Purity by Way of Perfection

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 30, 2021

I have a sense that my skill as a thinker and writer is adequate to the challenge at hand, namely, publishing a post on purity by way of perfection, through a system of action bound by certain rules and guided by certain results that provide clear clues as to how well I am performing.

I fully expect that my concentration will be so intense that there will be little attention left over for anything else. My sense of time will warp in a most favorable way, and any preoccupation with self will disappear, after which said self will emerge ever stronger and more complex than ever.

I anticipate that this activity will be so deeply gratifying that it will reinforce my willingness to do it again for its own sake, with little concern for what I will get out of it, even when it might seem difficult.

Henceforth, I know that …

1) I can bring this task to completion
2) I can concentrate on the task at hand
3) the task itself will yield a desired result
4) the task itself will provide immediate feedback
5) I will experience deep involvement and enjoyment
6) I will exercise exquisite control in my conduct
7) the experience will alter my sense of time passing
8) my self will disappear, only to emerge stronger and more complex than ever

But what of cultivating flow in everyday life, beyond fulfilling singular tasks?

Purity by way of perfection: does allowing for it involve negotiating and navigating the problems, challenges, obligations, and expectations of daily life? If so, what does this say about being, becoming, behaving, and begetting adequately, sufficiently, appropriately, and perfectly?

When I think about it, when I feel into it, is it not true that allowing perfection to arise in the midst of being, becoming, behaving, and begetting involves asking and answering no questions at all in the midst of all that is said and done, in the midst of all that might be said and done?

Purity by way of perfection: is it reducible to curiosity and compassion? If so, does this not mean an absolute end to all apparent problems and challenges, attachments and boundaries, ambitions and aspirations, provocations and temptations, as well as obligations and expectations?

the world is made of words; it pays to be true to your word ~ so live as you love, weave as you wish, play as you please; the pinnacle of extreme power is warm, kind, soft ~ as gentle as a summer breeze

If, in the East, I purify myself of power lust, ill will, remorse, doubt, and torpor, what remains? If, in the West, I purify myself of sloth, gluttony, greed, lust, wrath, envy, and pride, what remains?

In view of these energetic sinkholes, I welcome the patience and the wisdom to invite curiosity and compassion, and in the light of this patience and wisdom, I welcome the opportunity to embody and express purely and persistently, if not playfully, in the moment, for the moment.

For as long as I follow my bliss, I persist in holding my own, feeling safe and secure, comfortable and carefree, open to experience, open to the enjoyment of wholesome pleasure. As I deepen and deserve the significance to have all that I require, I remain worthy of my heart’s desire.

All of this, of course, requires fresh supplies of energy to navigate, not only sinkholes, but the invisible energetic boundaries between the personal and the impersonal, the moral and the amoral, the human and the inhuman, with the threat of consumption that the latter poses to the former.

With this caveat, consider these qualifications as an upgrade to the modes of perfection:

personal perfection as completion: know and love the heart and soul to completion
moral perfection as absolution: absolve the self of wrongdoing (actual and apparent)
human perfection as consummation: perfect the spirit with and through experience

With each of these modes of perfection, the impersonal, amoral, inhuman monster of consumption threatens dissolution by having us entangle feeling unworthy and undeserving with sensing and gauging the impurities and imperfections of personal, moral, and human intentions.

if I do not do as well as others, does this not mean that I am an inferior human being?

By the same token, on the other side of the proverbial coin, the personal, moral, and human dimensions of purity by way of perfection serve invisibly (if not relentlessly) as catalysts for learning and growing, without which no learning and growing would ever, could ever, occur.

It pays to remember that very few live in the real world, living as they do beyond illusions of interpretation. By way of contrast, very few live in worlds of their own making, with and through perfect illusions of perception that they themselves have orchestrated for their own benefit.

Imagine then, not a perfect world, but a world forever on the brink of instantiating a pitch-perfect purity.

As the ultimate catalyst for growth, purity by way of perfection is paramount, but only with patience and persistence, and only with the wisdom that comes from negotiating and navigating experience, and so, “when do I decide to know and grow with the flow beyond all question?”

Even more to the point, “when do I rise and shine to the challenge of transcending and including the impersonal, the amoral, and the inhuman dimensions of everyday life with enough courage to involve and engage life and love with curiosity and compassion more often than not?”

Is now a good time to be wholly personal, purely moral, and fully human?


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let it rest or make it flow? let it be or make it so?

~ yours

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