The Way to Pure Godhood

by Christopher Lovejoy on March 14, 2021

We all know that fate can intervene at any moment, causing us to lose control of ourselves and our lives. As Diogenes the famous Cynic once remarked, perhaps in reference to someone like Marcus Aurelius, “it is the privilege of the gods to want nothing, and of godlike men to want little.”

Paradoxically, we also know that we can embrace, to embody, the seven most purposeful, most powerful words in all of Creation: “assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” We all know that fate can intervene at any moment, but we also know that we can serve to manifest our own destinies.

In this view, your feelings, my feelings, our feelings, are precious beyond belief, but with this universal caveat: just be careful what you wish for, lest the consequences of fulfilling said wish bring more trouble than triumph, to you, to your life, to those who shape and share your world.

Interestingly, the matter of service (service to creation, service to self, service to other, service to none) dovetails rather nicely with this caveat, while begging this deep perennial question: do I live and love my life with a lust for life to (a) get more out of life? or (b) give more to life?

This choice of orientation is no small matter, for it is cosmic in scope. Consider the following list as a snapshot of the most relevant, significant issues as they apply to making (and re-making) The Choice:

giving and taking, going and growing(2)

the choice: getting or giving?(3)
understanding: loving through knowing and flowing(4)

innerstanding: the wisdom of feeling into being(5)
compassionate wisdom(6)

pure godhood(7)

This backdrop is cosmic in scope ~ a cosmic context that lends meaning, purpose, and direction to The Choice. What we may not know (and fully appreciate) is that we have access to each level of consciousness, but we must “do the work” to gain and keep ready, easy access to each.

So for example, to gain and keep ease of access to pure godhood, we must already have been ready, willing, and able to flow with relative grace and ease through each of the previous levels of consciousness; otherwise, we remain susceptible to confusion, frustration, and suspicion.

Speaking for myself, I find myself in a position to explore level 5 in depth in relation to levels 1 through 7. That is, my access to levels 1 through 4 is (mostly) relatively secure, steady, and stable ~ but I have yet to “do the work” to gain and keep ready, easy access to levels 5, 6, and 7.

Would it serve me to “assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled” in view of, and in light of, pure godhood? Certainly, the wisdom of “feeling into being” would require access to compassionate wisdom before having access to the trinfinity of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence.

As far as I know, and as far as I can see, the practicality and spirituality of accessing and addressing compassionate wisdom in the light of pure godhood can be summarily presented as follows:

as the author of my story (5)
flow follows focus with finesse, in view of freedom, by way of fun > ultimate fulfillment

as the dreamer of my life (6)
freedom comes into focus, at rest, in the moment, in view of flow > ultimate fulfillment

as a creator of the dream (7)
faith, focus, finesse, flow, freedom coalesce with love, trust, care > ultimate fulfillment

Here we can see all of the important ingredients to approaching ultimate fulfillment, with the realization that focus is central to the endeavor. Indeed, the very notion of focus can be defined and refined in very real practical terms ~ explicable and applicable to a life lived and loved.

a mystery of faith, focus, finesse, flow, freedom;
a mastery of faith, focus, finesse, flow, freedom:

how do they look, sound, and feel to you now?

Which leaves me to wonder: does one lose the lust for life in pure godhood?

Diogenes seemed to think so.

What do you think?


I do believe it is time for us to wake up ~
and not just to wake up, but to stand up!

~ yours

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