Comm-union and Comm-unity

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 26, 2019

They say that if you have a big enough “why,” you can tolerate or endure almost any “how,” but what if such a “why” edged you past the veil of perception and beyond the filter of belief?

In any coordinated social movement conducted in a spirit of exploration and cooperation, just how far and deep would you be willing to go in stretching yourself outward and inward?

I invite you to take these questions to heart as you read this post.


The principle of Kala simply states that there are no limits, and so, above mere perception, beyond any belief in limitation, the principle of Ike beckons us inward ~ the world is what you think it is ~ calling forth imagination to rise above the veils of presumption and ignorance.

Now one might take these principles as excuses to indulge the imagination at the expense of any current conceptions of reality, but this would be a mistaken view of what these principles offer. In drawing on imagination, we do so in tandem with current reality, weaving it as we go.

Integral to imagination are two ridiculously powerful tools of consciousness: attention and intention. Fortunately for us, they are ridiculously powerful only to the extent to which the energy that arises from their use can be monitored and managed with the agility of a ninja.

Otherwise, the entire world as we know it would descend into chaos.

The principle of Makia captures the essence of this relation between energy and attention quite simply as energy flows where attention goes. To put it more plainly, I attract what I attend. If I meditate on peace every day, I will invariably find myself in a state of peace.

To elaborate briefly on this example, I invite you to read the following in first person for yourself: “the more I focus my attention on peace, the stronger my attraction to peace; by way of contrast, the more I focus my attention on discord, the stronger my attraction to discord.”

I encourage you to take a moment to feel, to really feel, into this contrast, and I do so because your capacity to feel into this contrast has lasting repercussions for your capabilities to relax, to serve, and to give as a vital contributor to a living, loving, lasting community.


I will now draw your attention to a video clip of a fascinating prophetic account by Howard Storm on the future of this world in the late twenty-second century, given to him by truly benevolent beings of Light, in the wake of a lucid death experience that saw him almost lose his soul to oblivion. Here’s an excerpt from the clip (transcribed verbatim) that is relevant to the content of this post:

The image of the future that they gave me then, and it was their image, not one that I created, surprised me. My image had previously been sort of like Star Wars, where everything was space age, plastics, and technology. The future that they showed me was almost no technology at all. What everybody, absolutely everybody, in this euphoric future spent most of their time doing was raising children. The chief concern of people was children, and everybody considered children to be the most precious commodity in the world. And when a person became an adult, there was no sense of anxiety, nor hatred, nor competition. There was this enormous sense of trust and mutual respect. If a person, in this view of the future, became disturbed, then the community of people all cared about the disturbed person falling away from the harmony of the group. Spiritually, through prayer and love, the others would elevate the afflicted person

~ Howard Storm (The Future of the World)

From this excerpt, a strange yet compelling picture of a utopian standard on Earth is given, with an obvious connection being made between giving the utmost consideration to children and realizing an “enormous sense of trust and mutual respect” throughout the community.

What I find most intriguing about this prophetic account as a whole is that it is entirely consistent with two coincidental events in time: (1) a clean break from the past, i.e., “the future that they showed me was almost no technology at all”, and (2) the dawning of a new age.

This account is also consistent with (1) a catastrophic solar event that could take place at or near the end of the next solar minimum, which I explore in Fulfillment in the End Times, and (2) the birth of a fourth density civilization on Earth, which I explore in How Sweet Are My Days.

In my view, however, all of this pales in comparison to what is to come:

“What everybody, absolutely everybody, in this euphoric future spent most of their time doing was raising children. The chief concern of people was children, and everybody considered children to be the most precious commodity in the world. And when a person became an adult, there was no sense of anxiety, nor hatred, nor competition. There was this enormous sense of trust and mutual respect.”

Just as a healthy, vital human body does not function as a collection of separate parts but rather as an integral whole, so too does a healthy, vital social body not function as a collection of separate parts but rather as an integral whole, especially with respect to its children.

The Law of One material is clear about the fate of our souls at this time. Those polarized in service to other will inherit the dawning of this new age ~ “the meek shall inherit the earth” for the meek shall require little if any courage in a world that is suffused with peace and harmony.

Meek (adj.): genuinely humble in manner or spirit (not too submissive, not too compliant).

