Blessings and Bypasses

by Christopher Lovejoy on May 3, 2020

in letting the beauty of what I love … be what I do,
I embrace experience without expectation, for my
inspiration and transformation are my liberation

A dark spell is not unlike a bad mood, but a dark spell feels much worse.

From a witness perspective, a dark spell is not unlike a black hole, a cold grip of forever, with no hope of relief or respite. From any other perspective, a dark spell threatens, and without mercy, to undermine or overwhelm the sacred space between stimulus and response.

In spite of what you may have heard, a dark spell cannot be broken ~ only bypassed. That is to say, a dark spell can only ever be bypassed with blessings. Easier said than done, I know, as and when a rising to the bypassing can feel completely and utterly impossible.

Note well this emphasis on feel because herein lies the key to recovery, if only temporary. Now that you have the key, I invite you to say it out loud, with as much heartfelt feeling as you can muster: “I am not my feelings … I am not crushed; I am merely feeling crushed.”

A rising to the bypassing can feel impossible ~ not that it ever is impossible, even after a dark mass ascends from the cold depths, in the dark of night. Here, you have two saving graces: (1) becoming a witness to the weight; and (2) recalling the sacred space between S and R.

You enter a meditative state, pulling back and becoming a witness to your body, your mind, your world, and from a detached space and place within, you note from afar, with a brightening sense of curiosity, sights and sounds, thoughts and feelings, comings and goings all around.

You open a space and place within, recalling your sense of agency, your sense of autonomy, your sense of authority, as a sovereign power capable of bringing presence to promise, and doing so without being at the mercy of any stimulus that would have you react mindlessly.

Be a witness to the weight and recall the space: with these two saving graces, you reclaim your immense power to effect change, and you double or triple this immense power when you remember to breathe in a way that restores your mind to some semblance of deep peace.

But first, establish a symmetrical stance: if sitting, sit upright, yet relaxed; if standing, stand up straight, your feet shoulder-width apart, your palms forward and slightly apart from your body, shoulders back and relaxed; if lying or reclining, enter the ever fundamental corpse pose.

Here, the way to breathe is breathtakingly simple: bring the body to rest; follow the breath and hold it after the exhale until it can be held no more; breathe immensely and gratefully to the point of bursting; exhale slowly and deliberately to the point of exhaustion; hold and repeat.

Check: can I now follow my breath slowly and deeply without trying?

At the first opportunity, stop whatever you’re doing. Stop it cold. If you’re lying in bed, get up and walk away, even if this means going through the motions. If you’re in the midst of activity, bring this activity to completion; seek fresh activity elsewhere as your antidote to adversity.

Seek activity that allows you to remain open and receptive ~ seek the solitude and solace of a natural place or space; lose yourself in a lush and soothing soundscape or piece of music; immerse yourself in a train ride video or any other type of video where you need not deliberate.

These are but a few examples of what you can do to bypass the spell; call on your imagination to find even more. Just remember: a change of scene and a change of pace are critical to your recovery.

Remember, too: where flow follows focus, focus follows flow.

Your fulfillment is found in and with and for the moment.


Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible;
and suddenly you’re doing the impossible

~ Francis of Assisi

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