A Genius iQ of 1,000 +

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 23, 2019

Disclaimer: this post inclines towards integration, not separation, inviting readers to use imagination to play with the notion of being a true genius on the way to being a true god, to engage the spiritual dynamic of inflation and deflation in a spirit of play ~ to be its student, not its master.

Although not my intention, this post will likely rankle more than a few intelligent people, especially those who pride themselves on reasoning that is inclined more towards concrete, skeptical, empirical, practical, and scientific, and less towards abstract, metaphorical, theatrical, and speculative.

This post might also be a rough read. For the benefit of sensitive souls, I suggest meditative sessions both before and after reading. I also suggest this post not be read in the midst of a busy day or even at the end of a day; perhaps an early or late morning on a day off is best.

One final note to readers: although I might presume to be a creative genius for the sake being more intelligent with my creativity and more creative with my intelligence, I have not yet had my iQ tested, and so I cannot presume to call myself a genius, creative or otherwise.

It’s no measure of mental health to be well-adjusted to a world that is not all that well-adjusted. By the same token, it is a measure of mental health to be responsive to justice when it is known, seen, and felt, even if it feels as if it is rarely if ever known, seen, and felt to be done.

An inverse kind of relation can be seen between mental health and intelligence. Where current measures of intelligence capture pure capability with no assurance of applicability, measures of mental health have immediate applicability with no assurance of long-term capability.

The abbreviation of intelligence quotient, iQ, refers to a quotient of mental age and chronological age constructed for not-so-“normal” children. Although this particular quotient is rarely if ever used in many of the more modern iterations of intelligence testing, iQ is still in popular use.

The measure to which iQ refers has also been criticized for being too blinkered. Although culturally appropriate iQ tests are good at assessing deliberate skills that involve the use of reason and memory, they don’t assess the inclination to use these skills when the situation requires or demands their use, and so it might help if intelligence testing includes measures beyond mere cognitive capability.

As currently measured in the civilian domain, high iQ does not indicate how smart you are (that is, how intelligent plus how wise). Think of it this way: a high iQ is not unlike the dimension of height for a basketball player; it’s a crucial dimension to be sure, all other things being equal, but if all other things are not equal, then a tall basketball player would need a lot more than height to excel.

Be this as it may, I still think that the notion of iQ can be redeemed in light of its deficiencies.

With advances in technology, simulations could be run to test intelligence in a variety of novel scenarios, on a wide variety of dimensions that include physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual, using a wide variety of measures that include instinct, intuition, and cognition.

These simulations could also be used to acquire, demonstrate, and sharpen a broad spectrum intelligence. Incidentally, I would speculate that these simulations are already being run in highly classified intelligence programs and remain highly classified for reasons of global security.

In view of this speculation, consider the following (admittedly provocative) comparison:

If a true genius can willingly, capably, and demonstrably draw on all forms of intelligence on most dimensions in many situations and scenarios, then a true god can willingly, capably, and demonstrably draw on all forms of intelligence on all dimensions in all situations and scenarios.

With so much quality information and vital inspiration at our fingertips, literally speaking, there is no longer any excuse for more of us not to become geniuses with iQs of 200 or more, if this be our wish, and this is just for starters; imagine, if you will, iQs rising to 1,000 or more.

Now you might be thinking that I’m indulging in hyperbole, but I can assure you that I’m not, especially in light of having deeper, greater, more rapid access to the global mind. You might be thinking that I’m getting all high and mighty and puffing myself up like a peacock. Again: not.

Research studies are indicating with the Flynn Effect that iQs (even if measured along a narrow spectrum of capacities and abilities) are rising around the world. In this light, there’s no reason not to think or feel that broad spectrum iQs would not or could not also rise around the world.

The mere fact of being able to test with an iQ of 1,000 or more would not make anyone special if the way were cleared for anyone to blaze a path to genius, whether it led to artistic glory, athletic glory, scientific glory, entrepreneurial glory, practical glory, or any other kind of glory.

The mere fact of being a genius with an iQ of 1,000 or more would certainly have its advantages, but such advantages need not be paraded around like you hold some kind of privileged place or position in the world. Think humility or modesty; think unassuming and unpretentious.

