Fulfillment in the End Times

by Christopher Lovejoy on September 3, 2019

how might personal fulfillment appear
if / as the end of this world drew near?

Official pronouncements are made that the end of this world is imminent; this would provoke the kind of reaction that would be very different than if you were living through a time when authoritative discussions were being broadcast daily that this world might be coming to an end.

According to the historical and geological records, this world is ripe for a solar outburst, a super flare or a micro nova that would trigger a mini ice age with a magnetic pole reversal that could quite literally turn this world upside down and then freeze much of it in a very short time.

For me, any contemplation of living in the end times is an exercise in approaching a realization of ultimate fulfillment, by bringing this question into focus: how best to cultivate a soul of gratitude with compassion to foster acceptance in and with and through a spirit of generosity?

This is the question that comes to mind from extensive research that I’ve conducted over many years of study in a wide range of subjects; this post is a sincere attempt to answer this question, if not definitively, then at least tentatively, based on my careful study of these subjects.


The year is 2029.

A bombshell report is released to the public on all official channels that finally acknowledges, yes, this world is facing an imminent catastrophe from a solar event. In a few weeks time, on the eve of 2030, the world as we know it will end. The likelihood of such an event has been known for decades, but for reasons of global security, was obfuscated to prepare a survival strategy while preventing widespread chaos.

How imminent? Imminent enough that it no longer matters whether anyone on Earth can secure a pass to an underground bunker or a ticket to a luxurious place and space located beyond the atmosphere of Earth. A persistent rumor is circulating that before the solar blast can take out the power grid, an armada of ships will be ready to descend from the sky prior to the Event to offer safe passage to those in need.

Not everyone, however, is so trusting.

By way of public response, two matters of consequence are happening simultaneously.

One, a massive public education campaign that draws on existing NDE, LBL, and related literature, and two, a coordination of thousands of meditation groups from around the world into one global meditation. Together, these two responses are serving to blunt the chaos.

Who are you in this scenario? Where are you? And … where are you headed now?

Have you decided to sit this one out? Are you taking matters into your own hands and going your own way? Or are you joining forces with others in the hopes that the effects of this disaster can be, if not prevented outright, then at least mitigated to a significant degree?

Questions, questions, questions. Are you up for some answers?



There, I said it.

The D word.

The dreaded D word.

What is death?

Is it really and truly oblivion? Is it more than a profound loss? Is it the end of a dream come true? Is it a ticket to paradise or nirvana? Is it a one-way ticket to Heaven or Hell? Might it entail a visit to the Pearly Gates? Might it involve a stay in purgatory to expiate your sins? Or is it a transition that literally transforms, a blessed crossing into spiritual liberation that brings deep healing and/or renewal?

In the face of imminent death, what is your response or reaction? Is it a response or a reaction? Is it an unconditional surrender or is it rage, rage against the dying of the light? Is it a desire to seek atonement and make amends or is it a greed and a lust for more and better?

Or … is it sensitivity and receptivity to what truly matters in the moment?

In light of these questions, and in the face of imminent death, how best to cultivate a soul of gratitude with compassion to foster acceptance in and with and through a spirit of generosity? This pivotal question leads me to incorporate and consolidate from above, as follows:

what does death mean to me?
a crossing into liberation that brings healing and renewal
preparation: cultivating a soul of gratitude with compassion

my response to imminent death?
a warm, kind, soft receptivity to what truly matters in the moment
liberation: acceptance in and with and through a spirit of generosity

As gentle reapers await our demise, we are fortunate indeed if we can, in the kindtime, continue to cultivate souls of gratitude in a spirit of generosity while viewing imminent death as a transition, as a blessed crossing into liberation that brings deep healing and/or renewal.

Could these be the keys to the magical kingdom in the face of imminent death?


In the face of imminent death, the question becomes clear: what matters now?

People do. Places do. Meaningful encounters do. Enjoyable experiences do. But things? Not so much. Although, even here, for sensible and sentimental reasons, certain things could be just what we need or want if they help us be receptive to what truly matters in the moment.

Admittedly, easy to convey, not so easy to portray.

What to do? Where to go? Who to see? And what if hard choices get in the way?

Hard choices are hard because they are no best options.

The lesson of hard choices is this: reflect on what you can put your agency behind and what you can be for, rather than against, and through hard choices, be here now. Hard choices afford opportunities to celebrate what is special about the human condition, for in the spaces of hard choices, we get to make up reasons for ourselves when the ones we are given are no longer adequate, or simply not there.


In the kindtime, the scenario of existential threat outlined above inspires in me a contemplation of purpose and the fulfillment of said purpose, prompting such questions as: what am I doing? who am I serving? what are they needing? how are they learning or growing as a result?

I am that I am: a soul and spirit, sacred and divine, undergoing a human experience.

I help people manage their expectations so that they can be happy more often than not.

I do this primarily through listening, conversing, facilitating, consulting, and/or writing.

