Magical Manifestation?

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 25, 2020

this is real and true;
this feels good, and right;
this is fair, and fine;
and this, is pure delight!

As I practice my blisscipline in light of the immense intelligence that resides at the heart of creation behind the illusion of domination acting against fair orchestration that favors ease of manifestation, I bolster my relationship with this immensely generous intelligence.

Where to begin? Why, at the beginning of course!
I am Alive; Aware; Awake; Alert. I am, here, now.
Just for now, I am Free to be as I am, where I am.

I came to this world to grapple and struggle, to proffer and suffer, to sink and to surrender myself, my ego, to the many and various generous blessings of peace, love, joy, bliss, grace, and ease in the light of truth, compassion, and wisdom, by way of focus, flow, freedom, and fulfillment.

I came to this world to plumb the vast and scary depths of my capacities for ignorance and arrogance in relation to the truth of who I am and in relation to the wholeness of all that is, to learn and to grow through the differences between nescience and ignorance, pride and arrogance.

The terms “nescience” and “ignorance” are often confused: the first comes from the Latin verb nesciere ~ “to not know because knowledge is absent or unattainable.” For example, the more I come to know, the more extensive my awareness of the nescience that surrounds me.

On the other hand, the term “ignorance” comes from the Latin verb ignorare ~ “to not know even though the necessary information is present, because this information has been willfully refused or disregarded.” Ignorantia juris non excusat. Ignorance of the law excuses not.

One can speak to natural law, universal law, the laws of creation, cosmic law, or common law. One could say that nescience ~ not ignorance ~ is bliss, but a common knowing that remains at variance with “knowing better” is a splinter that can lead to struggle and suffering.

There but for the grace of God go I.

In view of these distinctions, might there be a core of wisdom with which and from which to navigate the pitfalls of ignorance and arrogance? If so, what role does mood, feeling, emotion, and state of being play in being a loveable if not capable navigator of love, lust, and life?

Could the way be cleared to be a magical manifestor?


decisive, assertive, effective action fulfills desire

~ yours

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