A Playful Contemplation

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 21, 2021

To be playful and profound with anyone and everyone is to be in service to the Creation.

To be playfully (and mindfully) profound and to be profoundly (and soulfully) playful is to be in service to a profound and playful commitment to live, love, play, and flow ~ a commitment that is renewed daily with patience, passion, and power by way of presence, promise, and purpose.

Herewith, a playful declaration of commitment for the playful contemplatives among us:

I hereby commit to living and loving a life of play, to generating and perpetuating a life of adaptable, adoptable play, to watching and waiting for opportunities to live and love easily and effortlessly, while maximizing my energy and vitality by giving rest, renewal, and rhythm their due.

Life need not be serious; life need not require hard work, effort, and struggle (exertion, yes, but not effort and struggle, which implies resistance); life need not be contained and constrained by confusing play and rest with falling prey to all manner of mindless distractions from effective efficiency.

For is it not true that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jane an uptight girl?

Do you really see your work as more important than play? Do you feel guilty if you play? Is a fear of failure leaving you little or no room for joy and laughter in your life? Could it be that you see your best work as more important than life itself? What if your work could be another form of play?

clay? play! ~ Bashar

Wait, might play be the most important work you ever do? Yes, it is true that play is activity conducted without apparent purpose, but what if said purpose could only be revealed after undergoing the play?

Not only is play intrinsically motivating and satisfying, making you want to do it again and again, it also carries the pleasant side effect of consciousness being suspended for a time, absorbing both mind and soul most pleasurably and enjoyably, while wiping away worry and warping your sense of time.

In whoever you care to be, in whatever you do or decide to do, conscious play, whether cultivated or orchestrated, is never serious; it does not require hard work, nor does it require effort or struggle.

What have you been doing to add more play to your day?


who ‘n where are the playful contemplatives among us?

~ yours

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