Dear Ego, the Self Awaits

by Christopher Lovejoy on March 28, 2021

My dear Ego, I am your Witness. I am the Watcher who watches you, the watcher.

I am aware that you work day and night, 24/7/365, to ensure, the best way you know how, that I survive, that I be safe and secure, all in the interests of stability and satiety, for the sake of your satisfaction and my fulfillment, and for this, I thank you with all my heart and soul.

I grant you, you have much with which to cope, internally and externally ~ it’s almost enough to drive one to drink; it’s certainly enough to drive one to the brink of despair ~ and for these reasons alone, I shall endeavor to do what I can with what I have to love you and support you.

You, dear Ego, are most emphatically NOT the enemy. You, dear Ego, are part and parcel of a vital trifecta of consciousness, and so, if you’ll permit me, I will spell this out for you, with no hint whatsoever that you are, in any way, shape, or form, not enough or not good enough.

You see, dear Ego, you occupy a central place in consciousness that is vital to the whole of consciousness. A 2D picture does not do your role justice, and so I will have you visualize a green glowing sphere within a red, orange, yellow glowing sphere within a blue glowing sphere.

Please note: these colors are not insignificant ~ actually, they are most relevant to your role and your place in consciousness, and, as you might have surmised by now, your sphere of influence is red, orange, and yellow for the simple reason that your fundamental concerns revolve mostly around survival, sufficiency, and significance, respectively. Admittedly, this is one helluva load to bear.

My dear Ego, you are mundane consciousness, and in the grand scheme of things of which you and I both play significant and vital parts, I mean that in the best way possible. Mundane, as in “found in the ordinary course of events;” mundane, as in “preoccupied with worldly matters.”

Like survival, safety, security, stability, satiety, satisfaction, and significance.

Here I must give in to the temptation to ask you: where do you find the time?

But I digress.

The point being, dear Ego, you have been conditioned from birth to program your mind with beliefs and attitudes that enable you, not merely to function, but to function optimally, at least until such time that you yourself can program your own mind with your own beliefs and attitudes.

You can, and have, at least begun the process of programming your own mind, yes?

Here, I will presume, and without overconfidence, or even arrogance, that you have.

I be and do what comes naturally (awareness)
I know what lies within my power (reflection)

~ the Ego, by way of response

Here, I will also presume to propose a concept that most assuredly will be alien to your mundane way of thinking: when I say that you occupy a central place in a trifecta of consciousness, I do not mean to suggest in any way that you presently occupy the pinnacle of consciousness.

Please be aware, dear Ego: from my vantage point, as a Witness, as the Watcher who watches you, the watcher, you subsist in relation to the consciousness of a Self, a Self that contains and carries three vital spheres of consciousness (please pay attention, this is uber important):

  1. divine consciousness (expressive consciousness);
  2. mundane consciousness (egoic consciousness) ~ that’s you!; and
  3. sacred consciousness (embodied consciousness)

As you can see, you occupy a central role and place in a trifecta of consciousness. Paradoxically, and ironically, there is no winner to be found in this triadic scheme for the very simple reason that there is never any race to the finish line that would mark the transition from life to death.

Now I know what you’re thinking and feeling, dear Ego: “I don’t have time for this!” Quite right. I mean, can we not agree that you already have more than enough on your plate, so to speak? So let me spell it out to you as simply and as easily as I can, and . . . without casting any spells.

The soul of a body is sacred; the spirit of a body is divine. The first embodies insightfully; the second expresses delightfully. Did you catch that, dear Ego? Insights are inviolable; delights are invulnerable. Now here’s the kicker ~ brace yourself ~ you cannot have one without the other.

So while you’re preoccupied with negotiating and navigating all manner of adversities, difficulties, inadequacies, and insufficiencies, the soul of your body awaits your attention with all manner of insights, even as the spirit of your body awaits your intention with all manner of delights.

There is an old expression that seems rather appropriate here: “all work and no play makes J a dull goy.” I invite you to pause and feel into the meaning of these words, which I’ve tweaked for your benefit.

Alright, I have so much more I could say, but I’ll stop here and give you chance to process.

In the meantime, dear Ego, the Self awaits . . .


I count two ways to be wealthy: to manifest all that I desire and to desire all that I have; likewise for freedom: for as long as I can strive for more and better, I welcome the possibility of my freedom, but the moment I welcome the freedom to be as I am, I can be, and feel, as free as I please

~ the Ego, by way of response

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