A Change for the Better?

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 31, 2019

Habits of constant thinking and doing demoralize and dehumanize, sapping the heart of soul.

Giving thanks sweetens the soul. Giving thanks draws me into the flow as much as it keeps me in the flow. Giving thanks brings me back into myself, reminding me of how I feel, of who I am, of why I am. Giving thanks refreshes the soul even as it relaxes and restores the soul.

Am I here constantly wanting to be there?

Am I so busy rushing headlong into the future that the present moment is reduced to a means of getting there? Am I so occupied recalling the past with incessant talk and thought, be they negative or positive, that the present moment is reduced to a means of going back there?

How do I feel about those who live in the future?

How do I feel around those who live in the past?

In giving thanks to presence as I am, where I am, I remain fully and freely here and now. In giving thanks to feeling fully and freely here and now, in this forever moment of now, I get to forgive who I thought I was, get to forgo who I think I am, get to forget who I think I could be.

In forgiving, forgoing, and forgetting, I discharge and dispel the phantoms that haunt my soul.

October 31, 2019


a restorative meditation
to keep the phantoms away

1) lie on your back
2) enter the corpse pose
3) focus on your breath
4) expel all breath and hold
5) lie at the brink of death
6) inhale slowly and deeply
7) repeat steps 4 to 6 until you can …
8) find a regular rhythm for your breath
9) follow breath to deepen breath

optional: do the creepy smile, zombie face meditation;
creepy smile on the inhale, zombie face on the exhale

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