Purpose, Passion . . . Purity?

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 16, 2021

I am but one blossom among many. Nevertheless, this blossom is unique to Creation.

If the way to do is to be, if the way to do is to blossom, then my ultimate purpose is crystal clear: to be … free … to be me, in keeping with my knowing and growing with the flowing. If freedom is an inside job, then any sense of fulfillment can be found in the moment that fulfills.

Consequently, any experience of purity (realized and realizable as coherence, as a convergence of clarity, harmony, and serenity) need not ever be pursued, and need only ever be found and followed, welcomed and savored, with and through a light touch, be it material or spiritual.

But what if some version of fear, anger, or sorrow arises in consciousness in the course of living? Would some such version not be a confession of inadequacy? Would some such version not be at risk of compelling a response or reaction that is felt to be inadequate and inappropriate?

Let us not be too quick to excuse ourselves here.

We know all too well that we have more than one conception of perfection: perfection as completion (the psychological conception); perfection as absolution (the ethical conception); perfection as consummation (the spiritual conception); and perfection as total acceptance of imperfection.

Which, if any, of these statements makes the most sense to you in human form: (1) I must be perfect in all that I say and do; (2) I should be perfect in all that I say and do; (3) I aspire to be perfect in all that I say and do; or (4) I allow myself to be perfect in all that I say and do.

I invite you to be very careful about how you answer this question for yourself. Why? Because it will affect how you expect others to behave and conduct themselves in the course of living their lives. As within, so without ~ as you are, so shall you think; as you think, so shall you feel.

For the remainder of this post, I will allow statement 4 to infuse my thinking and feeling.

A Religious and Spiritual Context

I have already done a deep dive into the core of my influence.

I have already recognized the significance of a pure love of self.

I have already acknowledged that my ego is central to my life.

What remains is for me to address the following question in view of my question about perfection that I posed above. In so doing, I assume that clarity, harmony, and serenity are integral to my life. Incidentally, I am fortunate that the term extend is ridiculously rich in meaning.

Here again is the catalyzing question:

how easy would it be to embody a pure love of self, with grace and ease,
while extending the purity of this love, at any moment, to anyone at all?

Thankfully, the term extend can be construed both religiously and spiritually: as purity of love extends religiously, it is both inclusive and applicable; as purity of love extends spiritually, it is exercised with and through the utmost in care, without undue effort or exertion.

Attunement (Soul) < > Alignment (Spirit)

A soul at rest, physically and emotionally, invites the soul to embody peace; a spirit in flow, physically and emotionally, invites the spirit to find and follow its bliss. As peace gives way to grace, as bliss gives way to ease, love and joy embody as pure joy in spirit with a pure love of soul.

Where a pure love of soul speaks to coherence, pure joy in spirit speaks of consistency. Attunement (by way of coherence) and alignment (by way of consistency) forever complement, serving as they do to augment each other in a mutually beneficial relationship of reciprocity.

A pure love of soul embodies peace on the way to grace, even as pure joy in spirit extends the purity of this love, at any moment, to anyone at all, by having found and followed its bliss with grace and ease.

No Fear? No Anger? No Sorrow?

What are you feeling now? How are you feeling now? I invite you to pause, to feel what you feel, to locate the sensation in your body associated with the feeling. Breathe into it, welcome it, allow it to be, just as it is. If you like, make a sound to match it and release it, just for now.

True, feelings are too fleeting to be emotions. Regardless, feelings do matter ~ a lot more than we realize. Feelings can and do point to states of being, like peace, love, joy, bliss, grace, or ease. If you feel tense, tired, numb, or empty, what feeling underlies it? Fear, anger, sorrow?

If fear, does something need to be faced or does something want to be learned?

If anger, who or what is not being of service? Who or what is no longer of service?

If sorrow, who or what is calling to be released? Who or what needs to move on?

And so, what must be changed ~ or replaced ~ with something more beneficial?

As mentioned, a pure love of soul embodies peace on the way to grace, even as pure joy in spirit extends the purity of this love, at any moment, to anyone at all, by having found and followed its bliss with grace and ease, but can heart and mind be so purified as to be pure beyond belief?

As you well know, the human experience is conditioned by fear, with fear, through fear. Is it any wonder to realize that any kind of sorrow (hurt, grief, anguish, despair) or that any kind of anger (annoyance, impatience, frustration, resentment) contains and conceals at least some fear?

For what is anger and sorrow without some kind of fear of lack or loss (doubt, dread, worry, anxiety) lurking in the background? Would anger or sorrow not disappear if the fear that underlies it were given its due? And so, what if all fear could be processed and released in the moment?

Would a perpetual purge of fear not require but one commitment?

Certainly, the reward for doing so would be immense: a constancy of positivity by way of equanimity, buoyancy, tranquility, serenity, with and through feelings by turns contented and enchanted; happy and hearty; amused, surprised, and aroused; optimistic and enthusiastic; motivated and inspired; playful and passionate; hopeful, delightful, joyful, and blissful; ecstatic and triumphant!

Not to mention, loving, trusting, caring, and forgiving.

Love or Fear? The Question to End All Questions?

Expectation and restriction conditioned and programmed by all manner of fear are most easily discerned and dispatched when expectation is converted into preference and when restriction is given its due ~ at least for now ~ with this mantra as a welcome bonus: this too shall pass.

But what is one to do when love is fear masquerading as love?

In a world conditioned mostly by fear, motivation cannot help but be driven mostly by fear, rather than by love. Still, love is ever present in the background, with attachments (dependencies, possessions, desperations) being forced and reinforced to serve as replacements for love.

In view of this bleak admission, love is the cure, but only if we innerstand and appreciate the genuine article. What is love, really? Dare we plumb the depths of love? Is this not like asking: dare we put ourselves at risk of releasing all of our dependencies, possessions, and desperations?

I invite you to pose the questions that follow to yourself, as I have:

First, can I not trust my access to love to a point where I can accept and forgive freely, if only for myself, out of a genuine love for self? Second, can I not trust my access to love to a point where I can begin to give and receive purely, if only for myself, out of a genuine love for self?

If you’re not comfortable with so much emphasis on self, permit me to make a subtle shift . . .

If the ripe juicy fruit of accepting and forgiving freely is a robust respect for Life, and if the ripe juicy fruit of giving and receiving purely is a vibrant esteem for Life, then such respect and esteem converge and emerge as confidence in Life without any of the diehard attachments mentioned earlier.

In bringing such convergence to fruition, we allow perfection to manifest in all of its imperfections, while retaining purity in all that we say and do. In a moment of perfection, love and joy converge and emerge purely and freely, ready and willing to know and grow with the flow.


Memo to self: know and grow what is possible as much as this is possible; welcome opportunity while managing expectations, preparing for best and worst case scenarios: absorb or embrace the best in awe and wonder, allow or permit the worst to be what it was you always already expected to happen


whoever you are, whatever you do, be in love with joy to know and grow with the flow

~ yours

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