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by Christopher Lovejoy on November 5, 2021

Note to readers: this post is the fifth in a series of posts about flowing into and out of sanctuary

At rest, in the care and comfort of a sacred space, arises a perception of “my body, my temple.” More precisely, a perception of “my body, my comfort; my body, my choice; my body, my temple,” all of which speak to encounters with dignity, integrity, and sanctity, respectively.

Is the Human Body a Computer?

Under the guise of a contagion, the body human is presently being subjected to a number of injectable concoctions purported to induce artificial immunity against infection through a process known as pathogenic priming. The overall officially recorded results have not been pretty.

The numbers of injuries and fatalities in the wake of these injections have been unusually high (and these are just the reported numbers), and as the numbers continue to rise in the wake of these injections, the adverse events continue to be whitewashed across all mainstream media.

Speculation as to reasons why are ramping up (greater profits? stealth war? depopulation? the not-so-great reset? world government?), even as the illegal mandates to coerce, directly or indirectly, the administration of these injections are growing ever more intrusive and restrictive.

Lives and livelihoods are being lost; lives and lifestyles are being constricted.

Too many remain unaware that their human rights are being egregiously violated; they can no longer function in society, feed their families, or travel without a passport. As they quietly continue to be injured, disabled, and murdered, one might wonder: why the docile response?

Are they being sold into slavery? Are they being paid to look the other way?

Those who refuse the jab (the pure bloods) are getting blamed and shamed for the rising numbers by those who keep lining up to take the jabs (the plug bloods), but the pure bloods are beginning to realize that the plug bloods are in deep trouble. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

The key element in the pathogenic priming is a spike protein, artificially created to mimic the real deal. Only thing is, it’s presence in the body human is invasive and pervasive, causing all manner of pathology, including blood clots, heart conditions, and multiple organ failures.

But it’s actually worse than this ~ much, much worse.

The bodies of injectees, depending on their constitutions (and this has been studied scientifically in depth with sophisticated tools), are at risk of losing their adaptive immunity, at risk of auto-immunity, at risk of accelerated aging, at risk of serious diseases, and at risk of early death.

The key point here is that the pathogenic priming agent (the Spike) from the jab enters the nuclei of cells, suppresses the mechanism of DNA repair, and leaves the body susceptible to cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders, accelerated aging, and premature death.

A potential bonanza for Big Pharma ~ not so good for the body of humanity.

The ploy bloods, in the meantime, have either been spared (no mandate for them) or have been instructed by their handlers to put on a show of solidarity by having saline solutions (placebo vaccines, anyone?) administered on live TV for all the world to see by nurses who know better.

The so-called pandemic is pure theater ~ spellcasting through stagecrafting.

All of this, unfortunately, is being orchestrated in a bid to usher in new world order ~ a technocratic digital prison of 24/7 surveillance made possible by a digital ID that merges personal health and finance under a social credit system of control, i.e., “do as we say, not as we do.”

This is no conspiracy theory; the designs for this technocracy are very well documented, and the implementation and administration of these designs are well under way.

Fortunately, the tide seems to be turning away from designs for a new world order. The people of Australia are rising up and showing the entire world what it means to fight for freedom. The same is happening in Europe and North America. In the U.S. of A., governors of certain states are pushing back against federal mandates; sheriffs in certain counties are refusing to enforce said mandates.

Machinations touted by power lusters in media and government are being exposed.

Unfortunately, the tsunami of injuries and fatalities that is coming in the months to come (and for years to come if the booster shots continue) will, in all likelihood, be blamed on those who have refused the jab, putting further pressure on the pure bloods to “get with the program.”

In view of this preamble, we have every right to treat the body with the respect that it deserves, and therefore with sacred intent. Whether we’ve allowed ourselves to get the jab or not, the body is not a machine that can be programmed like a computer (sorry, Mr. Gates, it just ain’t so).

Now let’s turn our attention to the true meaning of “My Body, My Temple.”

My Body, My Temple

Over the centuries, the body human has been given a bad rap, what with its libidinous (and, some would say, “evil”) urges and impulses, but as we have seen with the backing of a psychic blueprint, a new and pure relation is possible with whatever occurs, both from within and without.

This relation is, most fundamentally, one of flexibility with and for the Soul as a Whole, which includes the body, from a witness perspective. With this perspective, one can then address and assess, not only mundane matters, but matters of sanctity (of the soul) and divinity (of the spirit).

