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by Christopher Lovejoy on November 26, 2021

Note to readers: this post is the eighth in a series of posts about flowing into and out of sanctuary

I must apologize, dear reader, for leaving you hanging like that, but I wanted to drive home the simple point (however sharp) that this world is under attack in ways and by means that you might not even imagine, and that are unprecedented in the recorded history of this world.

Please understand, too, that I’m not gonna take you into the depths of Hell without preparation.

So let’s do some prep, shall we?

First, Let Me Do You a Favor

Awareness in and of itself is pure, positive, and perfect in its posture.

The deeper, the broader, the higher, the stronger the awareness, the bigger, the larger, the greater the capacity to face the apparent objects of reality. The lynchpin of any trip into the depths of Hell is Awareness, a psychic posture that can stay the course, “come Hell or Highwater.”

A paradox presents itself here: how can I possibly know I won’t drown in the very depths of Hell unless and until I’ve accepted the invitation to enter what appears to be the very depths of Hell, so that I might tap, tune, and test my capacity to forebear them and make sense of them?

How indeed.

And yet, can any capacity for good not be met with a commensurate capacity for evil? Here, this question puts good on the defensive. So let’s flip the question into one that puts evil on the defensive: can any capacity for evil not be met with a commensurate capacity for good?

A person at peace ~ indeed, a people at peace ~ has no need for such questions.

It might be argued, however, or even sensed, that “we are not a world at peace.”

Peace, however, is relative, within and without, to that posture of awareness that remains forever pure, positive, and perfect, one that favors life, the love of life, the light of wisdom, and the lust for life in the exercise of choice and care: “as I choose, so shall I be; as I care, so shall I give.”

In dwelling, even at a moment’s notice, within the bosom of this posture, I find ready refuge from that which would forever take away the sacred favor ~ the same favor that leans towards giving meaning and purpose to a lust for life in the light of wisdom for the love of life and for life itself.

Beware of Devils and Demons

as it was in the Beginning, and Now,
and Always, and to the Ages of Ages

~ from the hymn Gloria Patri

The blessed ones among us who have braved the presence of evil, who have become extraordinarily good at confronting evil, will never tire in telling us that the absolute key to facing up to evil is this: “evil simply cannot stand for long in the presence of love without condition.”

Like this: “I love you, and I’m sorry; please forgive me; thank you.”

However odd this may seem, such appeals can be of great help to those who face dark nights of the soul, night after night; who find themselves dwelling inside the inky black depths of despair; and who cannot help but fight the stresses and strains of daily life, seemingly without end.

In my experience, evil incarnate shows up in one or more of these ways: (1) malignant (hateful); (2) malicious (spiteful); and (3) malevolent (vengeful). Placing these attributes on a spectrum ~ 1 __ 2 __ 3 ~ devils tend to occupy 1 and 2, whereas demons tend to occupy 2 and 3.

Devils are evil spirits who have incarnated as human; demons are evil entities capable of extreme evil.

The mere thought that a devil or a demon can occupy ~ indeed, obsess or even possess ~ a living being is one that can unsettle the heart of soul deep down inside. This might explain why there are so many skeptical and cynical dismissals around it, and why Science is used as a hedge.

Reference: Thirty Years Among the Dead (1924), by Dr. Carl Wickland

Those, however, who have worked therapeutically with people who are obsessed or even possessed by devils or demons will tell you that it is the demons who obsess or possess the devils, and that such obsessions or possessions can be maintained over the course of many incarnations.

Reference: Healing Lost Souls (2003), by Dr. William J. Baldwin

When qualified therapists exorcise demons with thoughts, words serve as wands.

Thoughts energize words: evil thoughts energize evil words and good thoughts energize good words. Words magnetize behavior and conduct with intentions: words with evil intentions magnetize evil behavior and conduct; words with good intentions magnetize good behavior and conduct.

The object lesson is that thoughts energize words, which magnetize behavior and conduct with intentions, prompting the question: do I have it in my mind to fight evil to the death or do I have it in my heart to love evil to death? Recall that “as I choose, so shall I be; as I care, so shall I give.”

