Can You Play the Fool?

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 1, 2022

So today is April Fool’s Day. Rather than perpetrate a nasty hoax or play a clever trick on you, I’ve decided to invite you, cordially of course, to play the Fool. And yes, that’s Fool with a capital F. Please understand, I’m not inviting you to play the fool; I’m inviting you to play the Fool!

Trust me, you’ll soon know and feel the difference.

Alrighty then, let’s get started.

One Legacy of a Brainy Humanity

These days, emotions are running high because energies are running high.

In case you haven’t noticed, human beings, by their nature, have a natural bias toward negativity, and not because they’re a badass species, but because they’ve had to endure a badass time of it in their quest to survive and strive as a species ~ “once burned, twice shy” you might say.

Unfortunately, human beings continue, to this very day, to perpetuate this badassery (reflexively more so than deliberately); one might even go so far as to say that the human species as a whole is suffering from a really bad case of cPTSD (complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

But I think that might be an overstatement for the reasons that follow . . .

Neuroscientists discovered that human brains have specialized circuits that register negative experiences immediately in emotional memory, in contrast to many positive experiences, which require many seconds in a row to savor consciously before being stored in long-term memory.

Aside: that’s a hint to slow down and smell the roses (or the coffee, if you drink coffee).

The exception to the rule, where positive experiences are concerned, is that novel and intense positive experiences behave much like negative experiences. Not unlike negative experiences, novel and intense positive experiences are also registered immediately in emotional memory.

And this, dear reader, is where the Fool appears to play a starring role.

Two Sides to Playing the Fool

Unless you’re a junkie for new and intense positive experiences, many if not most of our positive experiences are likely quite repetitive and mild from day to day. You know, that fragrant cup of tea or coffee in the morning after waking up? Or that daily morning ritual of walking, stretching, jogging, or meditating before breakfast? Or maybe some quiet time for yourself after work?

Human brains need time to absorb mildly positive experiences so that they can attract even more positive experiences (mild or intense); by the same token, human brains need time to press pause on negative experiences so that they have the time to process these experiences.

We do ourselves big favors when we make time to savor and absorb mildly positive, repetitive experiences, and we do ourselves even bigger favors when we make time to press pause on negative experiences so that we can process them effectively and efficiently, but do we also not do ourselves big favors when we seek, find, and enjoy new, fresh, and intensely positive experiences?

Now let’s wax poetic about the difference between the fool and the Fool.

Common impressions of the fool include reckless, senseless, and idiotic.

On the other hand, the Fool embodies a character of courage, confidence, and constancy in seeking positively novel and/or intensely positive experiences. Fools are generally quite fearless in facing the unknown and trying new things ~ or taking leaps of faith when aiming high!

For the Fool, typical watchwords include “aim high!” and “just do it!”

But then, it’s not quite so simple as all that, is it? I mean, when you gaze at a picture of the Fool on a tarot card, you begin to wonder. Here’s someone who appears footloose and fancy free (“no worries, mate!”), eyes on the skies, on the brink of stepping over the edge of a cliff.

It’s a potent image, with two interpretations, one dark and one light.

On the one hand, the Fool seems to have lost touch with reality, and that carefree attitude seems to mean almost certain death, and yet, on the other hand, maybe the Fool knows something we don’t? Maybe the Fool enjoys living on the edge with high ideals. What do you think?

Might it ever be to our advantage to aim high, face the unknown, live on the edge, try new things, take calculated risks, embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, to gain more and ever more fulfilling experiences, so as to know and love ourselves more and ever more?

Now we’re talking!

Possibilities galore!

Potential futures here, there, and everywhere!

The Fool beckons!

A Few Closing Thoughts

Forget those silly tricks ~ are you ready to try something new?

Remember, said the Fool, “nothing to lose, everything to gain!”

April Fool’s Day just might be the perfect day to play the Fool.


In being wholly authentic and intimate with ourselves, here and now, moment to moment, flowing in a river of vibratory frequencies, there is nothing for us to have or hold, save the will to persist, where we can, with and through this ultimate reminder to “insist not, resist not!”

Success is rarely if ever final, and failure is rarely if ever fatal!

Why, the courage and confidence to persist is what counts!

~ the Wise Fool

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