunity for “a rise and shine” is narrow, yet the reward of aiming for a deeper wisdom is, potentially, both good and great.

Spiritual Evolution and Ascension : “Onward and Upward”

We’ve all heard of spiritual masters who can sit for hours in meditation without so much as a twitch of the eye, and at least once or twice in our lives, we’ve also been granted an audience with someone who, though rooted deeply in a space of peace, no longer seems to be there.

For the rest of us, however, we have bills to pay and/or mouths to feed.

Now I don’t mean to pooh-pooh the Ascended Masters among us (or beyond us); it’s just that the real action taking place on this planet is not taking place in the stratosphere of spirit, but lower down on the scale of spiritual intelligence, where common folk are making ends meet.

The real action is found in navigating insanity, being mindful of ignorance, channeling empowerment, and/or catching glimmers of awakening in view of illumination (enlightenment). Okay, that was a mouthful, so let’s back up a little to see where I’m going with all of this, and why.

I’ve learned (re-learned?) that spiritual intelligence is a twofold proposition, involving (1) a comprehension of reality, and (2) a capacity for self-awareness and self-integration. To the degree to which I comprehend reality (existence as perceived by consciousness) and the degree to which I expand my capacity for awareness and integration is the degree to which I rise in consciousness.

In any given week of my life, I might be navigating the reality of insanity, appreciating the role of ignorance, channeling empowerment like a master, while also receiving glimmers of awakening from the heart of my soul (or any other soul), but still, I can nevertheless ask myself . . .

In the context of this life I live, where is my true home?

Where on Earth have I spent most of my time? Is it . . .

(a) in the realm of insanity, where “I’mmmmm the victim here!” (spiritual infancy)
(b) in the realm of ignorance, where “life is sooooooooooo unfair” (spiritual childhood)
(c) in the realm of empowerment, where “I create my own reality” (spiritual adolescence)
(d) in the realm of awakening, where “I allow myself to be lived” (spiritual adulthood)

Or have I been hanging out in the realm of illumination, where “everything is perfectly fine just the way it is right now” (spiritual elderhood)? If no, can I nevertheless rely on this standard to raise myself up by my own bootstraps to become a masterful non-doer of action on the way to God Consciousness?

As I said, the real action on planet earth is presently found, as of this writing, in multiple choices (a) to (d) inclusive, in navigating, appreciating, channeling, and receiving, with hat tips to those relative few who are walking the lofty paths of illuminating, mastering, and merging.

With this spiritual context in mind (and heart), where do we go from here?

Five Lovely, Lofty Reminders

It is prudent for those of us who are able to do so to connect the template above with the reminders below. For ease of reference, I have framed these lofty reminders from a first person perspective . . .

I cultivate my faith in life by affirming that a new beginning is found around every corner : in taking steps toward the light, toward that which brings love and joy, toward that which inspires and creates from peace, I bring lasting changes to my state of being and my way of life

I remind myself of how vast I am on the inside, of how connected I am to universal love and light, of how extraordinary I can be from the inside out, and as I embrace these potent truths, I restore contact with the principle of Kala ~ anything and everything is possible here and now

my spiritual fire yearns to be free : it is said that a transformative fire is coming over the next 2 to 3 years to enliven the body; accessible to the soul, before human conditioning ever got in the way, some are already grounding this fire as a natural part of living or (better) as a way of being

the warmth and truth of heart is finding itself in need, now more than ever : as collective consciousness rises on the planet, it asks us all to be higher-minded and lighter-hearted, to expand awareness and to enlighten feeling ~ essentially, to extend our energies beyond stale identities

bonus : living from the heart, sharing the light of heart, we send out ripples that benefit everyone

wherever I go, there I am, and wherever I am, “everything is perfectly fine just the way it is right now” : though I may not always feel so fine, I can nonetheless realize that any feelings of discontent can lead to a place or space where change is pressing and a new choice can be made

bonus : the love and light of our souls is always with us, at times pulsating just below the surface

These lovely reminders, though lofty, are meant to be grounded in personality, in personal reality, in service to expanding awareness and fostering integration, for the sake of clarity and harmony both, to ease the transition from ‘tragedy and hope’ to a newfound, carefree prosperity.

Our higher selves, the ones to which we return after “death” for healing and/or re-membering, indicate that we’ve all “been there, done that.” Let these higher selves do the work of mastery at their own level. Let us instead concentrate on becoming doulas for a new (and true) world order.


if life is a dance between truth, love and wisdom
then love is the pivot between truth and wisdom

~ yours


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