According to this same material, those who are polarized in service to self will find their souls incarnating elsewhere, as will those who remain unpolarized (indifferent) in their service orientation. Those whose native frequencies remain above fourth density will return to whence they came.

Those whose native frequencies were above fourth density prior to incarnation, and whose service-to-other orientation has depolarized or polarized to its opposite from having forgotten who they were, will be guided to reincarnate here or elsewhere, depending on the degree to which they depolarized. This sober reality is a potent reminder of how risky it is to incarnate behind a veil of forgetting.

Reference: Ultimate Fulfillment Revealed


Small communities with different themes in life will arise at the dawning of this new age. In Howard Storm’s prophetic vision, these nascent communities will be devoted to any one of a number of themes that include art, music, athletics, worship, pleasure, stewardship, contemplation, or celebration, but again, their main concern as a civilization will be to raise their own kind according to theme.

In light of this prophetic future, what community theme draws you now?

First, I invite you to ponder this eloquent affirmation from the heart of your soul: Art is good for my soul precisely because it reminds me that we have souls in the first place (Tilda Swinton).

Second, I invite you to draw from this list ~ art, music, athletics, worship, pleasure, stewardship, contemplation, celebration ~ to complete this sentence stem as you feel so inclined: “_____ is good for my soul precisely because it reminds me that we have souls in the first place.” Feel free to use one of your own options, keeping in mind its suitability for a world suffused with peace and harmony.

Third, I invite you to imagine, in a vision, how your ideal community looks, sounds, and feels.

Finally, how are you living your life right now in light of this vision?


Pleasure is good for my soul precisely because it reminds me that we have souls in the first place.

In my vision, I see, hear, and feel encounters inclined towards relaxation into sensation. In a world suffused with peace and harmony, how might I serve in view of love, desire, and pleasure? And what role might these encounters play in the bearing and raising of children?

First, a quick definition: a byword is a condensed yet memorable saying that embodies some facet of experience assumed to be significant by many people. The byword of this community, in light of its heartfelt devotion to intimacy and ecstasy, is simply this: relax and enjoy.

Relax and enjoy.

When was the last time you had a chance to relax and enjoy in an atmosphere of peace and harmony?

Remember, this is a community of pleasure devoted to bearing and raising children. In this world, we’ve already seen hints of fourth density experience with childbirth coming through media reports of women undergoing blissful, orgasmic experiences while giving birth. One can well imagine a pleasure community in fourth density serving as a hub for pregnant women living in surrounding communities.

Where the raising of children and adolescents in fourth density is concerned, what would it mean to give thoughtful, heartfelt consideration to these five categories of pleasure, presented here in order of increasing emotional intensity and/or intimacy: sensuous, amorous, erotic, sensual, and sexual.

I shared definitions of these terms (and more) in my post, EgoCentric or NavaTantric?.

In our world, many adults grow increasingly uncomfortable associating children with any pleasure that goes beyond sensuous pleasure, and even here, some strict religious communities are loathe to tolerate children taking obvious pleasure in any sensorial experience at all.

One could add that the extent to which any civilization deprives itself of natural creaturely pleasure is the extent to which it becomes too far removed from natural creaturely experience for it to be anything other than deeply neurotic and sclerotic in its fundamental character.

Look around you and you’ll know and feel exactly what I mean.

We presently live in a world divided by race, sex, and class; in a world consumed by digits; in a world that chases after all manner of carrots while dodging all manner of sticks; in a world that sedates and distracts itself with artificial pleasures from an ever growing list of problems.

But then, I gently remind myself of Eric Heller’s bon mot …

Be careful how you interpret the world; it is like that.


You’re suddenly transported to a fourth density pleasure community. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? How do you feel? Recall: you’re suffused with peace and harmony and you have ready access to everyone’s most intimate thoughts and feelings.

You find yourself encircled by a group of eight (very expectant) children on the brink of adolescence, sitting comfortably around you in a semi-circle. They’re more than eager to hear what you have to say about extending the intimacies of sensuous, amorous, and erotic pleasure into the more intense, forever intertwining ecstasies of the sensual encounter giving way to the sexual experience.

