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by Christopher Lovejoy on December 31, 2020

For me, 2020 was the most interesting year of my life, by far. That is, I don’t recall any other year where my attention was so occupied with all things good, bad, and ugly. Certainly, 2020, for me, my soul, was a full year, but I must wonder: was it a full-filling year for both my soul and my spirit?

As I learned through this past year, fulfillment implies so much: contentment, entrapment, discernment, improvement, achievement, enhancement, enchantment ~ and not always in that order.

Truth be told, even as the soul was made for contentment, the spirit was made for enchantment, and the ego, the poor maligned ego, is left to deal with everything in between (if possible, with fun and finesse).

So what are we to make of the coming year? Compared to 2020, 2021 seems almost like an afterthought, but then I recall the tectonic shift in human mass consciousness that is occurring around this world at this time, one that is catalyzing every single one of us to step up or bow out.

We have so much knowledge, experience, and wisdom at our fingertips that it boggles the mind. Are you feeling overwhelmed by it all? Are you feeling distracted by it all? Or are you carefully crafting the matrix and the means by which to make sense of it all in ways both meaningful and purposeful? In my mind, in my heart, these are the questions that will define our lives in the year to come.

When I see or hear 2021, I can’t help but spell it out: 2 0 2 1. I must confess, like Pythagoras, I have a peculiar fascination with numbers, with assigning meaning to numbers as part of my sense-making apparatus. I even went so far as to assign essential meanings to each number.

The schema on the right is somewhat influenced by the notion of densities as expounded in the Law of One.

In my view, and in view of where humanity is now (collectively, in transition from third density to fourth density), the numbers 2 0 2 1 (in this order) have deep significance. Admittedly, the number two is ambiguous: does it reference metaphysical duality within unity? Or does it reference the quantum of second density in the current octave of densities (the density of conscious microbial, vegetative, and creaturely life) both within and without, which is presently on the rise to meet and greet and join consciousness in fourth density, either in service to self or in service to others?

Interpretation: humanity is presently grappling mightily with the reality of duality, but even more fundamentally, it is bifurcating along a deep fault line that threatens to destroy one worldview at the expense of another. One worldview would have us believe we have no need of Source: “we can do this on our own.” The other worldview would enjoin us to attune and align with Source consciousness.

The Challenge: is it to clarify and harmonize this instinctive, instinctual bifurcation in keeping with unity?

What are you doing to reconcile this fault line within yourself (in service to self) and/or with others (in service to others)? For me, and perhaps for you too, this has been an ongoing question in 2020.

But, in 2 0 2 1, I strongly suspect this question will come begging for some definitive answers.


anyone or anything
in possession of the power
to give me what I need or want
has the power to take it away,
for any reason whatsoever,
anywhere, at anytime

~ yours

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