Focus Flow Freedom 2020

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 4, 2020

To look is casual; to see what you look at is more than casual; to innerstand what you see is intimate; to learn from what you innerstand is proximate; but to act on what you learn is consummate

I’m convinced that 2020 will set the tone and pace for the entire decade to come.

Actually, let me rephrase that. I’m convinced that those who would make 2020 a year to be clear will set the tone and pace for the decade to come, and here I’m not talking about the traditional movers and shakers ~ they’ve had their day ~ I’m talking about someone else entirely.

The ones I’m talking about will be charging full speed ahead with their creativity, collaborating intuitively, decisively, and effectively behind the scenes to inform and transform this world from the inside out, all the while surfing the incoming, rising, surging waves of cosmic energy.

I’m talking about those who can see fit to ground themselves routinely in the natural world; I’m talking about those who can bring the issues of life, health, and fitness into sharper focus; I’m talking about those who can laugh out loud when seized by real moments of stunning clarity.

I’m talking about those whose heartfelt intelligence is consummate for the times in which we live and whose confidence is second nature, who are extraordinarily adept at receiving, handling, healing, or dispatching conflict energy. In 2020, conflict resolution will very much be a thing.

A true world order is rising in spite of ourselves, in the midst of a dying world, and its beneficial effects will be clear for all to see. There will no denying its beneficence. There will, however, be resistance and pushback along the way, but all will be taken in stride by the changemakers.

The people of this world, if they are to remain relevant and significant to this rising true world order, will have no choice but to keep finding it within themselves to give their love and light to a deeper cause ~ whatever this means to them ~ even as their awareness of death grows.

Much that has been hidden from mass consciousness will be exposed and disclosed in the year 2020. We will generally feel more comfortable speaking our truth to power with less concern about consequences, or else feel compelled to speak truth to power regardless of comfort.

With all of this truth telling, old patterns of thought and feeling will be challenged to their core, all the more unsettling as these vibrational and emotional patterns shift on quicksand, even for those who think they know the truth of who they are and what this world has to offer.

I wish I could say that 2020 will be a year of peace and prosperity, but alas, it will be anything but. I can say, however, that 2020 will be the year to clear the way to peace and prosperity if/as we all come to terms with a marked rise in triggering events and triggered people(s).

I predict that the word “trigger” will be the word of the year by the end of 2020.

By the same token, toxic, abusive relations, at home and at work, will be much less tolerated, with a collective focus on moving beyond old patterns of emotional conditioning and social programming helping to clear the air as these hoary relations are resolved or dissolved.

The popular phrase, “constant change is here to stay,” will come to the fore, more so than ever, having us seek and find ever more effective, efficient methods of soothing ourselves, grounding and balancing ourselves in the midst of a discordant mix and mess of energies.

The significance and relevance of digital and virtual technologies will find a greater, sweeter balance with actual connections and interactions. Those who persist in remaining inside their digital bubbles will find, much to their chagrin, a much reduced quality and vitality of life.

To those who persist in hiding behind their digital devices, welcome to the meat world. Your digital devices will become, if you let them, your springboards to new and fresh opportunities for emotional connection and social interaction. Just be mindful of your non-negotiables.

All in all, a most interesting year awaits those who remain open to its possibilities and opportunities.

In view of the freedom to come, never forget: flow … follows … focus.


in 2020, your mind will rarely be too busy for your heart to be a heart

~ a tiny consolation from yours truly

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