They’re more than eager because they’ve clued into the fact that you come from a world that is not suffused with peace and harmony, who does not have ready access to everyone’s most intimate thoughts. Nonetheless, they’re intrigued, barely able to contain their curiosity.


I sit comfortably with the children, and beckon them with a mere thought to come closer, which they do rather eagerly. I can feel them probing my mind gently and respectfully for insights into my experience with separation, division, and exclusion at the expense of integration.

But any memory of my experience fades the more suffused I become with peace and harmony. Actually, and more precisely, any desire that I might have had to share any memory of my experience with separation fades the more suffused I become with peace and harmony.

I allow my desire to share fade, but I find myself at a loss, and the children sense this, and so I query them on the most sacred and central of pleasures ~ the erotic impulse to gaze, graze, touch, kiss, and caress intimately, with expectancy ~ and I do so with a mere mental image.

But the image and feeling I conjure is met with puzzlement bordering on bewilderment. I try another erotic image and feeling. Same reaction. I try yet another and I am met with the same reaction. Is it because I supplied no context of time and place for my images and feelings?

“Where I come from, we indulge in fantasy.”

A few children rejoin in near unison: “What is fantasy?”

“This is fantasy.” Closing my eyes, I mentally and emotionally conjure a warm romantic encounter, tracing a sequence of events that flow from engagements of sensuous delight with amorous feeling into erotic activities that involve intensely felt touches, kisses, and caresses.

“But why?” one child asks.

I pause before I reply, “I suppose we fantasize because we live in separation, in the midst of competition.”

“You mean you don’t transmit your thoughts and feelings naturally?”

“Not directly ~ only through words, sounds, and gestures.”

“I cannot imagine what this world would be like,” said one child looking at another.

“I understand.” I pause for emphasis, adding: “I have two questions for each of you, for all of you in fact: what do you know about sexual intercourse and how do feel about sexual intercourse?”

“We know all about it … I mean, how could we not?” replies one child in earnest.

“What is there to feel?” queries another child. “Sex is just one more way to love and be loved; whatever is felt is felt. Why would anyone need to talk about how anyone feels?” Curiously, this question is posed rather nonchalantly, if not innocently, with no hint of ill will whatsoever.

I couldn’t contain myself: “Have any of you had sex?”

Three of the children laugh and two of them reply with obvious relish: “we live in a community of pleasure.” I feel a flood of questions arise from within myself, in spite of myself.

At this point, I was now the student.


If this world were slowly going mad, or even if this world was collapsing under the weight of its own madness, one would be hard-pressed to produce the extraordinary evidence required to support such an extraordinary claim. I mean, would a daily veneer of normalcy generated by billions of seemingly normal people with a strong normalization bias not be extraordinarily difficult to breach?

I would say yes.

Here, I humbly suggest that we peer behind the veil of appearance and look beyond the filter of belief, if only for the duration of the reminder of this post, to see just what sort of world might be created as we transition into a telepathic civilization suffused with peace and harmony.

Where to begin?

A fourth density civilization in service to other is the sum total of its communities. Without much if any technology, and with ease of access to thought and feeling, and with a keen desire to serve the other, we might imagine a mosaic of communities serving a common purpose.

A common purpose that reflects what I call simplicity personified …


who: us
what: life
where: here
when: now
how: love
why: joy

In Howard Storm’s vision, people are free to visit other communities, but interestingly, they rarely do so. Might this be so because everyone has ready access to each other’s most intimate thoughts and feelings?

Might it be so because each community is alive and well to its own purpose?

Consider the character of a community devoted to pleasure in fourth density.

There’s no reason to suppose that it might not have a little art here, a little music there, a little worship here, a little stewardship there, a little contemplation here, and a little celebration there, but for the most part, the raison d’etre of its people would simply be this: pleasure.

Sensuous pleasures, like consuming ripe juicy fruit. Amorous pleasures, like snuggling and cuddling. Erotic pleasures, like gazing and grazing, touching and tonguing, sniffing and licking, kissing and caressing; sensual pleasures, like hugging and massaging; sexual pleasures, like …

Pleasure in all of its forms, for all sorts of reasons, but without the technology, and with ready access to each other’s most intimate thoughts and feelings. Most notably, the nature of this pleasure would not in any way be conditioned or contaminated by the energy of competition.

In a spirit of cooperation, would the pleasures not grow and flow with grace and ease, in love and joy?