Alright, one more thing before we take the plunge. Are you still with me? Excellent.

Two Fundamental Character Types

So far, I’ve shared some insight into the influence of evil, but not before doing readers the favor of articulating the sacred favor, the same favor that serves to bring meaning and purpose to life and to all that life has to offer on the side of good, kind, sweet (i.e., pure, positive, perfect).

Now let’s turn our attention to why this world is in so much trouble.

The people of the united states of America, with a reputation for upholding liberty around the world, have done something rather odd: they have allowed its federal government ~ a corporate government embedded inside a sovereign city state known as Washington D.C. ~ to do as follows:

  1. enact a law that shields a major pharmaceutical company from legal liability;
  2. give billions of dollars to this company to manufacture a questionable product; and
  3. mandate the use of this product while hiding the data on its safety and efficacy

By way of response, reputable doctors and lawyers around the world are banding together to speak out against these courses of action, even as they continue to be censored in and from the mainstream media, while the number of adverse events from “the product” continue to climb.

People in the tens of thousands continue to be injured and disabled by the product.

Thousands more continue to die, many of them unexpectedly and without warning.

What’s going on here? Has the bulk of humanity lost its heart and soul, as well as its mind? Or is it that a minority of humanity, operating in secret over the span of many generations, across many different nations, has lost the heart of its conscience altogether? Perhaps both?

Have human beings allowed themselves to be turned into commodities? Has commerce displaced morality? Can a network of corporations and institutions be so thoroughly owned and pwned as to make national governments mere handmaidens to corporate and institutional interests?

If so, how would this even be possible? What sort of character could pull this off?

I could be lazy and invite readers to read The Curse of Canaan and Murder by Injection (both by Eustace Mullins) and leave it at that, but I have a special interest in the character types that inform these works ~ the character type that resonates with magnetizing and manifesting evil and, by contrast, the character type that resonates with magnetizing and manifesting good.

On the one hand, we have a character type that resonates with entertaining evil thoughts, setting evil intentions, and performing evil deeds ~ thoughts, intentions, and deeds that tend to use, accuse, and abuse ~ that commodify persons and turn them into objects of commerce.

On the other hand, we have a character type that resonates with aspirations and inspirations of goodness, kindness, and sweetness in view of a vision of paradise, one that typically remains woefully ignorant or dismissive of evil intentions that slither their way into the body politic.

For as long as a character type ~ no matter how good, kind, and sweet~ remains oblivious to evil in all of its guises, evil characters will always enjoy the upper hand. Think for a moment of the many Acts in the USA (like the Patriot Act) that sound good, but are actually quite evil.

Did you know that one such Act allows government to use propaganda against its own people? Did you also know that the Patriot Act itself was ready to be enacted into law not long after the events of 9/11?

Let the implications of these revelations sink in for a moment.

So how do the good recognize the evil in all of its many guises?

The author of The Curse of Canaan speaks to the Will of Canaan that arose in reaction to the curse, outlining five precepts that bind evildoers: (1) stay true to one another, regardless of circumstance; (2) stay constant in your love of robbery; (3) stay constant in your love of lewdness; (4) remain constant in your hatred of masters; and (5) remain resolute in your refusal to speak truth.

Think of these markers as a template of charges or instructions for the descendants of Canaan.

Think of robbery as theft ~ theft of life, liberty, property, the pursuit of happiness; think of lewdness as spite, traceable to Ham’s encounter with his father Noah before Noah saw fit to curse the son of Ham (Canaan); think of the masters as the descendants of Shem (Noah’s oldest son).

hint: the Germanic peoples are the descendants of Shem ~ masters of order and virtue ~ the same peoples whose progeny are being diluted by Communism, Cultural Marxism, Radical Feminism, Multiculturalism, Satanism, Secular Humanism, Transgenderism, and Zionism

note: it is prudent to view these tools of control for what they are ~ ideologies of fear, hate, and spite

Interpret this story of biblical proportions literally or metaphorically, but don’t dismiss it.

