Eat Fruit, Make Love

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 30, 2020

eat fruit, make love, travel the world, explore to express;
start where you are and make the most of what you have

These suggestions came through to me from the heart of Self, but I have many questions, and who better to ask than . . . and here I pause for emphasis . . . the totality of my Being, which (remarkably!) includes and transcends the body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit of Selfhood.

Hello, Totality, how are things?

You have a question about your reality.

I do. You read my mind. I like that you can do that.

Your question.

Yes, of course, my question. Reality or totality: which includes which?

A hint: if reality is existence as perceived by consciousness, then . . . .

I suddenly feel inspired . . . to be . . . wholly present . . . here and now.

Take your time. Actually, no. Scratch that ~ enter timelessness . . . .

Totality, I am . . . getting having intimations of reality as a totality, of totality as a reality. In silence, in stillness, the two would be seamless as Not-Two were it not for the sense of separation induced by the constant chatter, and were it not for the compulsion to chat your ears off.

I have no ears.

Point well taken. Thank you. So where do I go from here?

Wherever you wish.

But what if I lose my way?

So what if you do?

What do you mean?

Are you yourself not the Way?

A most intriguing idea, I do admit, but what of trials and tribulations? What of problems and difficulties? What of adversaries and adversities? What of miseries and misfortunes? What of inadequacies and insufficiencies? What of troubles and dangers? What of worries and wobbles?

Are these apparent obstacles not the Way?

Wait, you just told me that I am the Way. And why do you say “apparent”? Easy for you to say.

Yes, it is. I am Totality, after all, which includes and transcends your past, present, and future.

I see. What I hear you saying is that “this too shall pass.” So in one sense, it is merely apparent.

But what do you do in the kindtime?

You mean the meantime, don’t you?

The meantime, the kindtime, what’s the difference?

The difference is clearly in the approach. That is, be I mean or be I kind? Be I mean to myself and others or be I kind to myself and others, if as when I face up to any apparent obstacle along the Way?

As the way to do is to be in the face of apparent obstacles, who are you in the kindtime?

Whoever I wish to be.

Most fundamentally, yes, but who do you care to be?


Kind. What does that mean to you?

X is kind when X is agreeable to Y, or . . . X is kind when X is conducive to Y.


Conducive to comfort, as in, the weather is kind for a leisurely stroll along the shore of a beach.

And when is someone conducive to another?

When said someone agrees to assist or promote another agreeably.

Give me an example that means something to you.

I remain kind when I tolerate a provocation, temptation, or obligation, like when you challenge my equilibrium with a comment or query. By the same token, you are kind when the words you choose to respond to my comments and queries are conducive to my calm, comfort, and care.

Do you expect that I show a tender, considerate, helpful nature at all times, in all ways?

I prefer that I show you a tender, considerate, helpful nature whenever, wherever possible to smooth the way for you to show me your tender, considerate, helpful nature. Think of it as my default setting.

I appreciate your gesture of good will, but where I am, I have no trials and tribulations, problems and difficulties, adversaries and adversities, miseries and misfortunes, inadequacies and insufficiencies, troubles and dangers, worries and wobbles, beyond the ones that you have.

Intriguing. So if I am you, does this mean I have no worries and wobbles?

How do you feel now?

I feel completely at ease.

Are you willing to feel this way forevermore?

You now dwell in foreverness, so you tell me.

For me, it is not a choice.

As choiceless as a leisurely stroll on a beach?

As choiceless as a beach.

And just as timeless; I can feel the ease of timelessness even as I confess my feeling.

And yet you exist in time.

As do you, or else you would not be able to carry on a conversation with me.

Not so. Your timeliness complements the timelessness within which I dwell.

What would happen if I release my timeliness to timelessness forevermore?

You would die a most uncertain death; are you prepared to let this happen?

Is this not like asking if or whether I am prepared to die an untimely death?

You tell me.

I would say “yes, it’s like asking if I am so prepared,” that is, if we care to extend the meaning of death beyond bodily death to include emotional, mental, and/or spiritual death. I truly cannot say, in good conscience, that I care to experience a living death beyond a point of no return.

Beyond a point of no return?

Beyond a point where I can never come back to life while incarnate.

If this is so, then how could you possibly feel completely at ease forevermore?

Which I suppose is why you queried “are you willing to feel this way forevermore?”

When I posed this query, I was not sure whether you were willing to release your timeliness to timelessness forevermore. With a warm, tender, considerate, helpful nature as your default setting, are you willing to feel completely at ease forevermore above and beyond a living death?

I can honestly say that I am willing, yes.

If so, then how do you propose to conduct yourself forevermore?

