Monologue for Humanity

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 13, 2022

This post is a plea for peace and freedom, for those caught in the middle, between the political left and the political right, as well as for those who find themselves embedded on the political left or right.

I will begin by speaking figuratively . . .

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to expand and extend my awareness into the high heavens, to hang out with the angels above and be a witness to this world from afar, taking the bad with the good, only then to ponder the significance of it all from many points of view.

Including my own.

And what I see now ain’t pretty.

What follows is a commentary on peace and freedom with glimmers of hope in a world on the brink.

Peace, Yes, But At What Cost?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, snug as a bug (I’m willing to concede that many among us have been), then you’ll know, without much if any doubt, that “something’s going down on planet Earth.”

Two divisive visions of life on Earth are coming into focus, all the while competing for everyone’s time and space: on the left, we have one vision that insists on living in “peace without freedom,” and on the right, we have another vision that insists on living in “peace with freedom.”

Once seen, it’s as plain as night and day to see: “peace without freedom” and “peace with freedom.”

Peace without freedom? Who would advocate for a loss of freedom? No one, because no one would advocate for a loss of freedom if it’s already assumed “there’s no freedom.” But who would assume “there’s no freedom?” Those who have been made to believe “there’s no freedom.”

Made to believe? By whom? And why?

We need only five words in the English language to answer these rather innocent questions, and to those who believe in peace with freedom, these are five of the most ominous, most bone-chilling words ever to infect and inhabit the English language: “we know better than you.”

Not that these words are ever spoken aloud; here, actions speak louder than words.

But wait, who is “we?” Rather than give you my answer, I think it would be more instructive to allow “we” the voice and the freedom to speak for themselves. To wit: “we control the media, and we control the money supply, and we have the means to manipulate the law in our favor.”

I invite you to allow the implications of these words to sink into the heart of your soul (if you still have one). Hint: if you’re reading this, nodding your head wisely, you do). In the name of freedom, then, here’s one of those dreaded implications: “we who pay the pipers call the tunes.”

People of all colors and stripes, from all walks of life, become sheeple when they (a) knowingly ‘stand by’ without raising any objections to the infringement of their alienable rights, and (b) unknowingly, without malice aforethought, act in a manner inconsistent with their rights.

As a result, they lose their ability to make legal claims against these infringements, or else they lose the ability to obtain injunctions against the continuation of these infringements. Over an extended period of time, a kind of “permission” arises from their silence or their passivity.

Here’s my quick and dirty definition of “acquiescence”: peace without freedom.

Now let’s examine some of the rotting fruits of this acquiescence, because if we don’t, we’re doomed to living in a type of Hell almost as cold and dark as a spell spent in the depths of space without a suit.

We Know a Lot of You are Fighting for Your Lives

I’ve recently noticed all sorts of surveys popping up on YouTube.

Many of these popular mini surveys are biased to be sure, but still, I find it intriguing that so many thousands of viewers would take the time to cast their votes in favor of one option or another.

For example, MedCircle, a promoter of mental health, put out a survey to its subscribers with a question that essentially asked: “which mental health condition are you most interested in learning about?”

Within 24 hours, roughly 4,800 votes were cast, as follows:

17% anxiety
12% depression
34% narcissism, and other PDs
25% trauma/PTSD

To put these results into perspective, imagine a gathering of 5,000 MedCircle subscribers, with 1700 of them holding an interest in narcissism (which is a hot topic right now) and 1250 of them holding an interest in trauma, and the resulting PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Hint: narcissism and trauma are intimately linked.

With the exception of the result for depression, these results rang true for me. I wondered briefly if people are not as depressed as we are led to believe until I pondered the possibility that depression as a topic has already been beaten to death with all manner of advice and instruction.

Or maybe drugs for depression have suppressed the symptoms without removing the cause?

Within a few days, almost 8,000 votes were cast for another intriguing survey, whose source I do not recall. The question posed is a simple yet topical one: how would you categorize your daily thoughts?