The mere fact of being a genius with an iQ of 1,000 or more need not imply a crazy quotient of 1,000 or more. Just because iQ and cQ might correlate does not mean, necessarily, that a high iQ would bring about a high cQ, any more than a high cQ would bring about a high iQ.

The mere fact of being a genius with an iQ of 1,000 or more would also not mean beating a hasty retreat into seclusion ~ nor would it assume any sort of reclusive privilege of place or position, especially in view of those who appreciate that a high iQ could also mean a high eQ.

Point being, an unusually high iQ need not be tainted by any blemish, and if this is so, and I would suggest that it is, I find myself in wonder: would I actually know a genius if I saw one or if I had the privilege of meeting and greeting one for the sake of an in-depth conversation?

Here’s the apparent problem with a question like this: from one point of view ~ a cosmic point of view ~ every soul in existence contains and carries the potential to embody and express a genius-level iQ, but for whatever reason, not everyone is stacking the deck in their favor.

Hint: the ultimate reason, based on my extensive study from a wide variety of reputable sources, can in all likelihood be traced to souls making agreements, even before they are born incarnate, to be humbled (if not humiliated) so as to be more loving, trusting, caring, and giving.

From a mundane point of view, not everyone can stack the deck in their favor, even if they wanted ~ at least not yet. As you’re reading this now, you might be wondering: can I stack the deck in my favor? If so, how might the deck be stacked in favor of a genius iQ of 1,000+?

Here, I can already see that the use of my language is imposing limits on my discourse: for one, the quaint metaphor of a deck being stacked implies a static mindset. Why not speak of a fluid mindflow? For two, why limit iQ to 1,000+? Why not stretch this number to infinity?

As follows …

a new scale for a broad spectrum iQ (in points)

100 ……… 1,000 ……… 10,000 ……… 100,000 ……… 1,000,000 ……… infinity

Compare …

a new scale for incarnational lifespan (in years)

100 ……… 1,000 ……… 10,000 ……… 100,000 ……… 1,000,000 ……… immortality

I would propose that someone with a genius iQ can entertain these scales and numbers with a deep neutrality. Not only do these scales and numbers provide milestones, they also serve to facilitate the opening of a mind to the flow and flux of novel and complex experience.

A genius iQ of 1,000+ speaks the language of flow.

Flow is defined simply in the popular discourse as “an optimal state of consciousness.” Such a state is typically applied to certain endeavors, like extreme sports or heightened creativity, but why not apply it to a life lived, where we typically feel our best and perform at our best?

Now, at this point, if you have a conscience, and I trust that you do, you might wonder, as I have: what if a mad genius, in service to self, and with awesome destructive power, assumed control of the entire world? Would this scenario not argue against breeding little geniuses?

Or, in breeding and raising little geniuses, would this not lead to yet another class divide, where a select elite few get to place themselves in positions of control, influence, and authority that determine and dictate the fates of those whom they perceive as being below them?

In posing these questions, I do not mean to argue against genius. On the contrary, in posing these questions, I hope you realize that these potentially problematic scenarios could easily be countered with a rational, sensible, and reasonable discourse in service to others.

In profound service to other as its primary service orientation, a genius iQ of 1,000+ could just as easily subscribe to noblesse oblige ~ and without any hint of irony ~ where honorable and generous action is taken by default to raise everyone up as high as they wish to go.

So much so that everyone, from birth onward, is given the opportunity to master the art of living …

Masters in the art of living draw no sharp distinction between work and play; between labor and leisure; between mind and body; between education and recreation. They hardly know which is which. They simply pursue visions of excellence through whatever they are doing, and leave others to determine whether they are working or playing. To themselves, they always appear to be doing both ~ François-René de Chateaubriand (edited for more inclusive language)

In light of this ideal, the ultimate challenge of genius in service to other could very well be this: to what extent can malignancy in humanity be … how can I put this? … I don’t want to say “neutralized” or “normalized” … “sublimated” perhaps? … here, I find myself at a loss for words.

But then, perhaps “confronted and protected with tough love” best expresses my meaning here.

