Just How Free Can I Be?

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 22, 2020

Q: just how free can I be?!
A: why, as far as I can see!

Just as soon as I did this Q&A on myself, I dropped into the Deep Now: no attachments, no detachments. Just Me. And then, not Just Me, if you catch my meaning. From there, a simple matter of bringing experience back into and through the manifold sensations of my experience.

Absolute freedom, however, has no measure or meaning without the constraining, constricting contrast of relative freedom. A pure awareness of infinity through eternity, must yield, eventually, to the experience of infinite possibility, from which and through which a relative freedom can be tapped, tuned, and tasted.

Herewith, two key definitions of relative freedom for your consideration or contemplation:

Freedom 1: the wisdom to bring forth a reality where I can do what I need to do when I need to do it

Freedom 2: the wisdom to bring forth a reality where I can do what I wish to do when I wish to do it

If a need is not a wish, then a wish is not a need. I say this for emphasis, of course, to draw attention to the matter of fate in relation to destiny, even as I say it to draw attention to the matter of soul in relation to spirit; to be sure, a soul has its needs, just as a spirit has its wishes.

Needs and wishes. Soul and spirit. Fate and destiny. Not this or that, but this and that. Freedom 1 and Freedom 2, with two distinct yet integral types of wisdom from which and through which to bring forth one reality where flow and synchronicity are par for the course.

A Call to Exercise Your Relative Freedom

I cordially invite you to exercise your relative freedom as follows:

why vaccinate for a virus with a survival rate of more than 99%?

why would a vaccinated person care if another person chose not to vaccinate?

why is there no liability against vaccine manufacturers for damages resulting from vaccines?


without any fear, or risk, of being summarily censored,
what if every competent adult on Earth took a moment
to post these three questions on Twitter and Facebook?

I hereby accept the vaccination of my person for the current novel designer coronavirus and any of its subsequent mutations, provided that any and all resulting damages to my person as a result of being administered said vaccine(s) can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Wait, did I just sentence myself to death with this conditional offer of acceptance?

Or worse, to a lifetime of incapacitation and misery inside a concentration camp?


to the overseers and spellcasters of the novel coronavirus:
is there more to all of this than meets the eye? if so, what?
are you not prepared to share your reasons? and motives?

please, do tell ~ no lies; just the cold hard truth

thank you

~ yours

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