It’s absolutely key to what I’m about to share as I guide you into the very depths of Hell.

Operation Gomorrah

Operation Gomorrah is a name given to a series of bombing runs across Germany starting on July 24, 1943. In viewing footage of the first few days of this operation, it becomes apparent, even to the most impartial observers, just how ruthless and relentless these bombing runs were.

Was this operation karmic payback for the decimation of Carthage by the Romans in 146 BC?


Was it a series of sacrificial offerings, emphasizing women and children, on the Altar of Baal?


The name of the documentary is Hellstorm: The Genocide of Nazi Germany. In the first 26 minutes of this documentary, the terror bombings (as they were called by the German civilians who were targeted) are described in the most vivid detail, and mixed with heartfelt testimony.

In my view, this documentary could easily be construed as Disclosure on a cosmic scale for its in-depth exposure of pure evil. Running for 90 minutes, I suggest that you get a taste by watching the first 26 minutes only ~ aptly titled Terror Bombings ~ before coming back up for air.

You will no doubt have need of answers, which I’ll be happy to supply shortly.

This isn’t for everyone. If, for any reason, you cannot bear to watch it, then don’t, but at least give it a try, and the reason I say this is because there is far more that could be told, and far more than meets the eye about what happened before, during, and after the second world war.

If you’re thinking, even a little, that the people of Nazi Germany deserved this horrific fate, think again, for as you’ll soon discover (if you care enough to stick around), the story you were told about Nazi Germany did not happen in the ways in which we’ve been told. Not even close.

The real story, as you’ll soon see, is far more interesting.

Hellstorm: The Genocide of Nazi Germany – HellstormDocumentary.com

Incidentally, I think that anyone who had a role in the making of Hellstorm can be commended for helping to bring this extraordinary albeit egregious slice of history to life in the name of truth, justice, and mercy. As we should know by now, what cannot be faced cannot be healed.

Allow me now to supply some context for what happened all those years ago.

Along the Surface of Hell

In religious traditions around the world, Hell is typically construed as a realm of evil and suffering, often depicted as a place of perpetual fire beneath the Earth where the wicked are tormented after death.

Regardless of tradition, Hell can also be construed as a state or a place of great suffering (Hell on Earth), one that amounts to an unbearable experience, which can either be acute or chronic in its character.

Many people believe that if they’ve been thrust into the depths of Hell, figuratively speaking, then they must have done something to deserve it, but is this actually true? Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, it’s a question worthy of study if only to address the thorny issue of “just deserts.”

Some schools of thought treat the matter of being subject to evil as retribution, human or divine, whereas other, perhaps more enlightened, schools of thought treat the matter as a divine initiation ~ a wake-up call from Heaven above, a divine invitation to “step up and step out.”

Some believe they deserve to suffer, more or less; others believe they do not deserve to be happy, regardless; and still others believe they must work themselves to the bone to deserve happiness. Let’s now see what some of these traditions on Earth have to say about the matter . . .

agnosticism: shit might have happened; then again, maybe not

atheism: I can’t believe this shit

baha’i: shit happens to everyone equally

buddhism: if shit happens, it really isn’t shit

catholicism: if shit happens, you deserve it

celtic folklore: at the end of every rainbow is a pot of shit

christian science: it’s not shit, and it’s not happening

confucianism: Confucius says “shit happens”

deconstructionalism: what makes you think that’s shit?

existentialism: so shit happens

hinduism: this shit has happened before

islam: if shit happens, it is the will of Allah

judaism: why does shit always happen to us?

krishna: shit happens, shit happens, happens, happens, shit, shit!

mormon: 10% of my shit belongs to God

new age: if shit happens, honor it and share it

nihilism: no shit

optimism: that’s the best damn shit that ever happened

pessimism: it’s all shit

pollyanna: where there is shit, there is life

protestantism: let shit happen to someone else

rastafarianism: let’s smoke this shit

scientology: shit can happen to you, too

secular humanism: shit evolves

shamanism: shit is fertilizer for the soul

solopsism: if there’s no shit, it doesn’t happen

taoism: dude, shit happens

transactional analysis: I see my shit, and yes, it’s okay, because I’m okay, and you’re okay; okay?

vedanta: shit happening? it’s just an illusion! can’t you see that?!

zen: what is the sound of shit happening?

