Gratitude and Generosity

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 21, 2019

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but these days, things don’t seem so jolly.

Should we be concerned? Should we care? Perhaps it depends on who you’re talking to. Who am I talking to? Am I talking to you? Or am I talking to someone attached to you? Reason being, I no longer know who I’m talking to when I talk to some one. Is this insane? Maybe.

But then again, maybe not.

Cue twilight zone music …

I am reading a most unusual book entitled Thirty Years Among the Dead, and if even a quarter of what this book is saying is true, then we are in a whole lot of trouble, and when I say “we,” I mean “all of us,” including the so-called dead among us and the so-called living among us.

Oh my goodness, this is dreadful. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, yes?

It would be so easy to be skeptical and dismiss this work out of hand, but I know in my heart this would be a cop-out. Published in 1924, Thirty Years Among the Dead offered the world more than a mere glimpse into why people do what they do, seemingly against their own wills.

Think wayward spirits; think obsessing spirits; think controlling spirits; think possessing spirits; think tormenting spirits. Both from within and without. Some are aware of what they do; many are not aware of what they do. Many of them having forgotten who and what they are.

I have reason to be thankful: I do not feel possessed to write these words. I am deliberately allowing myself to go with the flow, not knowing which word will come up next as I write these words. In so doing, have I given up control of my thinking and my writing? In a sense, yes.

I’m not vetting myself so much as I go, but is this wise? I honestly don’t know.

Of course, I would like to believe that I’m in control of this writing, but can I honestly say I’m the one who is actually writing these words in real-time, moment to moment to moment? It seems like a scary question, but only if I lack the heartfelt conviction of knowing who I am.

And yes, this sort of question extends far beyond mere writing.

Will the real me please stand up? Or is the real me a group of souls that I’ve collected along the way, each contributing something here and something there. You, dear reader: are you a collection of souls? Am I addressing you or am I addressing a society of spirits incarnate?

If the latter, will the real you please stand up?

If I offend any one of the spirits associated with you, am I offending you? Suppose the drunken spirit of your Uncle Jack  has lodged itself inside your magnetic aura, and I know this because you’ve lately been given to drinking impulsively, should I care enough to tell you?

Dude, your Uncle Jack is obsessing you; get thee to a medium, pronto!

Can you see where I’m going with this? Where are the skeptics when you need them?

Skeptics, rescue us from these questions!

Seriously, this whole topic about wayward spirits ~ who they are, what they do, where they go ~ is just too fascinating for words. In the East, they do ancestor worship, all the while being acutely sensitive to sudden changes in mood or behavior. Here, in the West, we play pretend.

As in: ignore, dismiss, avoid, bypass, evade. “Spirits don’t exist!” Uh-huh. “There is no afterlife!” Uh-huh. “I am my own person!” Uh-huh. “I am not being controlled! I am not obsessed! I am not being tormented! And I am certainly not possessed!” Uh-huh, tell me more, dear Westerner.

“This world is not haunted!” Uh-huh, if you say so.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, yes? So why not be jolly? But wait, what if you attract a jolly spirit? A jolly spirit that has … ahem … a bad habit. Oh oh, now what? Maybe I shouldn’t be so jolly. But then, if I start getting all cautious, maybe I’ll attract a cautious spirit into my magnetic aura.

A cautious spirit who also happens to be obsessed with writing about … wait, that’s me!

Or is it?

I’m trying to be generous here. I’m trying to open your mind to new and fresh possibilities concerning your vast cosmic potential as a conscious agent, and I end up talking about wayward spirits.

Could the apparent insanity in this world at this time not use a fresh perspective?

Would a world full of digital addicts not beget ever more digital addicts?

Maybe some crimes are committed by ignorant, addicted spirits. Maybe marriage and family disturbances are caused by jealous, tormenting spirits. Maybe those who suddenly find themselves in despair are compelled to take their own lives by obsessing or possessing spirits.

Might anything wayward in this world be indicated by a wayward spirit?

Enlightened spirits from the other side have told us that many lost souls mingle in clusters ~ one for those who torture and torment; one for those who are desperate for their next fix; one for those who drown in their sorrows; one for those who wallow in despair; one for those who can think only of themselves. And let’s not forget those who gather to pray and sing incessantly to Jesus.


‘Tis a regular shitshow on the other side ~ or so I hear. Of course, this is but a small sampling of clusters. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. All of which makes me wanna be what is known in some circles as an Absolute Good Spirit. Wait, an absolute good spirit?

You mean, no more indulgences of any kind, lest I attract same?


Where do I even begin to answer that one?

As I said, I have reason to be thankful, and because I have reason to be thankful, I have reason to be generous. That is, I have reason to act in a spirit (gulp) of generosity. And when I say “I,” I mean “me, myself, and I” ~ a whole and wholesome being of sensitivity with integrity.

Gratitude and generosity.

Maybe that’s the answer.

If I am thankful (I don’t like the word grate-ful) and generous more often than not, will I not then attract the attentions and affections of more and ever more thankful and generous spirits? Sounds like a fair deal to me. What do you think? ‘Tis the season to be … thankful and generous.

And jolly, too, if you’re up to it.

But not a Jolly Roger, okay?


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