From a Causal Point of You

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 13, 2019

what is the vibrational current that flows through Creation into
every manifestation and through every expression in Creation?

how might I continue to tap, tune, and taste a capacity to follow
the natural flow of vibrational awareness back toward Source?

might there be a daily practice with which, by which, and from
which to be at cause in all of my activity, both inner and outer?

Vibrationally speaking, this world at large is heating up with each passing day. What follows is a quick guide to tapping and tuning your vibrational awareness in service to the Creation.


I recently completed a ten-week daily practice called The Presence Process, a process devised by Michael Brown, where I made experiential contact with what is known as vibrational awareness.

The following procedure is a gift from Michael Brown, a summary of a practice that you will take you ever deeper into the depths of vibrational awareness below the surface of everyday awareness.

Allow for 30+ minutes per day, preferably first thing in the morning. If you haven’t already, snag a copy of The Presence Process to get a feel for the content that went into birthing the procedure that follows.

I took the liberty of tweaking this procedure for my own benefit.

Step 1

Connect your breathing for 15+ minutes

Attend to your breathing with the following:
I ^ am … here ^ now … in ^ this … deep ^ down …

eg., say “I” on the in-breath, “am” on the out-breath, etc

Step 2

Cycle deliberately through the breath four times
with a deep intake and release of the breath through the mouth
by releasing and/or holding the breath to a count of 20

Step 3

Attend to the 3rd eye for 5+ minutes as follows:
I ^ am … here ^ now … in ^ this … deep ^ down …

Step 4

Cease all mental repetition; open awareness to sensation
by resting your focus on the felt perception of all sensation

Step 5

Focus: 3rd eye (5+ minutes): attend to outer sounds (or nothingness)

Step 6

Focus: 3rd eye (5+ minutes): attend to inner sounds (or nothingness)

The point of this exercise is to expand and refine your capacity to listen and receive. In standing at the gateway to infinity, whatever occurs above and beyond is yours to contain and resolve.

The efficacy of this practice is not to be found in what is heard inwardly, but in a capacity to be in a perpetual state of listening. This state of listening ~ of being receptive ~ enables you to become open to receive all that is required in your daily encounters directly from Source.

As your capacity to listen evolves, so too does your capacity to receive. This practice is not about perfection; it’s about participation in the human experience from what Michael Brown calls “a causal point of you.” No need to stress or strain ~ just relax and enjoy the experience.

Effortlessness begets effortlessness; may this practice bless you with all that you require.

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