A Rare and Valuable Gift

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 2, 2019

In a world made of light, in a world vibrating at the speed of light, a vast conscious field of infinite potential awaits intent to in-form and trans-form the light with and through the force of love, a primal creative force that is always and forever giving shape and meaning to the light.

And so I greet you now in love and light: aloha, dear reader, isn’t it nice to know that we now exist as articulated, elaborated forms of light shaped by love to allow us all to be in possession of freedom and desire? Indeed, this light is shaped by a love of freedom and desire.

The covetous collective illusion on Earth that now suppresses, impresses, and oppresses one and all, directly or indirectly, in no small part because of perceived limitations in physicality is, if not extraordinary, then at least not at all ordinary to our ways of being and knowing.

Just to be clear … these perceived limitations are pressed upon those who desire them for certain experiences, for whatever reason. Every soul in Creation, in exercising freedom of will, can select and receive precisely what is desired, which is exactly the plan of the Creator.

It is said that there are many paths to follow and trails to blaze in and through Creation ~ in actuality, an infinite number ~ and the choice is always given to the soul as to which path to follow or blaze, whether it be toward the Source of love and light or away from this source.

Some of those who have explored, have explored in directions that led them away from the all-knowing, all-loving One. In wandering away, conditions were encountered that seemed, at the time, desired and desirable to the wanderers, but as they continued to wander afar, they became ever more immersed in the illusions generated by their desires, until they could no longer see the way back to the infinite light.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on point of view), it is necessary that they themselves eventually realize, or be guided to eventually realize, how to find their way back to the light, for the principle of being allowed to do precisely as they desire is still totally in effect.

What is the truth of Creation? What is the truth of our place in Creation? They say that if we seek the truth of Creation, the truth shall set us free; they also say that if we seek the truth from within about our place in Creation, we will also find the truth about our place from within.

Is it then not a simple matter of seeking and speaking the truth of Creation, of our place in Creation, from within? So what is the plain truth? Simply this: relax and serve to live and give in harmony: know the laws of Creation and abide by that which accords with the laws of Creation.

If love is hand and brush both (receive), if light is palette and canvas both (reflect), and if love is law where law is love (respond), are we then not free to expand to explore, to express to extend, to evolve to ascend, by way of will and faith freely and fully involved and engaged?

All is One.

Know this, and this alone, and enough will be known, but know it: do not think it; do not speak it; do not accept it. Know it, for when it is known, love too is known. The facility to live in complete awareness of the creation, amidst countless possibilities, is a rare and valuable gift.


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