From No Body to Some Body

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 16, 2019

Much can be gleaned and gained from being a nobody.

In being a nobody, I no longer care to be at the center of consensus reality. In being a nobody, I can relax, releasing any sense of importance that I might attach to my place in this world: wherever I go, there I am.

How liberating, how exhilarating!

Consequently, in being a nobody, I recall that I am but one among billions. As I place the course of my life inside the sweep of history, my life pales, and then I wonder: in view of the vast cosmos itself, both inner and outer, my very life just might be but a bleep in the mind of God ~ a flash in the pan, perhaps, or maybe a spark of divine inspiration that winks out in an instant of cosmic time.

In winking out of this world, little would seem to change in this world beyond the feelings of those who cared enough to see and hear me, to know and feel me, to love and need me, to thank and bless me.

this universe contains 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars, with many more planets

note: this is not an arbitrary number, as of this writing

After I am gone, I can (could?) well imagine that this beautiful jewel for a planet would continue on its merry way; the universal laws of nature would continue to hold firm and true for all of the beautiful, wonderful souls who grace this world, if only with their eyes and fingertips.

In view of this cosmic chat, I must admit: I am no one special ~ except to me, myself, and I.

Truth be told, I rather like this notion that I am special, that I am unique, that I have relevance and significance, that I am worthy, that I have worth, that my life is worthwhile, that my life counts for something, that my life matters to someone, and that my life is full of meaning.

I need not entertain such notions at the expense of anyone. As a nobody, I need no longer compare myself to anyone, not even to those who seem to matter more than most; consequently, I need no longer give chase to consensual measures of success in breathless pursuit.

I need no longer spend my time chasing after things I don’t really, truly need or want.

Instead, I pause, breathe, smile … relieve, relax, release … restore, refresh, rejoice.

I need no longer hold a privileged place or position in this seemingly vast universe.

Indeed, all is well, here and now, then and there. Blessed be.

Blessed be the somebody on the way to being a nobody.

Blessed be the nobody on the way to being a somebody.

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