Asking, Seeking, and Giving

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 6, 2019

they keep saying that love is the answer to everything

to every difficult question, to every contentious issue;
to every sticky situation, to every awkward encounter;
to every perceived problem, to every dreadful realization;
to every thorny interaction, to every problematic relationship

could the answer really be as simple as “seek, and ye shall find”?
could the response be as simple as “ask, and ye shall receive”?


vibrating at the speed of who I am without condition,
without expectation of return, while keeping the capacity
to pass along this resonance to others without condition:
is this the key to receiving the rush of limitless abundance,
to receving what I require in the moment that I require it?

my freedom isn’t about doing, getting exactly what I want;
it’s about attuning, aligning knowingly with what’s required;
through knowing that I am to give of myself unconditionally
the resonance of whatever I wish to receive from the other,
I receive everything that I could possibly need and require


there’s nothing to get or take from this world,
for did we not come into this world with nothing?
and will we not leave this world with nothing?

getting by taking is not receiving; getting by taking
has never been part of the purpose for being here …

giving need not always occur at the same time as receiving,
which could come from anyone, from anywhere, at any time;
in spite of the rejection wound, of any wound of separation,
giving without condition or expectation of return is receiving

here lies the test of a life well lived in this world at this time …

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