At the end of my post, No Worries, No Wobbles, I offered this:

be patient, be playful, be perceptive ~ you’ll get a read soon enough;
your dearest allies? a clear mind, a buoyant mood, a serene outlook

Cultivating patience and perspicuity in service to buoyancy and serenity is a noble endeavor.

I have no wish to be so formal. I feel and know the heart of self simply ~ as kind and patient.

You wish to be kind and patient?

No. I am kind and patient, and so I act accordingly, whenever wherever possible or necessary.

Is there no room for you to be mean and impatient? Will you not draw the ire of those who cannot be kind and patient? Are you not backing yourself into a corner by insisting that you be kind and patient to feel completely at ease forevermore? Are you not afraid of consequences?

No. Maybe. Maybe. No.

No room for you to be mean and impatient?

No, which is not to say that I will never feel the urge or impulse to be mean and impatient. With no room, I can alert myself whenever I feel the urge or impulse, and when I indulge it, if I indulge it, I will at least know when to explore it and reflect on it so as to learn and grow from it.

Are you not afraid of the consequences of being so uncompromising?

I feel, and know, the heart of self as kind, and patient, which does not preclude a discernment and fulfillment of desire, juicy or otherwise. I am kind and patient, and will find opportunities to settle more truly and deeply into the heart of self, with and for myself, with and for others.

Again, will you not draw the ire of those who cannot be kind and patient?

If I do, I’ll have reason to exercise the discipline of kindness with patience.

Again, do you not feel yourself at risk of backing yourself into a metaphysical corner by insisting, in no uncertain terms, that you be kind and patient on the Way to feeling completely at ease forevermore?

Let’s just say I’m willing to assume the risk, if indeed it is a risk, which I’m not convinced it is.

One final note: as I am sure you already know, innerstanding as a student of life and overstanding as a master of life do not come without the requisite experience and discipline. How will you fulfill your potential, and in fulfilling it, how will you conduct yourself forevermore?

With frames, by going and growing with the flowing, by cultivating urges and impulses for the sake of desire, by planting seeds of desire, by bringing desires to fruition, but most of all, by refusing to remain unduly attached to having the objects and outcomes of my desire.

Which frames? And why those?

First, let me speak briefly to the notion of frames. A frame is a structure that serves to contain, support, and protect. Frames can be physical or metaphysical; when metaphysical, they suggest systems or sets of suppositions and standards that sanction behavior and give it meaning.


Totality, let us suppose that I am you, and you are me, if only for a moment.

. . .

Totality, in that moment, neither of us had any reason to type a single word.

True, and only in separation were you able to type the word “true” just now.

In separation, I can conceive of you, Totality, as a metaphysical container, as holding the sum and source of all that is; in separation, I can also conceive of a metaphysical bridge between me and you; and in separation, I can also receive you in your totality as a metaphysical mirror.

A mirror of your thought, feeling, behavior, and conduct.


And so, in separation, you reside within the container of all that is; your perceptions and interpretations of what occurs inside this container implies a bridge of sorts; and the ways in which you respond or react to your situations and circumstances in totality indicate a mirror.

Essentially yes, and how I respond to this mirror depends on the meanings I assign.

While recalling or keeping in mind that . . . “what you put out is what you get back.”

Yes, I can count on this universal law of creation to compel me to assign meaning, either (a) after I put out nothing, or (b) after I put out that which produces or generates, immediately or eventually, a reflection in the mirror of my own thought, feeling, behavior, and/or conduct.

Concise ~ now speak to the meaning of meaning itself.

I can do so with yet another frame, but first, consider :

what appears in my experience
what appears in my experience as a consequence of what I said or did (or didn’t say or do)
what appears in my experience as a consequence of what I say or do (or don’t say or do)

note: it remains a mystery to me whether anything that appears in my experience is (a) not a consequence of what I said or did (or didn’t say or do), or (b) not a consequence of what I say or do (or don’t say or do)

What appears in your experience is here and now.

Everything is here and now, and it is in my nature to be here now: to be at peace and to be at ease; to be patient, playful, and perceptive; to be tender, considerate, and helpful; to be clear, buoyant, and serene.

It sounds like you have an abundance of being and becoming.

We all do, but only if we know and care enough to manifest it.

Otherwise . . .

Otherwise, we put ourselves at risk of a living death.

What is the alternative?

Simple: a love and lust for life.

How does that manifest for you in practical terms?

Again, simple: eat fruit, make love.

Eat fruit, make love?

Eat fruit, make love. I construe this declarative snapshot deeply and broadly, literally and figuratively, as: cultivate and enjoy the fruits of your being; make love to your life with or without a lust for life.

