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by Christopher Lovejoy on October 18, 2021


When I speak this word aloud in a whisper, I feel the vibe of sanctity, and the vibe itself feels sacred to me. Fortunately for all of us, the meaning of this word has reached beyond its religious and political roots to include any space that can be cultivated with sacred intent for private use.

Such a space can be metaphysical (a dreamscape for lucid dreamers), physical (a place in the home), or psychological (a refuge within the heart of soul). Perhaps this latter type of space is what Jesus Christ had in mind when he spoke to his disciples of “the kingdom of God within” . . .

neither shall they say, lo here! or, lo there! for, behold,
the kingdom of God is within you ~ Luke 17:21 (K J V)

In the religious literature, and in accounts of the near-death experience, mention is made of three cities, kingdoms, or realms of love and light, each one more ethereal than the next. In the celestial realm, souls have access to guidance, not only to the Holy Spirit and to ascended masters, but to the conscience of God itself, having passed their earthly exams with flying colors.

In the realm below ~ the terrestrial realm ~ guidance is restricted to the Holy Spirit and ascended masters, whereas the Holy Spirit is the only guidance available in the lowest realm, to those more to less prone to lying, cheating, and stealing. Beyond these realms of light, in darkness, reside clusters of the damned ~ souls given wholly to fixations of fear, anger, or sorrow.

We can all see, if we know where to look, evidence of this schema manifesting in our world today, even as this world continues to polarize ever more conspicuously, coming apart at the seams, either in service to self at the expense of other or in service to other at no expense to self.

We are free, however, to exercise faith in a bid to attend, with sacred intent, preferably with inspiration, to that which remains calm and clear, coherent and consistent, which is no small feat given the influence and prevalence of confusion, conflict, and chaos in this world at this time.

We can, in keeping with the teaching of Jesus, go within and bring forth blessings of clarity, composure, and certainty. How have you been going within to bring forth sanctuary?


Note to readers: this post is the first in a series on finding sanctuary. As I post each one to my blog, I’ll be placing it into Sanctuary under the Resource tab in the Navigation menu at the top of this site

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