In perusing these interpretations, I am reminded of the parable of the blind men and an elephant, the story of a group of blind men who have never come across an elephant before and who take it upon themselves to imagine and describe what the elephant is like by touching it.

A New World Order is not unlike an African bush elephant on the world stage. Humanity itself has reached a stage in its evolution where it is beginning to entertain the viability of forming a unified world order, but questions go begging: who gets to decide? and how best to do?

Should a New World Order not be allowed to evolve naturally?

Or, are there pressing reasons for why it ought to be imposed?

The documentary that follows is rather extraordinary in that it not only takes viewers on a trip along the surface of Hell, preparing them to go deeper into the depths, it also highlights many if not most of the essential elements that are presently at play in bringing about “the NWO.”

In taking this trip, I invite you to think in terms of puppet masters. Who is pulling whose strings? Who has mastered the art of string pulling? True, many power brokers and power players can be seen on the world stage, but who do you suppose is calling the shots behind the scenes?

More telling, who do you suppose is calling the shots of those calling the shots behind the scenes?

This artwork is divided into 19 sections, and with high production values, it often sets a fast pace.

New World Order: Communism by the Backdoor ~ CommunismByTheBackdoor.tv

My suggestion is that you watch as much of this as you can in one go, if only to get a feel for the Big Picture; in my view, the final section (starting at 4:33:00) is the perfect segue for what follows . . .

Hitler, in the Midst of Hell

I once believed, rather gullibly, that Adolf Hitler was a madman, a raving lunatic, a mass murderer.

Today, I know better.

The Greatest Story Never Told is the untold story of Adolf Hitler, but it’s also the untold story of a people who were compelled to reject the prevailing, corrupting world order to assert their sovereignty as citizens of a once proud nation, but who paid a steep price for doing so.

To say as much is highly controversial, and so I will not press the point. I will only invite readers to consider that they’ve been deceived through and through, for decades, by one of the most, if not the most, thoroughly and craftily planned programs of propaganda ever conceived.

This becomes all too evident as you begin to watch Adolf Hitler: the Greatest Story Never Told, especially so as you approach the end of this extraordinary documentary ~ remarkable for its documentation and for its careful organization of the puzzle pieces into a unified whole.

It’s one of those rare documentaries that allows you to come to your own inescapable conclusions.

It is said that the victor writes the story of the victory, but what is not often said is that the story behind the story can be a very interesting story indeed, and yes, there is always more to the truth than meets the eye: to what extent did puppet masters whisper their way through WW2?

Might these same puppet masters be coordinating the rollout of what is being called a pandemic?

After watching this documentary, I can now honestly say I really and truly understand and appreciate, like never before, “there are two sides to every story.” This is disclosure par excellence for many reasons, not the least of which is that it sheds light on what is happening today . . .

Adolf Hitler: the Greatest Story Never Told (27 parts) ~ TheGreatestStoryNeverTold.tv

My suggestion is that you watch 1 or 2 parts at a time (3 at most), depending on the emotional intensity of the material, to give yourself time to process it emotionally; I also recommend reading the comments after each part to get a feel for audience appreciation ~ and reaction!

Into the Very Depths of Hell

Hello again, this is where we take the plunge.

Now you might be wondering: dude, why are you doing this? Here’s my Cliff Notes answer: (a) because I know things that most people don’t, and (b) because I have a conscience, albeit one that has been tried and tested to its limits. In essence, I want the entire world to know, in view of what is happening today, the sheer depths of pure evil to which humanity can stoop and sink.

Sorry, not sorry. I cannot sugarcoat this ~ will not sugarcoat this.

Wait, what is happening today? Is this not a matter of perspective? No, unfortunately, no; not this time. The facts never lie, always speaking for themselves, regardless of anyone’s blinkered interpretation, and as those with a conscience know, “lies have speed, but the truth endures.”

