Steady … Stable … Focus

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 11, 2021

clarity, beauty, harmony, serenity!

flow… follows… focus, with finesse,
in view of fun, freedom, fulfillment

~ distant shoreline or guiding star?

the main task in life
is to identify and separate matters
so that I can say clearly to myself
which externals are beyond my control,
and which have to do with choices that I do control;
where, then, do I look for good and evil?
not to uncontrollable externals,
but within myself, to the choices that are my own

~ Epictetus, Discourses, 2.5.4-5

finesse, n.: a highly cultivated or developed state of execution, completion, or perfection; a presentation of a flawless or impeccable quality or vitality; the embodiment or expression of an intricate and refined delicacy; a subtly mindful, skillful, and artful handling of a situation

finesse, v.: to bypass or dispatch, or try to bypass or dispatch ~ mindfully, skillfully, and artfully ~ any bothersome expectation or troublesome obligation to answer a question, perform a duty, or address an issue; subtly neutralize undeserving blame with sound reasons or motives


be mindful of the common good in all that you say and do;
be discerning here and now to bring judgment to certainty;
and apply appreciation to everything that comes your way!

~ yours

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