You, I, They, and We

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 31, 2022

a critical voice can be used to divide and conquer,
but it can also be used to acknowledge and affirm

The world is presently buckling under the pressure of a monumental conflict, one that threatens to destroy civilization as we know it. This is not a claim ~ nor is it a rant; it’s simply an observation, one that is based on countless readings of the situation in which the world finds itself.

And what is the nature of this conflict?

This conflict is an ancient one, one that has played out before, one that has played out in different guises, at different times, in different places. It’s a conflict that affects everyone everywhere all the time. At heart, it pits weak against strong, the restless many against the favored few.

Consider these admissions in a most positive light :

it’s your problem and you need to change;
you’re to blame for this; if you were different, I’d be fine

wait, it’s also my problem and I need to change;
I’m partly to blame for this; if I were different, we’d all be better off

it’s their problem and they need to change;
they’re to blame for this; if they were different, we’d be fine

wait, it’s also our problem and we need to change;
we’re partly to blame for this; if we were different, we’d all be better off

For some, waiting in and of itself is a serious problem: “time is of the essence and we only have so much of it.” For others, waiting is par for the course, an integral part of living and dying. For the first, it’s survival of the fittest; for the second, it’s “where we go one, we go all.”

Morally and practically speaking, are ‘blame’ and ‘blameworthy’ not legitimate terms? When and where does one go wrong in the use of these terms? What sort of discernment is required to keep blaming from shaming? Could a loving, trusting, caring blaming be a thing?

What do you think?

Any ideas?


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for as far as we can see
be true, be wise, be free

~ yours

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