My Reward for Blisscipline

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 24, 2021

This morning, on my way to shopping for groceries, something unusual happened: the Universe opened up to me in a way that seemed rather startling. Not unlike the biblical parting of the Red Sea, I was free to walk as I pleased, in perfect harmony, and with perfect timing.

This effect lasted for the duration of the trip.

I knew what to say or do in every moment, in perfect harmony with myself, others, and the world in which I walked, as if by destiny. I confess, the expression, flow follows focus, became manifest for me in a rather mundane way, but still, the manifestation was a marvel to behold.

The thing is, I can’t pinpoint the source of this good fortune.

Was it the indirect result of an exercise I’ve been doing called “A Vision of My Masterpiece Day”?; was it the indirect outcome of a structure I’ve been constructing called “A Matrix of Release and Control”?; was it the indirect effect of ingesting a Reishi supplement called “Balance”?

Perhaps my manifestation marvel was a product of all three, at least indirectly, but then, I can’t be sure. Admittedly, I could name at least a few more influences that might have contributed to my experience of serenity and serendipity, but again, this is pure speculation on my part.


other influences

  • a faithful reading of The Daily Stoic
  • a healthy, vital preoccupation with The Seven Habits
  • a course online called Deep Abundance Integration
  • a deep dive into exploring the differences between Dionysus and Apollo
  • a habit of paying close attention to my daily schedule

among others . . .

My obsession fascination with ultimate fulfillment over these past weeks could also be bearing fruit in ways and by means I didn’t expect, but I think it fair to conclude that a combination of influences have given me the underlying thrust to find and follow what might be called “my blessed blisscipline.”

I feel it also helps to view and treat this wondrous Universe as being infused with an immense intelligence that remains ever responsive to my every thought, feeling, urge, impulse, instinct, and intuition.


wow, this post was so easy to write (and publish)!

~ yours, in awe and wonder


what is the fruit of these teachings?
only the most beautiful and proper harvest
of the truly educated:
serenity, fearlessness, and freedom;
we should not trust the masses who say
only the free can be educated,
but rather the lovers of wisdom who say
that only the educated are free

~ Epictetus, Discourses, 2.1.21-23a

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