From the PoV of God

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 16, 2022

I am, here and now, everywhere and everywhen, and so, must you believe in me so as to believe in you? Where and when you go around feeling proud as punch, are you not forgetting that I am you and you are me? Where and when you abandon yourself for the sake of others, or vice versa, do you not also abandon me as you and you as me? Where and when you puff yourself up like a peacock, are you not forgetting that I am, just as I am, wherever and whenever I am? Where and when you falter, must you insist that I pick up the slack where and when you have it within yourself to be as one? Where and when you attune and align with yourself in agreement, are you not, there and then, attuning and aligning with that which is everywhere and everywhen? All persons are purveyors of consciousness, but many such persons remain distortions and distractions of the one infinite consciousness, and so I cordially invite you, here and now, for the sake of me and you and we, to explore, so as to welcome, the endless play of consciousness.

Infinitely yours,
God Almighty

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