To Vax, or Not to Vax?

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 3, 2021

A dilemma is a decision involving equally undesirable outcomes.

Many among us are presently caught on the horns of a dilemma:

choice 1: get the booster shot and hope for the best, even if this means fearing for your health or your life

choice 2: go without, but suffer the social and economic consequences of not having proof of vaccination

Kudos to you if you’ve resisted the jab from the get-go; at least where your health and your life are concerned, you’re in a good place (for now). Not so lucky are those who took the jab (or jabs), but are now having second thoughts about getting the booster shot ~ known as “vaccine regret.”

Woe onto those who have no clue what I’m talking about (I mean this sincerely).

Reports in the alt media are drawing attention to a tsunami of injury and death in the wake of submitting to the so-called vaccine (aka “the clot shot” and “the death jab”), which might better be described as “gene therapy,” if you’re kind, or “a bioweapon,” if you’re even kinder.

The prudent (and sane) thing to do now would be to call an immediate halt to the administration of the shots. The fact that this has not yet (as of this writing) happened indicates (1) humanity is no longer a viable species; (2) a hidden agenda is in play; and/or (3) greed is ruling the day.

I wish I could say that “I am declining the offer to be a subject in a widespread experiment pending the results of further study,” but to be honest, this would be disingenuous in the extreme.

It would be closer to the truth to say that “I’m not one to play Russian Roulette with my health ~ or my life,” and this position, I’m sad to say, is proving to be a sound one based on credible reports.

On one side of the vax question are those who buy into the official consensus: there’s a pandemic, there’s a dire need to vax, there’s cause for alarm if we’re not all vaxxed, and there’s a sound argument to be made for mandating the vax to a point where it really hurts not to vax.

On the other side of the vax question are those who resist the official narrative: there’s no pandemic, or if there is, there’s no need to vax, or if there is, there’s no cause for alarm if everyone is not vaxxed, or if there is, there’s still no sound argument to be made to mandate the vax.

The issue of whether to vax or not to vax is a complex one, but it’s one that becomes really complicated when “informed choice” is transformed into “enforced choice” by blocking access to the necessities of life. In essence, you can only live and work if you have a vac-scene passport.

Many doctors, nurses, and scientists have bravely stepped away from the mainstream narrative on “vaccine” safety, and have risked livelihood and/or reputation to speak out publicly on what is actually happening, and what they’re telling us is curling toes and chilling bones.

1) Vaccine Death Report (download as a PDF, 52 pages)

Clear and concise, this report gives both lay readers and professionals a comprehensive overview of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the so-called “pandemic” and the so-called “vaccine.”

2) Twenty Mechanisms of Injury (Summary, download as a PDF, 2 pages)

This summary outlines many of the ways in which the “vaccine” for Covid is doing serious harm and/or causing death. The full version of this report (24 pages) is available through the author’s website.

3) The Spartacus Letter (download as a PDF, 41 pages)

This anonymous letter appears to have been written by someone with a scientific background, and though technical in places, conveys some very interesting information about the “vaccine” for Covid.

Please understand that these resources are just “the tip of the iceberg.”

Calls to prosecute for crimes against humanity are growing by the day.

I can’t tell you what to do (I respect your free will too much), but I can tell you this: the good people of this earth don’t have a lot of time; if they don’t act soon, and act decisively, they’re doomed, either to losing their lives and livelihoods or to living a way of life that is alien to their humanity.


That which isn’t good for the hive, isn’t good for the bee ~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 6.54


Let’s hear more about natural immunity, shall we?

~ yours

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