The results were not surprising, at least not to me:

8% mostly +
16% more + than –
30% neutral
34% more – than +
12% mostly –

Though a crowd of 8,000 people would easily be dwarfed by a population of millions of people, in this one group at least (whose predilections, unfortunately, I did not catch), the daily thoughts of more than three-quarters of them (76%) were on the side of neutral or negative.

Can anyone here say “cold, dark world?”

In particular, in a world not marked by so much divisiveness, the result of 34% more – than + would be concerning for social policy makers ~ indeed, concerning for anyone in a position to help others.

To gain a bit of insight into why the negativity bias is so active in the world at this time, consider this survey from a YouTuber who carries the attentions of close to a quarter million subscribers: which of these beliefs have you absorbed into yourself from being with a narcissist?

Within 24 hours, roughly 1,200 votes were cast:

7% “I hate myself ~ I don’t deserve to be loved” (84 people)
13% “I’m not allowed to be happy or successful” (156 people)
49% “there’s something wrong with me ~ I’m defective” (588 people)
22% “people are not safe ~ I cannot trust anyone” (264 people)
10% “it’s impossible to heal ~ I will never feel truly healed” (120 people)

Within five days, roughly 1,700 votes in total were cast:

7% “I hate myself ~ I don’t deserve to be loved” (119 people)
12% “I’m not allowed to be happy or successful” (204 people)
51% “there’s something wrong with me ~ I’m defective” (867 people)
21% “people are not safe ~ I cannot trust anyone” (357 people)
9% “it’s impossible to heal ~ I will never feel truly healed” (153 people)

As we can see, the results are remarkably stable over time.

These are people in do-or-die relationships with someone (a sibling, parent, child, relative, friend, or boss) who possess (are possessed by?) a narcissistic style of character or personality, and who have suffered deeply the effects of what is known as Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome.

Even with a relatively small sample size, the survey results are quite impressive, though not in any positive sense. That there are people in this world who are powerful enough (in the worst ways possible) to crush the souls and spirits of others is quite telling, begging the question:

In what kind of world do we live?

Many comments on this survey indicated “all of the above;” other responses included:

I’m not allowed to be myself, to have thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or preferences of my own
I feel too weak to ask anyone for help
I don’t bother connecting with anyone anymore; I keep to myself to find peace
I’ve been hurt too much and no longer feel I’m worth getting to know

These responses suggest that humanity inhabits a cold, dark world, indicating a cold, dark wound of separation at the heart of humanity, but what I find fascinating about these responses is that they make it really easy to figure out what’s happening in these types of relationships.

Certainly there’s a codependency of consciousness, where one party to the relationship feeds off the attentions of the other, but when I read the responses as cries for help from deep inside the souls of those who have suffered the effects of deep trauma, I get a different perspective.

In what follows, the wounded child speaks volumes, with unspoken arguments about what happened, or is happening. I invite readers to flip between reading these premises and conclusions from the point of view of those afflicted with narcissism and those afflicted by narcissism:

(note: correctives are included to make these arguments easier to bear)

argument 1: the abuse cycle begins . . .

P1 : I’m not allowed to be happy or successful on my own terms
P2 : I’m not allowed to be myself, to have thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or preferences of my own
P3 : I’ve been hurt so much, I no longer feel I’m worth getting to know

C1 : therefore, I no longer feel worthy and deserving of happiness and success

the corrective as follows:

P1 : I allow myself to be happy or successful on my own terms
P2 : I allow myself to have thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or preferences of my own
P3 : I am worth getting to know because I’ve been hurt so much

C1 : therefore, I am worthy and deserving of happiness and success

argument 2: the soul is crushed and made unworthy of connection . . .

P1 : people are not safe ~ I cannot trust anyone
P2 : I don’t bother connecting with anyone anymore
P3 : I just feel too weak to ask anyone for help

C2 : therefore, I keep to myself to find any sort of peace

the corrective as follows . . .

