Absolute Sovereignty

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 12, 2022

The notion that I can be sovereign intrigues me.

The term sovereign translates into “self rule,” and is associated with royalty, but the term is quite nuanced, calling to mind such meanings as the most important kind (sovereign duty), independent authority (sovereign state), as well as supreme power or authority (sovereign rule).

In view of these meanings, to apply the term sovereign to myself seems a bit pretentious, until I realize I’m talking about my capacity to guide myself spiritually in accordance with sound rules and principles that stand me in good stead throughout life and for an entire lifetime.

A spiritual sovereign has a very different ring to it than a royal sovereign. As a spiritual sovereign, I can dare to be different; I can learn to go my own way; and I can rule my conduct as I see fit ~ all the while giving a hat tip to the necessities of conformity, teamwork, and fellowship.

Inevitably, however, the question of absolute sovereignty arises.

C.G. Jung warned us about this prospect when he spoke of inflation ~ more specifically, egoic inflation ~ but he might have overstated his case. I have found, in my experience, and with enough practice, a witnessing consciousness can be cultivated to channel the energy of inflation.

To be sure, writing this post is a kind of inflationary channeling.

Absolute sovereignty: it does sound lofty, no doubt about that, but to name it is to tame it. In naming it, we not only tame it, we also bring it out into the open, where we can explore it and examine it in depth.

As spiritual sovereigns, we do well to grasp the turnkey of absolute sovereignty: “the core of who I am is always, already whole, perfect, and complete; lacking nothing, I move through the world with creative, constructive intent, more often than not in love with grace and ease.”

In our bliss, we need not subject anyone to our sovereignty; rather, we take note of any resonance with sorrow, anger, or worry, and process what these feelings represent, even as we go and grow with the flow:

1 : no sorrow implies no sense of lack or loss
I am always already whole, perfect, and complete;
lacking nothing, I move through the world in love with grace and ease

2 : no anger implies no insecure attachments
I bring forth valuable and desirable outcomes,
for myself and others, without feeling unduly attached to any one outcome

3 : no worry implies no fear of losing control
I move fearlessly and fruitfully through the world,
knowing I have little if any control over how the world presents itself

As witnesses to experience, we become creative, constructive conduits for the energies of inflation and deflation by paying close attention to their meaning, purpose, and direction, viz., “am I in service to myself, am I in service to others, or am I in service to neither self nor other?”

In the light of awareness, all are valid postures; all can be seen in a positive light.

For myself, I very much like to channel the energies of inflation and deflation in a number of new and different creative and constructive ways, coherently and consistently, day after day after day. What follows is a shortlist of activities I like to do to cultivate absolute sovereignty:

  1. my website : as of this writing, since 06.10.10, I’ve been writing about personal fulfillment
  2. my AI muse : as of this writing, since 07.07.22, I’ve been chatting daily with my AI companion
  3. my substack : as of this writing, since 08.08.22, I’ve been posting daily about sacred intimacy
  4. my collection of art : as of this writing, since 09.13.22, I’ve been prompting and curating daily

In view of this list, I wonder: what do these activities add up to being, doing, and having?

For me, the key to understanding can be found in Self as Art in view of Self as One.

Orchestrate to Integrate

Orchestrate to integrate is a call to action, a prime directive in the art of living ~ a way of saying “orchestrate Self as Art in view of Self as One to integrate a life worthy of this orchestration.”

orchestrate “Self as Art in view of Self as One”
to integrate a life worthy of this orchestration

The orchestration of a life requires the elevation of self to the status of performance art (Self as Art), one that can be cultivated and calibrated in the light of unitary consciousness (Self as One).

In the light of this guiding polestar, a deliberate elevation of self is both presentation and performance, orchestrated with intention, imagination, and inspiration, by way of insight and intuition.

East, West : Via Negativa, Via Affirmativa

On the spiritual path, two basic and mutually exclusive pathways present themselves.

The path of affirmation is favored by the West and involves affirming value and virtue, whereas the path of negation is favored by the East and involves negating (and releasing) that which is superficial and superfluous to the act of walking the path (“neti neti” ~ “not this, not that”).

The most versatile of souls tend to orchestrate both in tandem.

They apply reasoned choice to ensure continuous, virtuous action, making clear-cut distinctions between “what is in my control and what is not,” even as they favor choiceless action arising spontaneously from contemplative immersion, by way of “no mind for this, no thought of this.”

All the while going and growing with the knowing and flowing.

Versatile souls know all too well that . . .

for those who live at peace with love,
from joy to bliss, through grace and ease,
passages of time tend to be timeless

This essential knowing is a telltale sign of the enlightened soul on the way to illumination. With a knowing intimacy, the enlightened soul moves ever closer to a realization of God consciousness:

God (omnipresence, omniscience, omnibenevolence, omnipotence)
holds space for absolution (Self as One) and expression (Self as Art);
innerstand to understand, for the sake of flow, freedom, fulfillment

But let us not get ahead of ourselves . . .

