2020: A Year to Ponder

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 25, 2020

is my quest for meaning
found in a world full of hardship?


is my quest for meaning
full in a world found in flowship?

The suffix -ship has more than a few meanings. For my purposes here, I construe -ship as (1) a suffix to denote a condition (hardship) or quality (flowship), and (2) a suffix to denote a skill in a certain capacity (like entrepreneurship or, for my purposes, like flowship).

As of this writing, however, flowship is not a commonly recognized word, but in my humble estimation, it could be. In looking back at the year 2020, a year of hardship for many, which I called the year to be clear, I feel compelled to introduce flowship by way of contrast.

Just as one can view the world through an objective lens, in contrast to a subjective lens, one can also view the world either through a lens of hardship or a lens of flowship. Indeed, a sensible argument could even be made to make a study of turning hardship into flowship.

Nearing the end of this year, and at the risk of overstating the obvious, much has happened in 2020. The most curious thing about this year, at least for me, was the constant refrain in my heart of certain basic questions such as “is this actually real / true / good / right / fair?”

Prompting me to ask … “what is real / true / good / right / fair?”

Judging from countless comments and queries made by a wide range of truth seekers on many a social media platform, a consensus is emerging around the identity of three major themes that arose in 2020, which will likely have lasting repercussions for the 2020s (and beyond):

(1) Wait, did you say pandemic or plandemic?

(2) Orange man bad? Or … orange man good?

(3) The Great Reset? Or the Great Awakening?

If you’re thinking these major thematic questions are related ~ entwined even ~ give yourself a gold star. If you’re feeling befuddled by these questions, I hate to break it to you, but you haven’t been paying attention. Either that or you’ve been hypnotized by a false narrative.

To be fair, if you’ve labored unduly under more than your fair share of hardship, and feel that you’ve born it well, while not really paying much attention to what’s been going on around you in the big bad wide world, give yourself a gold star. No, give yourself a platinum star.

I have true, deep, mad respect for laborers, both common and otherwise, and all the more if, as, when they’re ready and willing to use hardship (effectively, efficiently, successfully) as catalyst to learn, grow, and cultivate the fruits of flowship with uncommon grace and ease.

More commonly, however, can we not see that a Great Divide has opened up this past year between those who have had it hard and those who have had it easy? Kudos to those who have made the best of what little they have and kudos to those who have shared their bounty.

In my study of the ultimate in personal fulfillment, flowship resides at the heart of this study, and the events of 2020 have given me a newfound innerstanding and appreciation of hardship, which I strongly suspect will inform and inspire my explorations in the decade to come.

In light of this admission, I wonder: how might we frame 2020 to 2030?

What if we clearview 2020 as the prologue and 2030 as the epilogue?


In conjuring ultimate fulfillment with finesse, the focus is beyond fun; the focus is on flow in view of freedom or, if you prefer, the focus is on freedom by way of flow. Fun is not incidental; fun is vital and integral to following the flow and finding the freedom with a fine-tuned focus.

~ yours, a fellow magician

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