So what truth has endured? The truth of a holocaust not mentioned in the history books, one that I dare say is being repeated yet again, under a different guise (with more stealth), even as I type these words. The most insidious, and perhaps the most dangerous, aspect of all of this is that anyone in authority today in any official capacity is, or will soon be, at risk of losing the public trust.

This loss has been generating and perpetuating a profound split in the body politic.

So why was genocide committed against the German people during and after World War II? Why did the holocaust of the Germans take place? What could they have possibly done to deserve this? If you had a chance to watch The Greatest Story Never Told, you’ll have some answers.

Soon, I’ll be pointing you to even more answers, more nuances, but first, the plunge . . .

Hellstorm: The Genocide of Nazi Germany – HellstormDocumentary.com

The point of watching this documentary in its entirety, the point of dwelling in the depths of Hell for 90 minutes, is to experience, on a visceral level, the presence of dark forces willing to do whatever it takes, no matter the cost, to bring about its version of what makes up an ideal world.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Alright, you took the plunge and realized some pretty grim things about life on planet Earth.

I trust that you’ve given yourself plenty of time to process these monstrous truths; I trust that you’ll be very selective about spending any more of your time inside the depths of Hell, unless you feel called and guided; and I trust that you’ve resisted the impulse to turn blame into game.

Take comfort in knowing that the perpetrators have already paid the price. In light of this comfort, it pays to remind ourselves of this universal kindergarten wisdom: “what you do to others, you ultimately do to yourself, and what you do for others, you ultimately do for yourself.”

Speaking for myself, I will never see the German people the same ever again. I now feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for their immense courage and wisdom, and a deep compassion for their pain and suffering, and for what they had to endure before, during, and after WW2.

I also feel a deep appreciation for those who allied themselves with the German people in common cause (peoples of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, including Jews) and who suffered profoundly as a consequence. I respectfully refer you to The Greatest Story Never Told.

I take cold comfort in knowing that the Marshall Plan displaced the Morgenthau Plan in the wake of WW2, allowing the Germans to rebuild, quickly and efficiently, a nation worthy of respect, but I suspect that the soul of the German people still hungers for genuine sovereignty.

So where do we go from here? What follows is a menu of options going forward:

1) if you’re curious to learn more about any of the topics covered, you might do no better than to take a trip to WW2Truth.com, with a special focus on Europa: The Last Battle. Here, you’ll recover the truth about what happened to Germany before, during, and after World War 2.

2) if you’re curious to learn more about what is happening today, in light of the material on WW2, may I suggest these questions for starters: Is there really a genocide in progress? If so, is it targeted? And if so, who is behind it, and why? And what of the looming threat of smallpox?

3) if you’re curious to learn more about the Jewish Question, may I suggest these questions for starters: should we (the Gentiles) begin to view and treat Talmudic Jews as our masters? If not, why not? What is the best way to approach this question? Or is it off limits to all but Jews?

4) if you’re feeling overwhelmed, here’s a word with which you may not be familiar: prohairesis ~ a key concept in the philosophy of Epictetus representing a moral capacity for reasoned choice, prohairesis was first introduced into philosophy by Aristotle in Nicomachean Ethics.

Consider that everything is in a state of flux, more or less, inside a sphere of infinite possibilities: we get to have and enjoy certain things for a while, and then we lose them to the passage of time. The only permanent thing in existence, ultimately, is prohairesis, the moral capacity for reasoned choice. The things to which we attach come and go; a robust capacity for reasoned choice, however, remains resilient and adaptable. The idea is this: “the sooner I know this, the better, and the easier it will be to accept and adapt.” In the light of all that I’ve written, prohairesis could very well lead us all to the ultimate in sanctuary. Now let’s wrap this series up: can we not go beyond any desire for sanctuary?


Note to readers: this post is the eighth in a series on finding sanctuary. As I post each one to my blog, I’ll be placing it into Sanctuary under the Resource tab in the Navigation menu at the top of this site

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