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by Christopher Lovejoy on March 21, 2021

Ultimately, a life lived and loved is only as complex and complicated as we care to make it.

At the base level of existence, one is preoccupied with the rhythms of pleasure and purpose, with “this feels good” and “this feels right,” to lend support to ourselves, even as we lend support to others, and many among us rarely if ever care to go beyond this crucial need for support.

At the next level up, one becomes preoccupied with the rhythms of inspiration in view of aspiration, with “this inspiration feels good” and “this aspiration feels right,” so as to accrue layers of protection, through measures of wealth, power, and status, both for ourselves and others.

Above and beyond preoccupations with pleasure and purpose, with wealth, power, and status, one can enter, if one is ready, the rarefied level of “this feels good” in view of confidence and “this feels right” in light of excellence, where the rhythms of mood and means take precedence.

At this level, euthymia (“good spirit”) reveals itself through many moods and faces ~ buoyancy, equanimity, tranquility, serenity ~ all of which feel very good, even as arete (excellence in virtue) is mistakenly yet forgivably taken as the ultimate good, as one goes/grows with the flow.

In view of these levels of existence, one catches a glimpse of the summum bonum, the ultimate good, one that remains inclusive of all that is, of all that is supportive, protective, and responsive, and with a keen eye for when service is service to self and when service is service to other.

At the pinnacle of “this feels good” and “this feels right,” one is given a taste of One Taste. Here, the temptation to remain is strong, where one is blessed (and rarely if ever burdened) to view and treat the ebb and flow of life itself as not having anything to do with “me, myself, and I.”

In leaving One Taste for a time, one engages the magic of “let it be” and “make it so,” so as to continue the quest to advise, consult, inquire, and propose with confidence in view of, and in light of, excellence. Even so, the choice remains: be the creator? Or . . . “let go, let be, let God”?

If the creator, where goes the faith, the focus, the finesse, the flow, the freedom, the fun?


people, places, and possessions come and go;
memories are forever found inside the flow…

~ yours

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