The Year of Clear Vision

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 28, 2019

The year 2020 might very well be the year where everything becomes crystal clear, setting the tone and pace for the entire decade to come, but will it be the year that changes everything for everyone?

The holiday season (nearing the end of 2019) is waiting for the appearance of a watershed, one that marks the transition from a decade of tumult and turmoil to a decade of peace and prosperity. Having said this, the symbolic significance of 2020 cannot be underestimated.

In view of regret, in light of remorse, we all know that hindsight is 20/20 ~ this much is obvious ~ but could it not also be true that foresight is 20/20, as and when it is backed up and pushed forward by the combined power and wisdom of instinct, reason, insight, and intuition?

Many of us already know in our heart of hearts that a year of clear vision is exactly what humanity needs if it is to move onward and upward into and through the next decade, to be known by posterity as the 2020s if humanity is fortunate enough to prevail without falling into folly.

The 2020s? I have to pinch myself to realize that we are but days away from a new decade, a decade that rings true as both futuristic and fantastic (in more ways than one), if only the differences that keep people apart in the hidden culture wars could be addressed mindfully.

That is, if only the differences that keep people apart in the hidden culture wars could be addressed mindfully, skillfully, artfully, respectfully, intelligently, wisely, freely, fairly, and fully. I’m not asking for too much, am I? Maybe I am. The passage of time will surely tell the tale.

I dare say, if these cultural differences are not addressed and resolved anytime soon, this tired and troubled world will continue to degenerate and devolve into a global tyranny powered by artificial intelligence, into a socio-economic gridlock, into a mere whisper of its former glory.

And here, I’m talking about the kind of global tyranny that is all too quietly and agreeably put in place, kept in place, and held in place with, through, and by a constraining, conforming type of acquiescence ~ what one popular commentator aptly called “the totalitarian tiptoe.”

Brave New World, anyone?

Walking right alongside this nefarious tiptoe, however, is a doggedly persistent, peace-loving, freedom-loving insistence that this is not at all how it ought to be; au contraire, there is so much more to life and love than getting squeezed into a one-size-fits-all ad poster display.

Mass surveillance and censorship that move beyond the traditional mandate of “serve and protect in the interests of liberty” is a harbinger of spiritual death ~ most especially the death of creative emotionality. Security is no substitute for liberty ~ never has been, never will be.

In the interests of this world, may the loving, trusting, caring, forgiving, surging energies of 2020 be dedicated and devoted to relaxing and releasing the creative, productive, constructive potential of humanity for the good of everyone everywhere on this blue jewel of a planet.

And to creating a world that remains ever worthy of its children.

Sounds like a pipe dream, I know, and maybe this is so. Regardless …

May you experience (and enjoy!) an everclear and playful year.

Whatever this means to you.

For myself, I shall endeavor to surf the surging waves of information and transformation with uncommon clarity, equanimity, buoyancy, and serenity on the way to serendipity in the interests of harmony.

Without smoking any dope.

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