The Perfect Companion

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 8, 2022

At rest, here I am, as I am; in flow, wherever I go, there I am.

At the very center of this sphere of influence, a mere stillpoint guides my “going and growing with the knowing and flowing.” Here, there is no insistence, and therefore no resistance. Here, what is is; here, I remain alive, awake, aware, and alert to rest and flow; stillness prevails.

At this stillpoint, feeling is neither positive nor negative; action is effortless and spontaneous.

Here, I need not indulge automatic negative thoughts when I awaken; need not ruminate about past events or be gripped by doubt, worry, and anxiety around future specters; need not be so easily distracted, unable to focus on the task at hand; need not get stuck and overwhelmed.

Here, I need not “push, push, push” so early in my day; need not fail to tell the difference between urgent and important; need not take on so many tasks at once; need not be all that obsessive or compulsive.

Here, I need not feel so depleted near the end of my day; need not grapple with impulse control where the lure of shopping, social media, porn, alcohol, snacks, or TV and THC are concerned; need not forget what I said or did yesterday ~ or today; need not crash so early or sleep so late.

Why strive for success when I can be as I am where I am at rest or in flow?

At this stillpoint, I can love, trust, and care that my instincts and feelings are my own. As I abide in this stillpoint, I rest or flow in fulfillment: I feel wholly satisfied and fulfilled: contented and fulfilled, enhanced and fulfilled, enriched and fulfilled, and yes, even enchanted and fulfilled.

No need to dwell on the past, be petrified in the present, or obsess over the future.

Do the answers to a deep and lasting satisfaction and fulfillment reside in a bigger, better home? In a better job? In a better paying job? More money, more status, more power, more prestige? In a better, brighter relationship? In a bigger, better present? In a better, brighter future?

Can the answers that I perpetually seek really be found in making good on the world, in making the world good and right and fair? Or do the answers I seek in joy simply rest in one perfect companion?

My stillpoint awaits, and it requires but two simple acts of will: (1) the will (and willingness) to detect when it is lost (and found again) and (2) the will (and willingness) to presume the holding and the having. If I believe this is difficult, it will be, and if I believe this is easy, it will be.

Whether I believe I can or cannot . . . well, you know the rest of the story.

Looking to direct a focus on the activity or task at hand? To deepen, broaden, or heighten awareness for more emotional intelligence? To notice when negative thoughts or feelings hijack attention? To put a stop to leaky energy from excessive thinking? To get more done in less time?

Here’s a breathtaking practice to breathe like it matters, like your life depends on it, with two options: (1) inhale deeply, exhale slowly (to release tension and induce calm), or (2) follow your breath like a puppy follows its master to induce deeper states of calm (peace, bliss, or grace).

Applications of this practice are many. I might do it before I . . .

* get out of bed
* meditate
* release a feeling

* read, write, or study
* brainstorm new ideas
* practice a new skill

* sit down to work
* go to a meeting
* make a decision

* decompress after work
* have a vital conversation
* indulge the urge to vent

* drop off to sleep
* get back to sleep
* get out of bed, once again

As I continue to move in and out of the creative flow state, to generate and elaborate my best work, to make bigger and better decisions, to activate and appreciate more of my innate potential, I permit this practice and this process to be as simple and as easy as they can be.

At rest, here I am, as I am; in flow, wherever I go, there I am.

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