Be this as it may, in my view, the soul and life of a creative, innovative genius with an iQ of 1,000 or more (with an eQ to match) would likely embody and express a certain worldview, one that would meet many if not most of the following criteria on the way to being a true god:

* respects difficulty, first and foremost
* preserves a genuine sense of humility
* prioritizes in profound service to others

* cultivates and contains a deep neutrality
* makes room for social and asocial activity
* remains open to novelty and complexity

* speaks the language of flow eloquently
* specializes in one or more areas of endeavor
* entertains seemingly outrageous notions

* enjoys sublimating the power to master
* perpetuates mastery in the art of living
* favors a paradise of peace and prosperity

Here on Earth at the present time, much of the wealth on this planet has been concentrated in the hands of a relative few. A quiet agenda of global depopulation is top of mind for those who rule the planet from behind the scenes, putting a deliberate brake on human progress.

In tandem with this agenda is a program of eugenics by proxy, covertly and indirectly applied, one that seeks to lure legions of impoverished souls into removing themselves from the human gene pool, while making it difficult for them to increase the rate of reproductive growth.

All falsehood and discord in this world at this time can be delicately and ultimately traced to this agenda and this program, via censorship of health information, including the risks of vaccination; the rollout of 5G regardless of health and safety; the operations of climate engineering without any true, clear official purpose; and the rise of artificial intelligence regardless of socio-economic readiness.

On the whole, people everywhere are feeling sicker, more stressed, less safe, and more suicidal than ever. A malignant cancer of separation infects the body politic, all the while fed by competing ideologies, one that pits a policy of “anything goes” against noble traditions of truth.

And no, you won’t hear much if anything about any of this in the mainstream news, as this too is concentrated in the hands of a relative few. Unfortunately, the alternative news, as good as it is, is being shadow banned, de-monetized, and otherwise removed from public view.

So where does all of this leave the informed and inspired geniuses?

Why don’t we ask those who have been sequestered by beyond black military programs with NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), the ones tested with iQs that go far beyond the right side of the bell curve. Maybe they know. But then, if they do, they’re not at liberty to say.

Suppress, suppress, suppress: everywhere is misinformation, disinformation, no information. The cold hard truth about this world at this time is heart-breakingly simple: hardly anyone anywhere knows the truth about anything, simply because hardly anyone can know the truth.

Maybe the matters in question are so complex, and so complicated, that few have the time and inclination to pursue the truth about them, and even if they do have the time and inclination to pursue, the truth is deeply distressing and disturbing without the training of a deep neutrality.

Even with success in spreading the truth, a catch-22 is bound to come into play: I spread the distressing, disturbing truth in the face of public indifference to the point of breakthrough, only to come face to face with forces that seek to neutralize or normalize the spread of said truth.

It would seem that those at the top of the pyramid of power have little if anything to worry about.

In this light, two options present themselves: (1) go back to living your life in relative peace, in relative freedom, trusting that someone somewhere is doing something about the agenda and the program; or (2) fight the good fight, pledging your allegiance to spreading the complex, complicated truth, at some cost to you and your life, knowing full well the cost of doing little or nothing, while remaining wary of ever getting yourself to live and work under constant strain with an ever growing sense of futility.

A third option emerges, blending the best of both: we live our lives in relative peace, in relative freedom, trusting that we are the ones we have been waiting for, while pledging allegiance to spreading truth in view of a global vision that supersedes both the agenda and the program.

Such a global vision would include common aspirations, like being healthy and happy, cooperation and collaboration, unity and harmony for the sake of peace and prosperity ~ a global vision that reflects human life as it is, and as it could be, in terms of who we are and what we do.

And to those who know what is going on, I sympathize if you find this option a tad too Pollyannaish for your liking. I understand all too well that matters are getting worse by the day, and that matters may have to get worse before they get better, if indeed they even do get better, but a narrative that informs and inspires is better than no narrative at all and certainly better than one that brings us down.

In the meantime, we would all do well to recall that seeking work with and through the heart of soul is by far the most true and deep aspiration of our age for those who still care ~ indeed, for those who still can care ~ about the life, the love, the light, and the lust for life in their souls.

