Ninth Density Consciousness

by Christopher Lovejoy on September 15, 2019

know thyself … to accept thyself … to become the Creator …

if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light, but
if fate gave you all that you could possibly require, desire, and expect
would you still have the gratitude and generosity to show up?

Have you ever been blessed with the pleasure of feeling like you were on top of the world? I remember the moment clearly: standing at the edge of a cliff on top of a very large hill overlooking a vast expanse of undulating farmlands dotted with houses, barns, and vehicles.

As I surveyed the green and brown striped landscape under a clear blue sky in the midst of a summer that featured a warm, breezy afternoon, I surrendered with ease to the expansive feeling of standing on top of a tranquil world, a state of being that felt altogether familiar to me.

I’ve experienced similar feelings of buoyancy sitting at a dining table next to a window near the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, at the top of Nose Hill in Calgary overlooking its dense city core, and near the edge of a precipice overlooking the mighty torrents of Niagara Falls.

All such elevated feelings point to a grade of consciousness that might seem too fleeting to satisfy all of the provocations, temptations, and obligations of a hard-nosed practicality, but what if … just what if such a consciousness could be grounded and groomed to so satisfy?


In my most recent post, Fulfillment in the End Times, I introduced what I call the golden keys to spiritual evolution and ascension, drawing on what I understand of the Law of One material to grade consciousness according to its evolutionary imperatives to evolve and ascend.

Here, I add a ninth grade of consciousness:

evolve, ascend

density 9: fulfill
density 8: unify
density 7: purify
density 6: clarify
density 5: accept
density 4: prefer
density 3: expect
density 2: desire
density 1: require

awaken, enlighten

inspiration: Law of One

One speaks of unity, a unity of diversity, a potential infinity coupled with awareness of self and other, ready and willing to exercise a will to activate its potential to begin a process of realizing its ultimate fulfillment without knowing what it might be and how it might be realized.

Originally, the One expressed a desire in a state of consciousness best denoted by the word love; the One, in expressing this desire through love, generated light, causing the creation of intelligent energy, which in turn caused the creation of matter in all of its grades and forms.

The key point here is that these consolidated, pixelated, holographic forms (even space and time are pixelated Planck-like), both animate and inanimate, arise and/or are composed from a fabric of light, generated or molded through the expression of consciousness that is love.

As consciousness is love, light is its manifestation, and as freedom of choice generates love that manifests as light to create the fabric of all created forms, then every being in creation has freedom of choice to draw on its signature vibrations with respect to the Original Intent.

In truth, consciousness is the consciousness of love, for love, in all of its infinite variety of distortions, is the creation, and each being in creation harbours a native vibration that is completely congruent with the Original Intent alongside a freedom of choice to match it or not.

Here, I invite you to contemplate the sheer depth and scope of these universal statements.

The term density refers to a portion of the fabric of light. The further away this portion is from the Original Intent, the less dense the light and therefore the less information and inspiration that can be drawn upon to manifest desire through love in keeping with the Original Intent.

The higher the density, the more magical the intent; the lower the density, the less magical the intent. Intentions manifest more or less quickly the higher the density in which intentions are formed. In this world, intentions are manifesting more quickly and easily than ever before because we (on this planet, which has already entered fourth density) are being called to move from third to fourth density.

The term density also refers to a distinct quantum of light that informs and inspires consciousness at a certain level, e.g., if you have already come to terms with what you require, desire, and expect, you are then naturally drawn to coming to terms primarily with what you prefer.

The term density also refers to a pervasiveness of light that informs and inspires at a certain level of consciousness, e.g., if you are naturally drawn to coming to terms primarily with what you prefer, then you are naturally drawn to environments where others are likewise drawn.

By implication, some of us are preoccupied primarily with what is required; some with what is desired; some with what is expected; some with what is preferred; and some with accepting and being accepted. Some are focused on clarity, others with purity, and still others with unity.

The higher densities presuppose qualified experience with lower densities, e.g., a stable, balanced posture at density 4 presupposes stable, balanced postures at densities 1, 2, and 3; that is, provocations, temptations, and obligations can be met with relative grace and ease.

No one density is better than the other; they each have their place in the universal mosaic that is a 9D cosmos. At the highest density, one is afforded an overview, a witness perspective if you will, of the entire spectrum of densities, one bleeding into the other from top to bottom.

Potentially, everyone has access to the light of every density that conditions each level of consciousness, but because the light is presently dense enough to support a global transition in consciousness between the third and fourth density, humanity is mostly inclined to grapple with making a collective transition in consciousness between what is required, desired, and expected, and what is preferred.

In other words, we are all living in the midst of a collective transition inclined towards meeting the imperative to “know thyself,” a precondition for eventually coming to terms with “a fearless discernment born of acceptance” (the purview of those in fourth, fifth, and sixth densities).

Beyond radical acceptance lies the task of becoming the Creator through a process of clarify, purify, unify until one is, once again, one with the Creator. I say “once again” because (according to the Law of One) the higher self already occupies mid-sixth density as a sponsor for its incarnations beyond the reach of duality and identity in a realm of timespace with access to all past, present, and future timelines.

Indeed, whether we know it or not, and whether we care to know it or not, our higher selves are presently (in the eternal Now) submitting to a process of clarifying its relationship to the Creator of all that is.

Access to seventh density (again, according to the Law of One) is also assured because our higher selves in sixth density are gifts that were left behind by an even higher self at seventh density before it passed through the gateway of infinity into eighth density. One might wonder if portions of our consciousness inhabit all densities in timespace while we occupy spacetime between third and fourth densities.

Through the clarifying, purifying, unifying principle of love that makes the world a universe, we might entertain having access to the light of every density. In making this access wholly conscious, we assume both a burden and a blessing: a burden, in that it means resuming full responsibility in and through space and time; a blessing, as the freedom that comes from doing so can be quite extraordinary.

In this depiction of the densities, we see gradations of light towards higher consciousness. The reference to 0D is theoretical speculation on my part (in no way associated with the Law of One) ~ a cold, dark core of absence that serves as a ballast for an immense presence.

The reference to 9D is also speculative on my part (there is only a hint of reference made to it in the Law of One material), but it is one that I feel can add a great deal of sense from the witnessing perspective as a vantage point from which to survey the entirety of the Cosmos.

I am that I am. I am, where I am, when I am. Wherever, whenever I go, there I am.

Here, I don’t mean to be facetious, or even obscure. With the entire cosmos moving in me, with me, for me, and through me at any given moment, who am I to be, what am I to do, who or what am I to serve, where am I to go, as I pay homage to the transition between third and fourth density? What is my role in serving this transition? Could such questions answer themselves moment by moment?

You can be sure I have more to say in response to these questions in future posts.

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