Just imagine.

“Aloha, my love, I’m in the mood for joy, care to join me?”

“I’d love to join you, to join with you, to enjoy you in joy.”

Simple, though this dialog, spoken aloud, might be superfluous.

No undermining complications, no interfering complexities.

And for children, adolescents, adults, and elders alike.

In a world where polyamory meets pansexuality.

Might we dare to prepare for such a world?

Or is it enough to relax, serve, give?


To know and feel, to learn and grow in and from a world of peace and harmony, would nevertheless require, even desire, at least at first, a contrasting lack or loss of peace and harmony, if only for a time.

Anyone who presented this contrasting lack or loss, being the responsibility of the whole, of a community living in communion, could not, by definition, be punished or even chastised, but rather supported …


The trigger for the heightened presence seemed innocent enough.

In this world of peace and harmony, in this pleasure community, in this social milieu of cooperation, anxiety had yet to make an appearance, as did any sense of jeopardy, and yet, a subtle sense of urgency had arisen in our midst, causing people to gather by way of response.

Any spontaneous gathering of concern such as this one, as I soon learned, with its heightened sense of presence, one that alerted everyone everywhere, was as strong an indicator as any that an issue involving the community was calling out to be addressed and assessed.

And so I wondered: what issue could be so important that it drew such a large gathering?

Was it a matter regarding nudity? Was it a matter involving polyamory? Was it a matter involving pansexuality? Or was it a matter concerning paraphilia in private? A matter concerning paraphilia in public? Or a matter indicating a concern for the presence of incest or pedophilia?

Here’s what I knew prior to joining this community of pleasure: it was getting close to being populated by 150 people, the number thought to be the safe upper limit before people in a community began to find it difficult to know everyone and feel as if everyone around them is family.

I also knew that what this community did here affected everyone everywhere.

The people here were presently gathered in a spirit of cooperation, not competition, which they viewed as an aberration ~ not bad, not wrong, because nothing is bad and nothing is wrong, but a matter that didn’t, indeed couldn’t, keep the peace and bring harmony to the whole.

As I allowed my subjective consciousness to relax into the collective consciousness of the gathering, it dawned on me: the people here were gathered with a heightened sense of presence because someone had become zealously vigilant about possessing the attention of another.

As I learned, such vigilance usually wanes in the wake of a soothing, reassuring collective presence, but not here, not now. The person in question, a child approaching adolescence, seemed unusually bent on getting and having and keeping someone’s amorous attentions.

But as I mentioned, this was only a trigger ~ of something deeper and darker.

I could sense a most curious collective cognitive dissonance arise in our midst, vascillating between … nature knows best … nurture knows best … nature knows best … nurture knows best … nature knows best … nurture knows best … nature knows best … nurture knows best …

All with a subtle sense of urgency falling short of any fearful sense of jeopardy.

I could not, however, pinpoint the source.


The conditions in our world are ripening for wholesome pleasures to grow and flow with grace and ease, in love and joy, but it is well and good to remember that fulfillment is not happiness when happiness is conditional, when some one or some thing is the source of happiness.

If necessary, recall that we need not do anything big and far-reaching to be of service and to make a difference; we need only embody and express our own truth, love, and wisdom with those who would welcome this embodiment and expression of truth, love, and wisdom.

We realize fulfillment as and when we relax into stillness so that caring and sharing, giving and receiving, freely and fully, can arise without expectation of return, all the while accepting, forgiving, and extending love and compassion for the inevitable imperfections that arise.

There’s no rocket science here; there are only gaps between cognize and realize.

Realize, too, that these gaps also remain worthy of acceptance and forgiveness.

There’s a peace, but it’s not boring; it’s very alive. There’s a stillness in the air, but there’s always movement. There’s a deep silence inside, but there’s always beautiful sounds, within … and without. There’s a harmony. There’s a love of a depth that very few people experience at this time. There’s a deepness of connection, of being one with another, but it doesn’t exclude anyone else; it includes, always includes. And there’s a movement: nothing’s fixed, nothing is expected to be fixed; it lives in not knowing, but there’s no insecurity to that; there’s always a feeling that everything that is happening is perfect, just as it needs to be ~ Paul Lowe (One World)

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