Without work, all life goes rotten, but when work is soulless, life stifles and dies

~ Albert Camus, existential prophet extraordinaire

We realize that a calling, strictly speaking, is no longer a matter of “finding” as much as it is a matter of “growing” ~ of growing into being. We cease and desist in thinking that a calling is, necessarily, “what I am meant to do” and instead view it as an opportunity for growing.

A growing calling not only brings fulfillment ~ focus, flow, freedom ~ it also holds space for desired results and outcomes in view of a clear, overarching purpose by which to drive and guide the course of a life, one that motivates and inspires every morning rise and shine.

So again, for ease of reference, the life of a creative, innovative genius with an iQ of 1,000 or more (with an eQ to match) could embody and express a certain worldview, one that would (a) take account of the sorry state of this world, and (b) meet many of the following criteria:

* respects difficulty, first and foremost
* preserves a genuine sense of humility
* prioritizes in profound service to others

* cultivates and contains a deep neutrality
* makes room for social and asocial activity
* remains open to novelty and complexity

* speaks the language of flow eloquently
* specializes in one or more areas of endeavor
* entertains seemingly outrageous notions

* enjoys sublimating the power to master
* perpetuates mastery in the art of living
* favors a paradise of peace and prosperity

I strongly suspect that, in meeting these criteria, a true genius on the way to being a true god would first have to realize the complementary dynamic and desirability of being a somebody on the way to being a nobody and of being a nobody on the way to being a somebody.

I broached this unusual topic in my most recent post, From No Body to Some Body.

I also suspect that a true genius on the way to being a true god would also have to negotiate and navigate the cult-like, schizophrenic nature of cult(ure) in this world at this time, one where cult(ure) is split between actual analog manifestations and virtual digital manifestations …

actual analog cult(ure)
with strong emphases on …

a cult(ure) of positivity
a cult(ure) of productivity

virtual digital cult(ure)
with strong emphases on …

a cult(ure) of personality
a cult(ure) of technology

cult: any interest fostered and followed with excessive zeal
zeal: any fervour in performing action to realize an outcome

your daily challenge: a split sensate cult(ure) in overdrive beckons and consumes, sedates and distracts, at almost every turn; how do you circumvent being perpetually dragged headlong into such a cult(ure) of busy-as-a-badge-of-honor?

Of course, there is overlap between these two types of cult(ure), one that could very well be pointing to the eventual assimilation of human intelligence, where a Borg-like collective is produced in the wake of transhuman developments merging human and machine intelligence.

Imagine soft human bodies being assimilated by hardware to work alongside androids to assist in building the AI infrastructure; imagine, too, flexible and creative human minds being assimilated by software to work alongside avatars to assist in building the central AI hive mind.

Remember Star Trek? We are Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Some consolations: (1) those in the know know of the threat, which is perhaps why progress with sex robots is slow; (2) the creation has not (yet) been overtaken by the illusion; (3) a solar event would neutralize the AI threat; and (4) I’m not the only one giving advance warning.

Another consolation, for those so inclined, is that a spiritual ascension process is underway, one that could bring catastrophic earth changes in the near future in the wake of a solar event if people and planet are not sufficiently healed and wholed, leading to a golden age on Earth.

The AI prophets would, of course, disdain these consolations, but if they could open their calcifying human hearts, at least just a little, to see and feel the rapacious nature of this threat, I believe they would come around to the human point of view and to the magnificence of biology.

But I digress.

Again, in view of the existential threats to this world at this time …

A growing calling not only brings fulfillment ~ focus, flow, freedom ~ it also holds space for desired results and outcomes in view of a clear, overarching purpose by which to drive and guide the course of a life, one that motivates and inspires every morning rise and shine.

But the question is begged: how on Earth does one secure fulfillment in a world under every conceivable threat? Would it not be more rational and more sensible to pull back and remain a witness to the ongoing, seemingly inevitable analog dissolution and/or digital assimilation?

To meet these questions and meet them well, let us find perspective beyond mere earthly affairs.

One sure way for a false genius (on the way to being a false god) to remain unfulfilled is to strut around like s/he holds some kind of privileged place or position in the universe. This dubious illusion overlooks the clear benefits of being attuned and aligned to the creation at large.

