Focus, Flow, Finesse, Fun

by Christopher Lovejoy on May 9, 2021

What if your perception of everyone and everything suddenly and spontaneously came into sharp focus, so much so that your interpretations of everyone and everything suddenly and spontaneously appeared as pure harmony, moving and speaking with uncommon grace and ease?

This magical, miraculous appearance inside the 3D desktop of your life would, of course, include you, and everything you say and do ~ a pure harmony (with the emphasis on pure) ~ with no end in sight, with no end to insight. Just going and growing with the knowing and flowing.

But wait, don’t give up yet!

What if you decided to apply the appearance of pure harmony as your standard for just one hour in your day, waking and working your way up to one morning, afternoon, or evening, before deciding to do it for an entire day, weekend, or week? Just to see; just to feel ~ just what if ?

finesse, n.: a highly cultivated or developed state of execution, completion, or perfection; the presentation of a flawless or impeccable quality or vitality; the embodiment or expression of an intricate and refined delicacy; a subtly mindful, skillful, and artful handling of any situation

finesse, v.: to bypass or dispatch, or try to bypass or dispatch ~ mindfully, skillfully, and artfully ~ any bothersome expectation or troublesome obligation to answer a question, perform a duty, or address an issue; subtly neutralize undeserving blame with sound actions or reasons

Going and growing with the knowing and flowing: is this not the ultimate in freedom and fulfillment? From the point of view of your Life Review, is your life not the ultimate performance? Never forget: flow follows focus with finesse, by way of fun, in view of freedom and fulfillment.

With and through this expansive view, no one can afford to take their lives too seriously ~ least of all you.


masterful and mysterious … magical and miraculous;
remember, there is magic to be found in the mundane

~ yours

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