#Presence@Peace ?

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 28, 2022

A peaceful presence. Effortless ease. Spontaneous Joy. Blissful nonchalance.

What do these uncommon states have in common? The answer might surprise you: they all proceed from being, rather than doing. In view of this commonality, I remind myself that a part of me allows for being; a part of me feels into being; and a part of me honors being.

The word “proceed” is a late Middle English term that derives from the Old French word proceder, from the Latin procedere, where pro- means “forward” and cedere means “go,” and so, to proceed is to “go forward,” notwithstanding any impulse to slip backward or go sideways.

The word “proceed” has many interesting definitions, but this one’s my favorite: to proceed is to take the next natural inevitable step. That is to say, whichever step I allow myself to take next, choicelessly, it nevertheless feels utterly natural to me ~ it also feels completely inevitable.

A beautiful, meaningful convergence of fate and destiny, of choicelessness and choice.

How many such convergences have you enjoyed so far this week?

How many such convergences would you like to enjoy?


fair disclosure:

this post was written under the influence of a 12 Hz binaural beat with a 432 Hz carrier wave

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