Growing into Flowing

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 23, 2022

The world in which we live is vast. What we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is but a tiny sliver of this world, and yet, it’s a sliver that affords us access to all manner of guidance above and beyond.

This tiny sliver of a world in which we live is as simple or as complex as we care to make it. More precisely, this tiny sliver of a world is as simple or as complex as the ego cares to make it.

Consider . . .

feeling safe and secure
feeling healthy and happy
feeling at peace, and at ease

These affirmations point to a good, sweet, pure life. They invite simplicity; they prioritize what matters; and they remind us of what it means to join the mind with the heart in fellowship. In essence, they point to a place where coherence and consistency can co-exist in daily life.

The place of which I speak, however, is not of this world, what with its tiny sliver of physicality. The place of which I speak rises far above and beyond the comings and goings of these lives we live, steeped as they are, from a certain perspective, in a world of illusion and separation.

I hinted at this place near the end of my most recent post, and here I quote:

It is interesting to tap into the simultaneity of multi-dimensionality in timespace in view of spacetime. If I always have access to a higher Self at a higher density, does this not mean that I have already realized Self as One, and if so, what does this say about my time here on Earth?

Think of the higher Self as guide and goad for a soul intent on evolving through numerous incarnations in physicality. Now think of yourself as just one more proxy in a long line of proxies through multiple lifetimes for a higher Self that is keen to learn and grow, evolve and ascend.

Here, it helps to know that higher Selves inhabit a realm where thought and feeling are wholly transparent; having no identity of their own, they act in concert in view of the One. All of their proxies have, simultaneously, been realized, and are in the process of becoming realizable.

If you let it, this paradox can boggle the mind.

For my purposes here, it helps to know that I, in the guise of an ego, in allowing the emergence of flow into masterful servitude, am arriving ever closer to knowing and feeling into all of my selves in all of the realms in which my higher Self and its cohort of higher Selves participate.

We could, of course, take this much further (higher). We know through the Law of One material that the higher Self is a gift of an entity that has released all sense of selfhood so as to enter through what is known as the gateway of infinity to be (timelessly) one with intelligent infinity.

What this means is that, with the proper perspective, one could conceivably be vibrationally attuned and aligned with this entity, thereby having access to the whole of Creation.

But which perspective?

In 22 words, consider the essence of this perspective:

at peace, at ease, in love with bliss, at the heart of wisdom,
going, growing, and glowing with the knowing and flowing

Note the absence of any reference to me, myself, or I. Note, too, the emphasis on the use of gerunds (i.e., “going, growing, and glowing with the knowing and flowing”), which are crucial for accessing Flow.

For context, consider perusing these references :

study references

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Here, the vital role of contemplative immersion becomes plain and clear, which is to join the ego with the Witness and bring them into a place and a space of masterful servitude in relation to the Creation.

We know this process of transcendence is complete when . . .

1 : no sorrow implies no sense of lack or loss ~ feeling whole, perfect and complete; lacking nothing, moving through the world at peace, at ease, in love with bliss

2 : no anger implies no insecure attachments ~ bringing forth valuable and desirable outcomes, without feeling unduly attached to bringing forth any one outcome

3 : no worry implies no fear of losing control ~ flowing fearlessly and fruitfully through the world, knowing that no control over how the world presents itself is possible

In view of these modes of transcendence, spiritual sovereigns know how easy it is to blame circumstance, thereby letting themselves off the hook for what was said or done (or not said or done).

Given that “all is connected with all,” it is no small matter to ponder that every attempt to compel experience to move in one direction or another ricochets through space and time, directly or indirectly as a consequence of what is said or done (or, by omission, of what is not said or done).

On this view, the circumstances that surround us, or that come to surround us, don’t actually matter all that much, or at least not as much as we might like to think, as they will always arise anyways, in the course of time, regardless of what we think or feel, whether we like them or not.

Ultimately, only state of being matters.

But which state of being? The one that we reclaim, over and over, when we return the mind to the heart. This reclamation project, which requires contemplative immersion in those qualities that foster unity consciousness, is also one that favors coherence and consistency, leading to Flow.

I invite you to contemplate these qualities in the light of this fostering and favoring:









In time, any appeal to flow, freedom, and fulfillment falls into a singularity of pure consciousness, where Creator and Creation are One, and where we ourselves remain one with the Creation.

In the kindtime, consider claiming and reclaiming your place in the one infinite Creation with the one infinite Creator, transcending and including all that is, at peace, at ease, in love with bliss, at the heart of wisdom, going, growing, and glowing with the knowing and flowing.

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