Personal Sovereignty

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 3, 2021

Focus, flow, finesse, freedom, fun, fulfillment ~ sure, they matter ~ but what matters now?

What matters ~ here, now, and forevermore ~ is that I “drop the fomo” to pause, breathe, and inquire, in the moment, for the moment: what matters to me, my soul, my spirit, here and now? And then to listen, not to any voice, but to that unique being and knowing within.

To me, my soul, my spirit, nothing trumps “I am, I know, here, now.” In other words, “this is relevant; this is significant; this is important ~ to me, my soul, my spirit, here and now. What you say or do, in reaction or response, is ultimately your choice.”

you might be feeling stressed;
you might even be overworked;
but then, maybe you’re juggling
the obligations of parenthood,
or navigating the chaos of a new venture,
or grappling (effectively, successfully?)
with the nuances of power or influence

wrestling with an addiction, perhaps?
deeply and profoundly in love, perchance?
jumping from one relationship to the next?
fast approaching the golden years?
or indulging the spoils of youth?
busy as a badge of honor, are you?
or simply bored out of your mind?

The same solution applies: as above, so below.

Look, I’m not saying “don’t be bored (or boring).” I’m simply offering you a choice to be as flow, with focus, in view of freedom and fulfillment, and to be so with fun or finesse. Did you catch that? I said “to be so” not “to do so.” As Lao-Tzu so famously declared: the way to do is to be.

Not “be, then do” but “be and do.” Do you innerstand the vital difference here? Do you also innerstand that “to be is to know” ~ to really, truly know? And that to know is to know what is really, truly relevant, significant, and important to you, your soul, your spirit, here and now?

You do? Wonderful!

And stop staying “I understand” ~ you need not stand under anyone ~ that’s an order. Do you hear me? Stop it! Innerstand. Approach the mystery and the mastery by standing up for yourself, by standing in your power, along with its companions known as truth and love.

Your truth, your love, your power. Capeesh? (new translation: innerstand)

I conjure the world in my own image;
here is my vision of heaven on earth!

I innerstand. Say it: I … inner … stand.

A few quick examples: “I innerstand that you’re full of beep!, in need of a serious enema for the soul” and “I innerstand that what you’re saying and doing is a devious lie because you don’t have the balls or breasts to speak your own truth” and “I innerstand that you’re laboring hopelessly under the influence of power lust, shamelessly plugging “for the good of all” as your tool of choice to control others.”

Like that. See how easy that was?

But whatever you do, do not get caught up in cold ‘n bold or loud ‘n proud.


“Yes, master, I innerstand.”

Thank you.

Fair Warning for the Coming Year

The essentials of personal sovereignty in keeping with the year 2021 are super simple: be ready and willing to pull back at any time and turn on your BS detector; be prepared to give all sides a voice and to weigh the merits of all sides; discern and interpret the merits of said sides in keeping with facts, not feelings; come to your own conclusions without undue bias or prejudice; proceed accordingly.

I said “super simple,” not “easy.”

Best of luck; we’re gonna need it.


live life on your own terms
earn more, spend less, save more
manifest your own destiny

and if you decide to use debt,
just make sure you know
what you’re being and doing!

~ yours

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