In mundane terms, the body is a practical instrument of the will to power, but as I’ve already mentioned, the body can also be construed as a vessel of sanctity (a sacred vessel) for the intimate soul at rest, as well as a vehicle of divinity (a divine vehicle) for the ecstatic spirit in flow.

Like the world, where “the world is what you think it is,” so too with the body: “the body is what you think it is.” For example, is it a servant or a slave? Is it an instrument of the sacred, the mundane, or the divine? Is it a source of evil or is it a source of truth, beauty, and goodness?

Truth be told, and why not tell it, the body ~ your body ~ is what you think it is.

With the body, we can choose to em-body a pure love of self with grace and ease. In other words, depending on who we choose to be, on what we choose to know, on how we choose to feel, on what we choose to do, on what we choose to have, we can choose to project a pure love of care.

A pure love of self becomes a pure love of care ~ both in service to self and in service to other.

There need not be any dichotomy here.

With a body, from a witness perspective, a core of loving gives way to trusting, which gives way to caring, which gives way to giving ~ all of the essentials of living, loving, learning, and lusting are covered.

I allow peak experiences of trusting, caring, and giving to arise and express naturally, effortlessly, and spontaneously in creative, constructive, productive, therapeutic, intellectual, aesthetic, athletic, mystical, magical, sensuous, amorous, erotic, sensual, sexual, and orgasmic ways.

Now imagine four concentric circles: in loving, I embody a pure love of self with grace and ease; in trusting, I cultivate a pure space to live at peace with love; in caring, I engender a pure path to joy in awe and wonder; and in giving, I alchemize a pure lust for life from joy to bliss.

Furthermore, at the heart of my soul, I can toggle between “I embody a pure love of self” and “I cultivate a pure space to live,” and in the soul of my spirit, I can toggle between “I engender a pure path to joy” and “I alchemize a pure lust for life” ~ I can even toggle between soul and spirit.

From a witness perspective, with the ego as my servant, I can choose happy now at peace with satisfaction, even as I keep reaching for more of who I am through blissful dissatisfaction, all the while keeping tabs on my need to rest, relax, relieve, release, restore, renew, refresh, and rejoice.

for the sake of enlightenment
I awaken the heart of soul to grace in the alignment of gratitude with growth

for the sake of empowerment
I empower the spirit with courage and generosity to grow and flow with ease

All the while remaining ever mindful of the human endeavors to embrace security and liberty; peace and prosperity; privacy and sanctuary; and of my own deep need to survive, to feel secure, to belong, to know and grow, to love and be loved, to feel significant, to grow with the flow.

In view of this psychic blueprint, we can stop apologizing for who we are; we can finally relax into sensitivity and vulnerability, and heed the wisdom of the most sensitive and vulnerable among us . . .

I need not apologize . . .

for my thoughts and feelings ~ for having them and/or expressing them
for having cushy boundaries that safeguard dignity, respect, and civility
for saying “no” and “no thank you” in the face of tyrannical expectations

for feeling emotional, even if this means shedding tears of joy or sorrow
for taking a break when and where appropriate, and even when I need it
for requesting clarity when I don’t grok something that seems important

for how others behave, or conduct themselves, in a public sphere or space
for making, or aiming to make, a change for the better, or for being better
for not finding agreement, or not having an agreement, with some “cause”

for putting myself first when “I can’t be anyone if I’m nothing to myself”
for not settling for less than I deserve, or for less than I know I am worth
for letting go when I know that it’s the right (or best) thing for me to do

for healing and growing, or even growing and flowing, at my own pace

Granted, not everyone is a snowflake, but it’s instructive to bear in mind that there are those among us who are sensitive enough to be attuned to their own vulnerability, that same lovely, lively vulnerability with ready access to love and joy, awe and wonder, contentment and enchantment.

With sensitivity and vulnerability, we can view and treat the body as a sanctuary.

But then, isn’t too much sensitivity a weakness? And isn’t too much vulnerability a weakness? Ah, but could we not then flip the script and ask as follows: isn’t too much insensitivity a weakness? And isn’t too much invulnerability a weakness? When and where do I confront “the other”?

By way of response, let’s turn our attention to impeccability as a virtue.


Note to readers: this post is the fifth in a series on finding sanctuary. As I post each one to my blog, I’ll be placing it into Sanctuary under the Resource tab in the Navigation menu at the top of this site

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