In pursuit of my purpose, I am reminded of the golden keys to evolution and ascension:

evolve, ascend

density 8: unify
density 7: purify
density 6: clarify
density 5: accept
density 4: prefer
density 3: expect
density 2: desire
density 1: require

awaken, enlighten

inspiration: the Law of One

The most amazing feature about this purpose is that it can be fulfilled in perpetuity, right up to the moment I pass (and, truth be told, even beyond the moment of passing), and right past the main event if I should ever be destined to meet and greet it with eyes wide open.


My body will pass either before or after this earth is shaken to its core.

If before, I might find solace in the kindtime with the following intention:

At the age of 100 or beyond, I shall pass from this life in my sleep at peace with this life. I shall be and do all that I can to live this life in accordance with the realization of this sacred preference. Furthermore, in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time and timing, for the highest good of all, I shall continue to embrace this preference as my anchor on the way to serendipity, already sensing the way to realization, and so I accept this or something better.

I call this intention “the intention of 100+,” as in “I intend to live 100+.” If this body of mine does not pass before the shaking and the freezing, then perhaps I might do well to think about what preparations to make in the wake of our Sun sneezing in the midst of so much cosmic dust.

What kinds of preparation?

If an armada of ships is forthcoming, I would no doubt find myself on the edge of wonder, in awe of the spectacle, in wonder of what awaits: does this mean we get front-row seats to the coming devastation? Even better, do we get to experience a global shift in consciousness?

I suppose one could always hope and dream in Technicolor. Think of it this way: roughly 8 million ships with capacities to hold 1,000 people would be required to rescue roughly 8 billion people from the solar blast. Or: 800,000 ships with capacities to hold 10,000 people each.

Do you suppose with so many people there might be a selection process?

If even a fraction of us could be scooped and saved, where would we stay?

Perhaps underground, or inside the ship itself, until the worst has passed?

This whole rescue process would be tricky, however, because it has been said that if you have too much metal in your body, your body will be fried alongside the power grid. Even if you could find refuge inside a protective space, rescuers would likely find it difficult to locate you.

Prophecies indicate that, with the intense energies of the Sun being what they are after a solar outburst, those polarized in service to self or other will have an easier time of it, as a peaceful, blissful consciousness will be in accord with the energies, separating wheat from chaff.

If the armada is not forthcoming, the collective focus of those remaining would naturally be drawn to dwelling on the big six, in this order of priority, depending on the degree of devastation and disarray: survival, first, followed by safety, security, satiety, satisfaction, significance.

Preferably with intelligence born of inspired consciousness.

In such a transition, such a consciousness ideally abides.

At such points of passing, we remain citizens of eternity.


Much has been made in the spiritual literature about the observer having a hand in bringing about the observed. This fact dovetails nicely with an ancient spiritual principle well known today in spiritual circles: energy flows where attention goes. C.G. Jung observed a very interesting corollary to this principle in the realm of depth psychology, expressing it as follows: whatever you resist, persists.

From a solipsistic point of view, I am the sole creator of my experience of reality, which implies that the world as I perceive it is just a very persistent illusion. On this assumption, I need not contemplate (and thereby attract) any end times scenario if it not my desire to do so.

We can then expand this existential frame to include other people with hearts and minds of their own. From this expanded point of view, I am now merely a co-creator of my experience of reality, which implies that this world as we perceive it is just another persistent illusion. On this assumption, we need not contemplate (and thereby attract) any end times scenario if it not our desire to do so.

Of course, you know as well as I do just how resistant people can be to their having their most cherished or most deeply entrenched beliefs challenged or even questioned. For the solipsist, it’s just a matter of calling their own beliefs into question. For the co-creator, the matter of belief is much more complicated: how best to persuade or dissuade others to buy into certain assumptions about the world?

The fatalist with a loving heart might add: why make any assumptions at all, save the one assumption that really and truly matters? The fatalist, whose belief in the persistence of fate is most solid, would argue that the world is as the world is; the way it is, is simply the way it is; what is, is; and if I, or you, or we, cannot fathom the depths of this assumption, what hope does anyone have in finding fulfillment?

As I/you/we can see from this brief analysis, existential assumptions matter.

In word and deed, entire worlds of illusion can be built on such assumptions.


The fatalist with a loving heart did not go far enough with their singular assumption. So says the spiritual nihilist, who, by way of response to this deeply held assumption, might well ask: why hold any common assumptions about this world, whether solely created or co-created?

In essence, the spiritual nihilist beckons: what if truth is as truth does?

Let us revisit the cast of characters introduced above ~ the creative solipsist, the persuasive co-creator, the fatalist with a loving heart, and the spiritual nihilist ~ and ask them two fundamental questions: What if truth is as truth does? If true, how would you connect and conduct?

Here, it helps to clarify the distinction between (a) reality and (b) an experience of reality.

I am sitting on a hard chair while I type these words; this is a tiny portion of my reality, the presence of which is perceived and perceivable by my consciousness as … “I am” … “sitting on” … and … “a hard chair.” My experience of reality? Uncomfortable, until I switch my position.

The truth of my experience is now one of comfort (truth is as truth does). After a time, this comfort naturally wanes, prompting me to shift my position yet again to restore a sense of comfort. In this scenario, am I generating an experience of reality? Yes. Why? Because I care about my comfort. Otherwise, no. Where manifesting a desirable experience of reality is concerned, truth is as truth does.