P1 : many if not most people are safe ~ I can trust almost anyone
P2 : It’s not a bother for me to connect with others in meaningful ways
P3 : I may feel weak from time to time, but I can still ask for help

C2 : therefore, I only keep to myself when I feel I must

argument 3: the isolation of heart and soul is untenable, however, leading to . . .

P1 : I hate myself ~ I don’t deserve to be loved
P2 : there’s something wrong with me ~ I’m defective
P3 : it feels utterly impossible for me to heal

C3 : therefore, I keep looking for people to abuse or to endure abuse

the codependency of abuser and abused continues . . .

the corrective as follows . . .

P1 : I love myself because I am worthy and deserving of love
P2 : I’m effective because there’s at least one thing that’s right about me
P3 : it feels utterly possible for me to heal and whole myself

C3 : therefore, I will keep looking for people to enjoin or enjoy

These unspoken assumptions, to one degree or another, continue to plague us all, if only because they’re so difficult to face long enough to heal them of their wounds of separation and break the cycle of abuse. Which mental health condition are you most interested in learning about?

17% anxiety
12% depression
34% narcissism, and other PDs
25% trauma/PTSD

These days, trauma and narcissism are topical, but are they heal-able to any significant degree?

How Much More Can We Take?

There’s a very real temptation to blame and shame humanity as a whole for being so stupid, immature, inept, ignorant, dishonest, irresponsible, and downright cowardly, but the issue of blameworthiness is quite complex, if not complicated, as can be seen by these three questions:

what was done to humanity?


humanity, what have you done?


what happened to humanity?

The first question implies cold, dark, invisible, evil, archonic, demonic forces of agency operating on the human psyche, and where the second question implies an admission of culpability as a whole on a wide scale, the third presents an opportunity to move in one direction or another.

The very best focus for coming to terms with these questions is so breath-takingly simple as to almost beggar belief: tyranny, in all of its flavors: interpersonal tyranny, social tyranny, and political tyranny, which, interestingly, dovetails nicely with all three of the questions posed above.

Also interesting: this world is presently in the grips of tyranny masquerading as care. Even more interesting, for the longest time, hardly anyone seemed to know or care. Such is the dark power of “the totalitarian tiptoe” in bringing about tyranny in an orchestrated way on a mass scale.

the soul is sometimes a king, sometimes a tyrant;
a king, by attending to what is honorable, protects the health of the body in its care,
and gives it no base or sordid command,
but an uncontrolled, desire-fueled, over-indulged soul
is turned from a king into that most feared and detested of things: a tyrant

~ Seneca, Moral Letters, 114.24

Seneca should know; he was a tutor for Nero, and later exiled by Nero, but what he did not know (could not possibly know) is that a deadly, tyrannical cares-piracy can actually threaten to snuff out the light of soul and turn this already cold, dark world into a soul-sucking technocracy.

Humanity is (was?) creating a monster and it doesn’t (didn’t?) even know it.

Stupidity? Immaturity? Ineptitude? Ignorance? Dishonesty? Irresponsibility? Cowardice?

All of the above? None of the above?

Other (specify): Rapacity (grasping, lusting greed)?

Does anyone care? Should anyone care?

Should anyone care given how deep and dark the rabbit hole goes?

Who the Hell Are You to Judge Humanity?

I can assure you I’m not from Hell; I am not a devil or a demon masquerading as human, although I do admit, I have been to Hell and back on more than a few occasions through no grievous fault of my own, and I can tell you: it’s not what you think ~ no fire and brimstone awaits us.

Hell is not so much a place as it is a state of mind in the grips of fear, plus ____ (fill in the blank).

It’s also no secret to caring and compassionate conspiracy researchers that X had been poisoning humanity (by way of food, water, air, and cleaning products ~ yes, you read that right) to keep its numbers down (long story, beyond the scope of this post, soon to be revealed to the masses?).

It’s also no secret that X is grasping in its technocratic bid to bring the masses under its thumb.

