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by Christopher Lovejoy on October 21, 2021

Note to readers: this post is the second in a series of posts about flowing into and out of sanctuary

am I putting most of my time and money into stocks, bonds, and properties?
am I investing time and money mostly in relationships and accomplishments?
or am I carefully cultivating and calibrating a soul of value, virtue, and wisdom?

Which of these commitments do you suppose is most immune to suffering the trials and tribulations of life? Which of these commitments do you suppose cannot abandon you in times of need? The answer, of course, is obvious, even if it’s an answer we don’t like to dwell on for long.

Having said this, where does one even begin to “cultivate and calibrate”?

As it happened, I found my point of departure in Huna Wisdom, but before we go there, let’s drip and drop a few hints as to my intent: first, I will try to get a handle on the human psyche, most notably its structure, but also its substance, in view of “structure determines behavior.”

The term psyche comes from the Greek word psykhe, “the invisible entity that animates a physical body.” The term psychic typically relates to, or denotes, faculties or phenomena that are inexplicable to natural law, especially those involving telepathy or clairvoyance, but for my purposes, I use “psychic” to describe, not only the soul (the psyche), but the life of the soul incarnate.

With a psychic structure, I can then present a psychic blueprint in view of “purpose unifies destiny.”

To wit: what is the meaning of our lives? In other words, why were we even born? More explicitly, and more telling, why were we born to suffer in the light of all that we know about discernment and improvement, enjoyment and fulfillment, as well as contentment and enchantment?

In addressing these questions, I pay special attention to “My Body, My Temple,” in a place where “I need not apologize,” and to “My Word, My Wand,” in a space where “I meet Life with Love and Light.” This place and space are sacred ~ forms of Sanctuary for the soul incarnate.

And yes, of course, there is more, much more, like setting and meeting and manifesting these existential priorities: (1) security and liberty; (2) peace and prosperity; and (3) privacy and sanctuary.

Now let’s turn our attention to some ancient wisdom.

Huna Wisdom is Cosmic Wisdom

In my view, Huna Wisdom is spiritual wisdom that is cosmic in scope, explicable and expressible as a set of seven principles with the power to complement any religious affiliation. I would even go so far as to maintain that these principles transcend and include religious affiliations.

Before I elaborate on these ancient principles with a view towards finding serenity and following serendipity in and out of sanctuary, I invite you to pause and relax into absorbing the import of each of these heavenly principles as it applies to you, your life, and your world at this time.

In taking up the invitation to view and treat these cosmic principles as a mosaic of principles, each one feeding into the other, I would encourage you to be deliberate with your awethentic appreeshiation:

Ike (ee-kay)
Huna Principle 1 : the world is what you think it is

> beautiful, wonderful, fascinating, mysterious, miraculous?
> my thoughts, beliefs, and convictions mean the world to me

Kala (kah-lah)
Huna Principle 2 : there are no limits . . .

> to who I can be, to what I can know, to what I can do, to what I can have!
> in going and growing with the knowing and flowing, anything is possible!

Makia (mah-key-ah)
Huna Principle 3 : energy flows where attention goes

> the more focused the attention, the stronger the attraction
> so “am I going and growing with the knowing and flowing?”

Manawa (mah-nah-wah)
Huna Principle 4 : now is the moment of power

> the past is filled with memories, the future filled with mysteries
> regret and worry remind me that I still have something to learn

Aloha (a-loh-hah)
Huna Principle 5 : to love is to be happy with

> the more at peace I am with what’s in front of me, the easier it’ll be to change
> the more I love my dream, the more it excites me, the easier it’ll be to realize!

Mana (mah-nah)
Huna Principle 6 : all power comes from within

> if I can have and hold a dream, I can make it come true
> if I take the journey, I can let it flow with grace and ease

Pono (poh-noh)
Huna Principle 7 : ‘effective’ . . . is the measure of truth

> it’s the result that counts, not the result of any one plan or technique
> peaceful methods yield peaceful results; what matters is what works

For myself, in giving each of these pithy principles their due, I find that I am left with no excuses whatsoever in generating, perpetuating, and celebrating extraordinary experiences of reality that eventually add up to an extraordinary life of uncommon enjoyment and fulfillment.

Next, I invite you to personalize each of these principles with this qualification: “except when I . . .”.

Here’s what I came up with for myself: the world is what I think it is . . . except when I resist or insist; there are no limits . . . except when I forget that this is so; energy flows where attention goes . . . except when I still the mind, so that ‘energy swells where attention dwells’.

Furthermore, now is the moment of power . . . except when I believe otherwise.

Finally, to love is to be happy with . . . except when I lose sight of the love; all power comes from within . . . except when I begin to assume that even a little power comes from without; and ‘effective’ is the measure of truth . . . except when I begin to lose my mojo and my magic.

The Logos behind these powerful cosmic principles is always already available, wholly accessible only when applied truthfully (“my word is my wand”), wisely and compassionately (Sophos), with and through the use of Story (Mythos): “the Life of my Story is the story of my life.”

These principles rely on ready access to a repository of renewable energy that is psychic in nature (recall what I said about ‘psychic’); they also require a secure channel for finding and guiding this energy, preferably with grace and ease, in the course of living, loving, and learning.


Note to readers: this post is the second in a series on finding sanctuary. As I post each one to my blog, I’ll be placing it into Sanctuary under the Resource tab in the Navigation menu at the top of this site

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