What about reality? Could it be that I am generating my reality as I go, below the surface of my experience, without any direct and immediate awareness that I am doing so? The creative solipsist would say “yes!”; the persuasive co-creator would say “yes, but … we’re all doing this”; the fatalist with a loving heart would say “It doesn’t matter, as long as loving acceptance is given to what is generated.”

The spiritual nihilist? “Be alert to the experience! Truth is as truth does!”

I … you … we … could be just weeks, days, hours, minutes, or even seconds away from passing into the Great Beyond. This is a possibility that could be realized at any time, regardless of any attempt to avoid, ignore, dismiss, bypass, evade, prevent, or postpone its realization.

So says the part of me that plays the fatalist with a loving heart.

In playing the role of creative solipsist, I aver as follows: “I like the idea of combining the intention of 100+ with the directives of the spiritual nihilist (see below); I get to forget about any possibility that would have me pass into the Great Beyond, which is not to say I will not pass into the Great Beyond at a time not of my choosing, only that I need not pay much if any attention to doing so prior to doing so.”

The part of me that plays the persuasive co-creator agrees, yet hedges, saying: “I cannot say I dislike this idea of yours, but in the kindtime, you will never persuade me that this world is solely my creation and that others of my kind are merely projections of my consciousness.”

The spiritual nihilist? “Be alert to the experience! Truth is as truth does!”

How best to cultivate a soul of gratitude with compassion to
foster acceptance in and with and through a spirit of generosity?

Cultivate the fine art of doing nothing with no end in mind …

promise nothing
just be … who you most enjoy being
your nudge nudge, wink wink: you will almost always deliver

presume nothing
just be … more of who you know yourself to be
your nudge nudge, wink wink: you will rarely make an ass of u and me

create nothing
just flow spontaneously and effortlessly with whatever is available
your nudge nudge, wink wink: your presence and promise will open up to you

offer nothing
just share your presence and promise with those who express interest
your nudge nudge, wink wink: lose the pressure of wanting to be seen as important

expect nothing
just enjoy what you already have; it is often more than enough
your nudge nudge, wink wink: realize just how complete your life is already

learn nothing
just let your body absorb it all to guide you on your behalf
your nudge nudge, wink wink: your body will inform and inspire you as you go

need nothing
just let your reserves build up and your needs will disappear
your nudge nudge, wink wink: your boundaries will expand and fill with space

plan nothing
just follow the path of least resistance
your nudge nudge, wink wink: attainments and enhancements will arise naturally

hype nothing
just let quality sell itself
your nudge nudge, wink wink: come to trust the quality of what you already have

become no one
just be … more of who you are
your nudge nudge, wink wink: be ever more transparent to your authenticity

change nothing
just stay alive to your truth; people, places, and things will change on their own
your nudge nudge, wink wink: profound acceptance

I will now place all of this seeming nothingness inside a cosmic context of inquiry.


I do not know who originated the prescription above, but I did recognize a certain brilliance when I read it. I took what I saw and I tweaked it in ways that made the most sense to me. The impression is nihilistic, albeit very much at odds with this notion of what it means to be nihilistic:

the lack of meaning that threatens any given psychotic individual
may well be representative of nihilistic doubt that threatens us all

The flip side to this doubt is a fundamental truth and trust that some one or some thing has your back. The experience of your being and your becoming are inseparable in the moment, and if you can trust that it keeps arising in your favor, for your benefit, consistently and persistently, no matter how pointless or meaningless it seems, you will keep raising the quality and vitality of your consciousness.

With this understanding, you might feel inclined to draw on the notion of pre-birth planning for solace, wherein You (with a capital Y) saw fit to weave a vast, intricate web of pathways through life intersecting at various choice points, not unlike a massive flow chart for your life.

This would be your reality. Your task? Make the most of this reality through experience.


First, by taking this question seriously with the intent to answer it the best way you know how: how best to cultivate a soul of gratitude with compassion to foster acceptance in and with and through a spirit of generosity? Second, by responding to it the best way you know how.

The fatalist with a loving heart opens you up to the reality of who and what you are, to when and where you are; the creative solipsist returns you to the immediate source of your agency; the persuasive co-creator opens you up to sharing your experience with others of your kind.

The spiritual nihilist? “Be alert to the experience! Truth is as truth does!” This potent and pithy prescription very much dovetails with these four spiritual agreements: (1) always do your best; (2) make no assumptions; (3) stay true to your word; and (4) take nothing personally.

In bringing together in unity and harmony the parts of you that play the fatalist with a loving heart, the creative solipsist, the persuasive co-creator, and the spiritual nihilist, the answer to life, the universe, and everything becomes breathtakingly simple and easy to behold:

Cultivate a soul of gratitude with compassion; foster acceptance in a spirit of generosity.

Conversely, …

Foster acceptance in a spirit of generosity; cultivate a soul of gratitude with compassion.

Be alert to the experience. Truth is as truth does.

Moment, to moment, to moment, to moment …

Trust your truth and be true to your trust.

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