It sounds like you’re all set.



Nothing is fixed, and because nothing is fixed, anything can be lost at any moment.

Which might account for your reliance on frames to contain, support, and protect.

Yes, not merely to contain, support, and protect, but to manufacture and manifest.


Produce naturally, from the depths of my being.

So far, you’ve given me a metaphysical frame and a psychological frame. Do you have a practical frame?

I have many practical frames.

Do you have one practical frame that can serve as the sum and source of your many practical frames?

Good question. Let me ponder that for a moment; do I have a practical mainframe? When I ascend in my imagination to look on Earth in awe and wonder, with praise and thanksgiving, I cannot help but see a universal challenge to the bulk of humanity that requires remedy.

How does this challenge manifest for you?

Quite simply in the form of three questions, the same three questions that keep coming up for processing for humanity in the face of malicious, malevolent, malignant intent and conduct: (1) am I bad person? (2) what did I do wrong now? and (3) am I not worthy and deserving?

Your practical mainframe is your mainstay to process these questions.

I do not think for a moment that this dark challenge deserves special treatment. Having said this, I do think that this challenge requires careful attention with but one among many practical frames.

I recall you wrote and published a post to address this challenge.

Yes, and I gave that post this title: Worthy of a Separate Peace.

In the same vein, you also wrote and published Compression or Compassion?

That’s correct.

Do you have any candidates to serve as your practical mainframe?

In late 2019, I wrote and published three consecutive posts on my site that explores and examines many practical frames, but I have yet to whip one of them into shape to serve as my practical mainframe.

Presence, and Productivity?

Living a Stupid Simple Life

Sanity, Serenity, Serendipity

Just before that, you also wrote and published What Really, Truly Matters in late 2019.

Yes, it was an attempt to go to the very heart of what really, truly matters, both in life and in love, with a frame, an algorithm, and a set of key questions for the evolution and ascension of soul and spirit, and was accompanied by an extensive list of references for further study.

So, what makes for an ideal practical mainframe?

Subjectively speaking, it is consonant with The Way of Huna Wisdom; collectively speaking, it is conformable with Comm-union and Comm-unity. Personally speaking, it is concordant with The Fine Art of Doing Nothing, my primary intention, my typology, and my daily life.

With your typology?

When I became aware of how I process information and make decisions, I delved more deeply into the nature of my personality type and discovered the notion of cognitive functions, which are stacked in ways that indicate where I am strong and sure, and where I am not.

typological frame
for the INFP type

Fi <———-> Fe
Ne <———-> Ni
Si <———-> Se
Te <———-> Ti

As I recall you wrote a series of posts on the INFP type.

I did, yes, many moons ago, in the Spring of 2018.

These days, what are your most pressing concerns, if any?

Allow me to rephrase your question.


Where do I find and follow my inspiration when I deal with apparent discord and difficulty?

vibrating here, now at the speed of peace, with love and joy,
by way of bliss, through grace and ease, in awe and wonder

I remain ever alert to what I put out, energetically speaking,
as I tap and tune my inner guidance to lead me along the Way
to manifest valuable, desirable encounters and experiences

the creation responds, not to the words, but to the vibrations,
through thought, feeling, belief, intention, expectation, inspiration,
as consciousness contributes to the blooming of co-creations

When you deal with apparent discord and difficulty?

Thank you for drawing this qualifier to my attention and to the attention of my readers. Herewith, two apparently contradictory meanings of apparent: (1) appearing as such, but not necessarily so; and (2) clearly and unequivocally revealed to the mind or senses for all to see.

What I hear you saying is that discord and difficulty are not always what they seem.

Creation responds, not to the words and deeds, but to their vibrations. When I offer “kdae aea adlefa” to the creation without feeling, Creation does not know what to do with it. When I offer “oink oink” with intense emotion, Creation knows enough to reflect back more of the same.

I can see where you’re going with this . . .

My general response to discord and difficulty is the Art of Surrender, wherein I shared my core values ~ beauty, harmony, serenity, intimacy, ecstasy ~ values that clearly and unequivocally point to the heart and soul of an artist, which, in my case, means a verbal and visual artist.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do ~ Rumi

You love to play with verbals and visuals to produce works of art for others to share and appreciate.

In letting the beauty of what I love be what I do, I remain cognizant of my experience of harmony and serenity by way of artistic exploration and creative expression to inform and inspire my encounters with apparent discord and difficulty in view of more intimacy and more ecstasy.

Eat fruit, make love.

Relish the fruits of who you are; make love to your life, with or without a lust for life.


all lives matter, including black and blue lives

~ yours

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