CPAC survey, 9,600 votes within 16 hours

Keep restrictions in place for the un-vaccinated?

8% yes
92% no

Wait, who (or what) the hell is X? Answer: if someone (or something) wanted to play God with humanity, and call it “the Great Reset,” do you think they would advertise its true nature and intent? Where totalitarian control is concerned, “the Great Reset” is just a cover story.

Come on, people, wakey-wakey.

The medical establishment world-wide is being used as a vehicle to (a) cull the herd of its sickest, weakest members; (b) suppress population growth rates for certain ethnic groups; (c) test mRNA technology on oppressed populations; and (d) install a technocratic control grid.

From a certain (cold, dark, sick) point of view, the plan for this world is (was?) pure (mad) genius. I’ve done extensive research; I’ve juggled multiple points of view over many, many years. I am qualified to speak truth to power, and therefore have every right to judge humanity.

Thankfully, humanity is waking up in large numbers all around the world (case in point: this declaration of freedom during Freedom Convoy 2022) to the sheer depth and scope of medical tyranny in reaction to being pushed into a dark corner. This is not just about stopping intrusive mandates and passports; it’s about ensuring humanity has a future of peace that includes freedom.

The Most Ridiculous Expectation

Unfortunately, the creeping (and creepy) medical tyranny that is taking over our lives is only half the story. The other half involves something even more creepy (if you can believe it). It’s called stealth warfare, and insidious “cancel culture” is but a small (albeit significant) part.

Whole volumes could be written on this subject, but in essence, stealth warfare involves more than just guns and tanks. Stealth warfare is what characterizes the essence of total spectrum warfare (TSW), involving social, economic, cultural, financial, and political incursions into another culture, though “incursion” is something of a misnomer, given how long these “incursions” can last.

I’ve already alluded to the basic cultural divide (see above) as one that pits peace without freedom against peace with freedom. Those on the side of peace without freedom have died spiritually, having settled into a kind of mass formation psychosis, whereas those on the side of peace with freedom are growing ever more alive, aware, awake, and alert to the threats and dangers that they face.

Given this double whammy of medical tyranny and stealth warfare, is it even reasonable to expect anyone in this world at this time to (a) “get a life;” (b) plan for the future; or (c) seek a life of satisfaction and fulfillment? For many, this expectation sounds ridiculous in the extreme.

All is not lost, however (at least not yet).

So Where Do I Stand on All of This?

As you might have already guessed, I am on the side of those who advocate for peace with freedom. I have not (yet) been brainwashed and mind-controlled into believing that I have no freedom of will.

I am proud to say I stand on the right side of history.

I am on the side of those who are endeavoring to bring back peace and freedom. I am also on the side of those who are not only resisting the onslaught of incursions being made on personal and political freedoms, but who are re-establishing the means to ensure these freedoms.

In the meantime, until I know that peace and freedom have been mostly restored, I have given up on “getting a life,” on planning for the future, and on seeking, experientially, a life of satisfaction and fulfillment, opting instead to watch humanity either destroy itself or redeem itself.

I must admit, though, that things are moving fast and furious in both directions. It’s sometimes difficulty, if not impossible, to keep up with making sense of the essential newsfeeds, and with making sense of the many and various viewpoints on both sides of the cultural divide.

I take comfort in knowing that “be yourself and follow your bliss the best way you know how” is one of the greatest acts of love and service that anyone can extend and express, especially now, in the midst of the cultural chaos, conflict, and confusion, both subtle and not so subtle.

On the other side of “peace and freedom assured” stands a monument to true unconditional happiness on a spectrum of love where all is love, where judgement can be relaxed in favor of peace and freedom, where “love yourself” and “love your neighbor” are indistinguishable.

So that’s it. For what it’s worth, that’s my commentary on humanity, circa early 2022.

Flowing forward, let us continue to expose tyrannical certainty with magical curiosity.


to heal our hearts with love
to bring us back to our souls
and to show us who we are

~ yours

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