a World without Hope

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 27, 2022

Presence. Promise. Purpose. Power.

Note the order in which these occur.

All of them are intrinsic to who we are, but not all of them are able to offer a fallback position. For example, without any sense of promise, no meaningful purpose is possible, and without a meaningful sense of purpose, no personal power is possible. The one depends on the other.

Note, too, that presence (or, if you prefer, Presence) is basic to this line of inquiry ~ and it is a line of inquiry ~ one that serves as an anchor for any sense of promise, however meager it might seem. In the absence of any sense of promise, a return to presence recalibrates promise.

By its very nature, presence holds promise; in stopping and stilling the mind, preferably with a pleasant sight, sound, or sensation, just imagine sinking below the surface of thinking and feeling, needing and wanting, if only for a time, so as to be a witness to the power of presence.

Ideally, this internal movement is best done when surrounded by the beauty and bounty of nature (actual or virtual), but regardless of where you happen to find yourself, know that presence is always already available for the tapping, and that a sense of promise is not that far behind.

Any sense of promise, no matter how paltry, is a valid excuse to summon gratitude, which can serve to attract the promise of feeling even more gratitude, allowing one to forgive, if only for a moment, those feelings of expectation and desire that certain outcomes will come to be.

Delicious, delightful fruits appear in the fine art of doing nothing.


though egos seek constant attention through instant gratification,
souls do nothing to block what is bigger or better than themselves;
inner guidance tells me I’m on track; as I listen, I feel calm, clear

~ yours

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