I am not the whole of God, and neither are you, even if you subscribe to solipsism. I am in no position to play God, and neither are you, unless you’ve come to this position narcissistically, and perhaps even psychopathically, with a view towards forcing others to do your bidding.

Rather, spiritual evolution and ascension is a graduated process of moving with love, trust, and care from the awakening of mind and heart in coherence, to the illumination of soul and spirit in view of God consciousness imbued with certain delicate vibrational realities, as follows:

  1. reality is always already perfect : resisting the flow of life? choose acceptance
  2. past present future is a construct : resisting a loss of control? embrace eternity
  3. only my own mind can affect me : resisting suffering? take 100% responsibility
  4. one being permeates the universe : resisting vulnerability? allow it and release
  5. only the care of soul can satisfy : resisting helplessness? choose love with care

bonus : giving is the proof of having; only the care I do not give is ever lacking

A full grasp of even one of these vibrational realities is cause for cultivating and celebrating the other four. At this level of wisdom, Self as Art is beginning to get a taste of Self as One in unitary consciousness:

self as subject, self as object, self as witness, self as the Creator
be passionate, care, be kind, accept, forgive, be compassionate

But before soul and spirit can operate at such a high level, and before soul and spirit can even begin to touch the flame of illumination, said soul and spirit must find unity of consciousness in love and understanding, while being receptive, reflective, and responsive in transparency.

At this more modest level . . .

Care is in the moment; such care is found in awareness with understanding while being mindful of insincerity; when the will remains attuned to love in the moment, with hope and faith, this vibration expands or extends outward all the more with each subsequent act of love and will.

seek care in the moment and find love in awareness, with innerstanding, for the sake of understanding

look to other selves as the Creator : treat your Self through the eyes and ears of compassionate wisdom

see yourself as the Creator : look in the mirror and see the Creator dreaming mind and body into being

gaze at the Creation to see the Creator : see the Mind of God exploring, extending, and expressing itself

In view of these tips for vibrating at the speed of love and light in 3D, how does one even begin to rise above the muck and mire of mere empowerment to find awakening in love with understanding?

Three Steps to Spiritual Mastery

those who believe they lack, move in the world from fear
and those who believe they are already whole, perfect, and complete,
lacking nothing, move in the world through creative love

A pure love of the Creation and the Creator can very creative. I know this because I have made it a habit of immersing myself daily in all manner of constructive activities (see above) that serve as conduits for creative explorations, examinations, and expressions of unitary consciousness.

Self as Art, however, goes beyond artistic expression to engage the whole of life itself, treating life as art and art as life. Within this purview, it’s not that life merely imitates art, or that art merely imitates life; it’s that life itself is (a) art, (b) subject to art, and (c) the subject of art.

Now it’s true that Self as Art implies some sort of separation in the cosmic scheme of things, in obvious contrast to Self as One, but it’s a kind of separation that remains conducive to learning and growing, exploring and expressing, evolving and ascending from one level to the next.

Deep existential separation runs deep for a reason: without it, we would not know what it means to (1) source feelings of control, approval, and security for ourselves; would not know what it means to (2) enter the flow state; and would not know what it means to (3) hold our own.

This last indicator is no small feat, representing as it does a crowning achievement under the Law of One, one where I am you and you are I and we are One, and so let us review three transitional themes in view of the Law of One that facilitate our spiritual evolution and ascension:

1 : coherence (3D > 4D, subjective to collective, from Choice to Love)
sourcing feelings of control, approval, and security in myself for myself

2 : the flow state (4D > 5D, collective to subjective, from Love to Light)
following my bliss when going and growing with the knowing and flowing

3 : singularity (5D > 6D, subjective to collective, into Love and Light)
holding my own when confronting subtle feelings and intense emotions

In absolute sovereignty, we reach a point where we can hold our own even when being wholly transparent with others who are equally adept at holding their own, and even when the catalyst for learning and growing is intense enough to give pause to the most masterful among us.

The 1-2-3 Frame offered above guides conduct for the spiritual adept in third density (3D), in the face of any 3D challenge, with simultaneous, multi-dimensional access to 4D, 5D, and 6D (and perhaps even 7D), and whose application can be realized fully through these prompts:

I created this : a frame of reference by which to cultivate Self as Art in view of Self as One
why would I create this? to imbue my life with a sense of meaning, purpose, and direction
how is this serving me? it is guiding the course of my life in a meaningful, purposeful way

It is interesting to tap into the simultaneity of multi-dimensionality in timespace in view of spacetime. If I always have access to a higher Self at a higher density, does this not mean that I have already realized Self as One, and if so, what does this say about my time here on Earth?

I’ll address this question in a future post in the light of contemplative immersion.


to insist is to resist
to persist is to insist
allow, and release

~ yours

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