Let’s contemplate a few of these benefits …

1) The true test of a true genius on the way to being a true god is to not lose sight of the sublime

A sublime experience is not merely sensorially stunning; it’s overwhelming in the best way possible. The point of the experience is not to feel small and insignificant in relation to the creation, but to be, and to feel, genuinely humbled by an experience with the power to engulf.

We submit to the sublime in the presence of a natural wonder, inside an orgasmic surge of emotion, or in view of an extraordinary work of art, with a supremely enhanced sense of existence beyond mere comfort and/or normalcy, giving away a part of ourselves in the process.

In so being, in so feeling, in so doing, we are compelled to accept or endure a modicum of inferiority for the sake of a connection that brings a grander or greater prospect, knowing that the risk of vulnerability is more than balanced and compensated for by the reward of ecstasy.

The ego of a false genius on the way to being a false god is simply too tight to give way, masking itself with humor and/or rationality, when in truth it’s little more than insecurity masquerading as invulnerability.

2) Pressures and expectations are taken in stride by a true genius on the way to being a true god

We live to reason with an unreasonable world and this reasoning invariably gives way to a life tainted by conflict. Yes, it helps to live in flow with the deep now, and yes, it helps to realize that observations and interpretations are mere approximations that are confined by language.

When we clutch and cling too tightly to labels and symbols, we lose sight of, and insight into, the more vibrant realities before us and within us, attaching and binding expectations to approximations that are persistently and fundamentally flawed, frail, flimsy, fragile, and/or fallible.

If we should persist in deriving all sense of value from being geniuses, from wielding power to control and influence this world like gods, and yet fail to include our intrinsic worth as spiritual beings with human hearts, are we then not asking to be submerged by intractable conflict?

Truth be told, life is never too concerned with any artificially inflated sense of relevance and significance.

It is wise to wear the vest of expectation lightly, especially for true geniuses with aspirations of godhood.

3) Difficulty informs as much as desire inspires for the true genius on the way to being a true god

Without exception, we are all born into a world that is overflowing with preconditions and expectations, which make for difficulty (from which desires are born and bred), whether it be in the form of limitation or deprivation, provocation or temptation, obligation or expectation.

When we persuade ourselves into thinking and believing that we’re more special than what the universe can support, we tend to develop a sense of entitlement about what life owes us. We are quick to buy into stories about how success and happiness look, sound, and feel.

And we are just as quick to believe that they carry, or should carry, little or no cost to us.

The clear, bold truth about our place in the universe, however, is that it owes us absolutely nothing. It’s not that it remains utterly indifferent to what we need or want. In point of fact, it is exquisitely sensitive and responsive to what we need and want. And therein lies the rub.

Are we just as exquisitely sensitive and responsive to the falsehoods, discords, and conflicts that we ourselves generate and perpetuate for ourselves and others? Yes? No? And what, if anything, are we ready, willing, and able to accept, endure, and release through humility?

What trade-offs are we ready and willing to accept? What beatings (no, not those kind) are we willing and able to endure? What insults are we ready, willing, and able to release? In other words, to what extent are we ready, willing, and able to transmute difficulty into true desire?

We are all, quite literally, in-formed by difficulty, so as to be trans-formed through heartfelt desire.

The endgame of a true genius on the way to being a true god in tandem with other true gods at ever higher levels of density is simply this: a transitional ecstasis in a glory realm of foreverness and timelessness. Once attainment is fulfilled, a new game for the true god awaits.

In other words, there’s no rush; there’s no hurry. Savor your difficulties and desires while you can.

True, we might not be able to change much for the better, or, if there is much we can change for the better, it might not be easy to effect said change; maybe this is why any valuable effort to change is desirable, for being difficult, for a true genius on the way to being a true god.

Or, if you prefer, change nothing ~ just stay alive to your love, your truth, your beauty, your magnificence, your beneficence, letting people, places, and things change on their own, with this as your ultimate, intimate nudge nudge, wink wink: living and loving what is, here and now.

Where the moment is lived in presence, an ever abiding sense of focus, flow, and freedom obtains. In going to the heart of Creation, may we persist in fullfilling our magnificence with our beneficence.

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